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Magic is strong in this medevil kingdom. Chose over light or dark.
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In the province of Armity, the kingdom of Terrador is by far the most mysterious. Legends of magic, lore, and mythological creatures have sprung from the roots of the capitol, Terros.

Terrador, located south of Armity has surrounded itself with a thick forest. Acting as a ward and barrior to the other kingdoms, the only way into Terrador is by foot and if the magical yet dangerous beings who lurk in the outskirts dont kill you, starvation, and hydration surley will. Traveler's courageous enough to step into the forest are barely seen again, and the only safe way through the forest is a secret only the civillians of Terrador know.

There are three main cities owned by Terrador:

Terros: the capital of Terrador: Terros is enveloped by woods and dark nighshades that cascade over the gigantic kingdom and its capital. In the land of Terros, there is barley any sunlight, and most light comes from Fire beetles, fairies, glowing plant life, or crystals. Mist covers the land, but no one cares about roots that they cant see. This place has been home to many Terro civilians but elfs are really attracted to its serenity. The dark glowing cascade of Terros is peaceful, the main transportation is by crystal horses that glow a brilliant blue on the streets and tree trunks.

Cocoon: farthest and more civilized then the other two cities, cocoon depends on the power of technology to keep afloat on the popularity list. The whole city is suspended in the air by an unknown force, on the inside there are many buildings of stone, steel, and concreate. Known as the city of future and crystal, cocoon looks like a gigantic crystalized moon at night and becomes transparent in the day. The only time you can enter the portal to cocoon is once every new moon cycle. Cocoon was once treasured by the king of Terrador, since it was said god himself gave his creation to them. Main transportations are floating vehicals and mini drakes, in sone rare cases a dragon.

Grae: commonly refered to as the city of ash, Grae was built entirely out of stone. The civilians who live underground perfer the dark and coolness of the cave walls around them. Main transportation are giant glowing birds and bugs that reside down there with them. The walls purley made out of the same glowing crystals of Terros, the people of Grae are truley mysterious and sly. They say Grae is home to the best craftsman, and blacksmiths the world has ever seen.

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((btw Terrador is full of Fal'seer, beings that will brand you. For additional information, ask me.))

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As Mi continued forward the forest changed from the charming brown trunks and birds singing, to a skinny white barked trunks as pale as snow, the ground was covered in an odd fog and the birds were awefully silent.

Cocoon glowed a brilliant blue at night, but since it was still morning cocoon couldnt be seen, it was translucent.

"In Terrador I am not required to ryhme, so I might stop within time." Mi told her in the silent forest.

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Milde the tough Teddy

Nodding her head Lisea glanced around her, the eerie silent sent shivers down her spine. "It's going to be odd not to hear you ryhme." She said and adjusted her hood slightly so she could see better.

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"You never know, most the time my ryhmes arent for show."

Mi stopped walking and took out her bow, she quickly took out an arrow.

It was odd in the silence of the woods, to anyone this could have been something confusing to do. Mi let go of the arrow and after hearing a small screech and a soft thump, she continued on.

Mi didnt bother to fetch her arrow as she continued on towards a lake. Mi knew exactly where Terrador hid the boats too, she glanced at the nearest and fattest tree and approached it. She knew this was hollowed out and small boats were inside with long paddles.

"The only true way is through a cavern by boat, this lake acts sort of like a moat. It stretches around Terrador in every angle and place, it also marka the halfway point to the nearest mace, that is where the guards stand in place."

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Milde the tough Teddy

Lisea had jumped slight at as the elf at really hit something but her eyes were quickly averted from the direction where the arrow had flew to the elf and Lisea hurried help her. "How do we get pass the guards?" She asked while helping her take one of the boats out of the tree trunk.

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"It'll be fine cant you see? We are not l'cie. We are both from here yes? It will be easy just rest." Mi assured her as she picked up a paddle and took position on the boat. She stood at the end and waited for Lisea to get in before she pushed off the shore.

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Milde the tough Teddy

Lisea stumbled slightly as she got on the boat and took the other paddle. "What's l'cie?" She asked as she started to paddle. She was so confused about this new world but the things she couldn't understand she decided to brush off and forget.

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"L'cie are people like you and me, but they are branded to by Fal'seer and become l'cie. The difference is as a l'cie you are given a focus, if you dont complete this focus you turn into a seith, a monster that is then killed or put into this forest. If you complete your focus you turn to crystal and are granted eternal life. No one has ever completed a focus before though, so we can say for sure. L'cie are granted magical powers as well, any human in Terrador with magic is a l'cie and must be delt with. Right in this time, l'cie arent treated well, they are considered enemies of Terrador. Unless you are branded by a cocoon Fal'seer you are nothing but dead unless you complete the task you are given." Mi responded.

The boat went through a cave, and as the boat went through it, the cave walls lit up in many patterns of pinks and reds. The water reflected this light and many designs from the walls danced on the ceiling.

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Lisea kept paddeling as she listened to Mi, her brows knitting together. However when she saw the patterns and lights on the cave she gasped in amazement. " this possible?" She wanted to reach out and touch them but dared not.

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"Its the Fal'seer, its because of them that our world is so enveloped in magic. Its simply wonderful, you should see the wildlife. Grae is completley underground, while Terros is constantly illuminated by magic and plants, cocoon on the other hand is in the sky and it glows beautifully like a second moon in Terradors sky. It is fully civilized, and dragons are sometimes found in cocoon, they say its the coolest and most different city out there." Mi grinned amused by Liseas amazment. "If you think this is cool, you should see the rest of Terrador. Grae is unique but its by far not the best."

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Milde the tough Teddy

Lisea couldn't help the smile that rose to her lips as she kept watching the lights. "They are beautiful..." She said with a sigh. "If you tell me something like that I might start wandering and see the whole country."

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"Might as well, you probably wont get another chance. When you get back to boring Berona you will be tied down by the chains of marriage and then its 'good bye smithing and my whole life and OH not to mention my free will'" Mi shrugged as she tapped the wall on the cave accidently with her paddle, the contact made the lights change to a beautiful light blue.

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Milde the tough Teddy

"You are right but even without marriage I would be nothing. I'm a woman and it's not accepteble for me to have a job that deals with weapons. And I'm a old maid. I'm nothing without my father...or a husband, which is not fair." Lisea sighed. "Maybe I should see a world before I surrender." She said watching the color change.

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Mi snorted. "What family are you from Lisea?" she asked curiously. Why would a smith want to visit Grae? There was only one answer.

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Milde the tough Teddy

"Blackbear..." Lisea answered immediately. She didn't know much about the clan but she was proud to belong to somewhere.

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"a lady of blackbear has no right to forging weapons?" Mi scoffed. "Blackbear clan is very well known in Terrador, they practically own Grae. Not to mention woman are rare in the clan, but when they are born it is very normal for them to work with weapons." Mi stated a bit of mirth in her voice. "The weapons created are enchanted, and dangerous, just last month we had a cocoon civilian order a sword that could change into a gun quickly. Not to mention they put enchantments on their steel."

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Milde the tough Teddy

"Not in We are just good blacksmiths there." Lisea sighed. She turned to look at the elf quickly after hearing weapons and enchantment in the same sentence. "Is that true? That they have a talent?" She asked with unbelieveing eyes. She could feel the sword on her back heating up and humming but Lisea shook her head to get rid of it.

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Mi nodded, their boat finally coming out of the cave.

"The weapons created in Grae just keep getting better and better throughout the years. Blackbear clan takes pride in their top notch weponry, their slogan changed from 'Welcome to future destruction' to 'strong enough to kill a Fal'seer.' of course that hadnt been tested. I dont think theres something the blackbear clan cant do with weapons." Mi smiled at her. "I guarentee, blackbears have every right to handle a weapon, each and every few generation they invite known clan members back home to share their secrets and new techniques. Honestly in that clan marriage is at the bottom of cares list."

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Milde the tough Teddy

"I'm glad to hear that." Lisea said her eyes brightening and even if her lips didn't form a smile very easily her eyes did. "I came here to learn and lear I shall." She nodded determent of her goal. She looked around them quickly as the boat left the cave. "Where are we now?"

(Lol! Awesome logans xD)

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Mi smiled as she gazed above the waters, the mist in the forest was gone but the trees were still white as snow. The boat hit the shore and Mi got out carefully.

"We are halfway through the forest." Mi stated.

She left the boat behind and started to walk along the forest before going deeper inside, the trees were white but as they went farther in, the bark started to turn multiple shades of blue and black, while the trunks and branches became fatter and farther apart.

((ahaha ty! :D))

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Lisea looked around her and she felt like as if she was in a daze or a in a very strange dream. She walked a step behind the elf not at all comfortable with the idea of a bigger gab between them. "Is this the same forest?"

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"Yes, of course this is." Mi stated. "It matches Terrador perfectly, it dosnt make sense and it could look something but totally change your ciew in a matter of minutes."

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Milde the tough Teddy

Lisea nodded understanding and yet somehow getting more confused. "Have you been to Grae, Mi?" She asked the elf windering what the city would look like.

(I'm gonna head to dreamland now, my kingdom awates me :) Night!)

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"Iv been everywhere in Terrador." Mi stated wandering through the forest. "Why do you ask?"

(oki nightynight. :D))

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Milde the tough Teddy

"I'm being curious." Lisea shrugged her shoulders. "I was just wondering what the city is like..." She adjusted the sword uner her cloak so wouldn't constantly hit her back.

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((gone camping so replies may be limited (don't have my phone D:)) Mi gave her a cautious look, she was a very observant person so she had a pretty good idea that Lisea was hiding something from her. Her sensitive ears picked up the sound of metal clinking as they walked but she didn't comment on it. "Well, Grae is completely underground, at the very base of Grae there is a gigantic pool of lava, but the Fal'seer of Grae protects everyone from the heat, it changed the lava and it now glows a brilliant green. This lava is used in the forges, it can reach high temperature but does not heat the air around it. It's a marvelous trick, Grae never gets too hot, nor too cold because of this." Mi placed a hand on a tree trunk that was now not visible beyond the clouds above them. "The whole place is filled with something called Seern Crystals, that illuminate walls and pathways underground, roads are chalk full of these minerals and crystals that glow just enough to be able to see." Mi continued on walking. two headed birds on gigantic branches (width of small cars) gazed down at them, in many different colors. Dragonflies with butterfly wings flew to many different flowers that wrapped themselves around tree trunks. Some of these flowers moved like snakes and others snapped shut with the gentlest touch. "There are also animals for transportation, like horses in your Berona, there are huge birds and bugs that are big enough to carry you on their backs. It's hard for a first timer to get used to riding them but there is usually someone there to steer for you. These birds are the size of gigantic aircraft in cocoon or buildings, while the bugs are as big as the horses in Berona. There are many colorful runes encrypted in the walls as well. It really is a marvelous place, you have to see it with your own eyes."
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Lisea tries to imagine the underground city as best as she could. "I can't wait." She looked around the forest, wondering and taking in the nature around her. It was so different, so magical than at home. "How long do we have to travel to reach the city?"

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"Not too far." Mi commented. She pointed towards an opening in the forest. "Just beyond this point is victory fields, we didn't run into a sieth so we were lucky." Mi smiled happily. "Victory fields is a large meadow filled with many colorful flowers, it's a ten minute walk from the enterence of Grae."
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Milde the tough Teddy

"We're this close?" Lisea was surprised but pleased that the journey didn't take as long as she had tought. "What is a sieth?" She asked her brows knitting together. Why were they lucky for not running into them?

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