Survival Island
A group of teens get stranded on an island off of the coast of New Zealand,after their senior trip's plane crashed.The plane is destroyed and the captain is gone.Will someone rescue them?
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Thee Cult of Personality


Age:(From 15 to 17)





Type of Student They Are:


6/16/2012 #1
Thee Cult of Personality

Name:Cassie Rivera

Age:(From 15 to 17) 16

Looks:Cassie is 5 foot 4 inches and 120 pounds. She has big brown eyes and wavy brown hair that goes just past her shoulders. She has carmel colored skin,because of her hispanic roots.She is a big fan of black eyeliner and black eyeshadow.She has two scars that always show;a bright red one on her neck,and a slightly faded one on her jaw.

Likes:Partying,boys,music,Jensen Ackles,Supernatural.

Dislikes:School,clingy people,annoying people.


Type of Student They Are:The Party Animal


6/16/2012 #2
Name: Karissa Morrison

Age: 15

Looks: Karissa has short blonde hair that is cut in a bob and frames her face nicely. She has green eyes that are naturally wide with thick black lashes. Her skin is quite pale with freckles dotting her nose and cheeks. She stands tall, 5'10", and is of average weight.

Likes: Cooking, photography, gymnastics, and sweets.

Dislikes: Loud noises, rudeness, blood, violence, and arguing.

Skills: She knows how to cook. Identifying some edible plants and cooking meats for food will come relatively easy to her. Also, she's done a lot of reading, so as far as theoretical survival techniques go, she's well informed.

Type of student they are: Quiet, shy girl

Hobbies: Baking, photography, dance, piano, and singing.

6/16/2012 #3
Thee Cult of Personality

Accepted.(: Willing to add a guy character in?I'm adding one too,just to have a 2:2 ratio.(:

6/16/2012 #4
Fair deal XD
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Thee Cult of Personality


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Thee Cult of Personality

Name:Dean Maeson

Age:(From 15 to 17)16 and a half

Looks:Dean is short and stocky.He's well muscled,because of his status as quarterback on the football team.He has freckles on his nose,on the bridge,and bright green eyes.He has pouty lips,and a cleft chin.His hair is brown,but has tones of blonde in it.

Likes:Girls,AC/DC,Led Zepplin,working out,football,his leather jacket.

Dislikes:Homework,school,having to watch after his little brother (Although,he secretly thrives on being the protective older brother)

Skills:Dean has a lot of endurance and speed,as well as being strong.

Type of Student They Are:The rebel.

Hobbies:Listening to music,football.

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Name: Gage Becker

Age: 17

Looks: Gage has slightly curly black hair and pale skin. He is tall and thin, giving him an awkward and gangly look. His eyes are brown and heavily lidded.

Likes: Gaming, joking around, watching sports, and reading

Dislikes: Jocks, judgemental people, and idiots.

Skills: Gage knows a lot about the enviornment. While he's never spent much time in the wilderness, but he was planning to be a biologist in the future. He has an extensive knowledge on plants and animals.

Type of student they are: The nerd.

Hobbies: Gaming and reading.

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Thee Cult of Personality


6/16/2012 #9
old inactive account

Name: Troy Alcaeus

Age: 17

Looks: Troy stands 5'7-1/2" tall with a sort of gangly but fit and slightly muscular build. He has a slightly Mediterranean-like complexion. His hair is dark that almost looks black and it's wavy or shaggy, and he has pale blue eyes. He has a white-ish scar on his lower lip since he was a baby after falling on his face when he was learning how to walk.

Likes: mythology, comic books, Assassin's Creed, his bracelet with a small crystal crescent moon, sunglasses

Dislikes: admitting that he can't swim, bullies, headaches

Skills: archery, parkour, he's a hiker

Type of Student They Are: a wallflower

Hobbies: writing, hang out in his treehouse at home, exploring

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Thee Cult of Personality


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Name: Collins Schunard Davis

Age: 16

Looks: Shaggy hair dirty blonde hair, straight teeth, a bit pale, tall 5'11, regular build, bluish grey eyes, scar on forearm when he fell off his skateboard and broke his arm.

Likes: guys, girls, skateboarding, rock climbing, camping with his dad, Toren ( best friend, tomboy, going to make her too)

Dislikes: picky girls, snobbish uppity girls. Chocolate.

Skills: since he has a severe case of adhd, he is really smart, in his own way. He goes camping with his dad, so he knows some basic skills, and he can get to high altitudes quickly because his talent in rock climbing.

Type of Student They Are: outcast scholar

Hobbies: rock climbing, camping, skateboarding, playing Call of Duty.

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Thee Cult of Personality


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Name:Toren Michaelli ( pronounced mikelli)

Age: 16

Looks: like Dani from glee project ,

Likes: Skateboarding, call of Duty, art, and tae kwon do, and a bit of karate, going camping sometimes with Collins and his dad

Dislikes: uppity snobbish, pretty in pink girls. Anyone picking on Collins

Skills: art, she is quick with her hands, and is quite a rebel, she would punch the daylights out of you in a heart beat, from her bad attitude and experience in tae kwon do

Type of Student They Are: rebel tomboy

Hobbies:obsessing over Black Veil Brides, Call of Duty, and her marial arts training.

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Sorry, my computer keeps crashing ( got to go get it fixed) so I'm on my mobile. (Seriously think my computer has a virus).
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Thee Cult of Personality



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Is this open?

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If it is, pm me!

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Fluffy Nerd Kitten

Name:Audrey Greene and Tyler Johnson

Age:(From 15 to 17)15 1/2 and 16

Looks: Audrey:5'8 blonde hair white beautiful. Tyler: 5'10 black hair white skin

Likes:Audrey: Tyler. Tyler: Audrey


Skills:soccer singing and running

Type of Student They Are: good grades rebels

Hobbies:Soccer and making out

3/29/2015 #19
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