Survival Island
A group of teens get stranded on an island off of the coast of New Zealand,after their senior trip's plane crashed.The plane is destroyed and the captain is gone.Will someone rescue them?
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Thee Cult of Personality

The first roleplay.(:

6/16/2012 #1
Thee Cult of Personality

Cassie Rivera let out a groan.Her head was pounding,and she felt something warm all over her.Her hands clenched into fists,expecting sheets.But,what she got was sand.Her eyes snapped open,and she saw the sun glaring back down at her.She pitched up and looked around,seeing five of her senior classmates scattered,all over a beach."What the fuck?!"Her loud yell made someone,a male,yelp.

"Hey,hey,hey!Trying to...Uh,are we being punked?"A low,husky voice asked.Her head whipped around and she saw Dean Maeson,rubbing his forehead as he slowly sat up.

"God,I hope so."Cassie said,blinking as she slowly stood.

6/16/2012 . Edited 6/16/2012 #2
Karissa groaned and rolled on her side. Her body hurt all over. She was used to this feeling, but she wasn't used to the bright light that she could see through her eyelids. Had they taken her to the hospital? Her body didn't hurt THAT bad. Or did it? She couldn't tell from the position she was in. She slowly pushed herself into a sitting positionand opened her eyes, squinting against the bright light. There was sand everywhere and the air was thick and humid. Where was she? She stumbled to her feet, but promptly fell back down. Her breaths were coming in gasps as panic overwhelmed her. "Where am I?" Though she saw the other students, she didn't pay much attention to them. "What is this place?" She began to feel lightheaded, so she forced herself to calm her breathing. What the hell had happened.
6/16/2012 #3
Thee Cult of Personality

"Oh Jesus."

Cassie's eyes were the size of saucers as she stared at the wrecked plane.She felt a prescence behind her,and suddenly,Dean was there.

"Holy shit.Did he miss the run-way?"

Cassie turned,her eyes narrowing at him.She biffed the side of his head."No,you fucking idiot!We crashed!"

"...No way.I have a huge scout coming to my next football game!"

"We almost died, and you're worried about football!"

6/16/2012 #4
"No," Karissa moaned, shaking her head. "No, no, no, this can't happen!" She fell back down in the sand and closed her eyes. Maybe she'd wake up if she stayed like this. If it was real, she'd stay like this until she died. She shouldn't have survived the plane crash. She'd pay death back for escaping it once.
6/16/2012 #5
Thee Cult of Personality

Cassie and Dean both turned,looking down at Karissa.Cassie shook her head,not having time for being nice as she marched to the plane,seeing if anyone else was there,or if there were any supplies.

Dean pursed his lips,before squatting down next to Karissa.Though they went to the same school,he barely knew her,much less knew her name.He gently reached out and shook her shoulder."Hey,uh,Karissa?"

6/16/2012 #6
old inactive account

Troy woke up with a sharp pain in the left side of his head. He found himself lying down on his side, close to a blurry image of trees, but he felt sand against his skin, so he was probably at the beach. He heard other voices, but couldn't make them out because they felt far to him. His entire body throbbed and felt stiff and nearly numb. He couldn't remember what happened earlier, everything mixed around in his head. Maybe he had fallen out of the plane, but that should've killed him. It was better to have cuts and bruises.

He gingerly lifted up his hand and touched the left side of his face when he felt something trickling down. He realized the red stains on his fingertips were his own blood. No wonder his headache felt so bad. When he tried to get up, Troy winced and fell back down. A sprained ankle, he thought. Could this day get any worse?

Troy wasn't sure how long he was lying there or how much blood he lost from his head, but everything around him blurred. His headache nearly ripped his brain off and made him dizzy. Before he knew it, everything went black in his vision and he passed out.

6/16/2012 . Edited 6/16/2012 #7
When Gage woke up, he felt disoriented. Why did his head hurt so much? He had just been going on a school trip, then... what? He slowly opened his eyes and immediately had to shut them again. It was too bright out. He sat up and rubbed his head. God, this sucked.
6/16/2012 #8
Who was that? Someone was talking to her? She cracked her eyes open, utterly stunned when she saw Dean. Why was he talking to her? "What?" Her curiosity alone kept her from rolling over and forgetting about him. However, her face showed her true terror everywhere. There was absolutely no way to hide it.
6/16/2012 #9
Thee Cult of Personality

"C'mon,up."Dean said,trying to make his voice soft and gentle as he gently put his hand on her back and pushed her up to sitting.

Cassie searched through the plane and found no one,but,she found bottles of water and bags of sandwhiches and other small foods.So,she tossed them from the wreckage and pursed her lips,coming out from the plane.

6/16/2012 #10
Gage crawled out from the wreckage, still feeling quite disoriented. God, but that headache wouldn't go away. Where was he? He cracked open an eye once more and found his classmates scattered along the beach. He got on his feet and tried to remain standing, not daring to move for fear of toppling over.
6/16/2012 #11
Thee Cult of Personality

"Woah!"Cassie said,her eyebrows furrowing when she felt someone behind her,again.She spun seeing Gage.She blinked,taking her a bit to remember his name.She reached out,grabbing his wrist."Hey,uh,Gage,you okay?"

6/16/2012 #12
Karissa didn't want to get up. In fact, she wanted to roll over and die right there. If she was lucky, by nightfall she'd be eaten by wolves or some other wild creature that inhabited the island. That death was certainly much better than a long, drawn out death of dehydration or starvation. But she couldn't argue much as Dean pulled her into a sitting position. She stared at the ground, thinking of home. If she ever returned, would she ever made it off this island alive, would she have a home to return to? She wasn't sure.
6/16/2012 #13
"No," Gage croaked out, his hand moving to cover the top of his pounding head. "Definitely not okay."
6/16/2012 #14
Thee Cult of Personality

Dean gave a chuckle,grinning at her.He stood and gently grabbed Karissa's waist,pulling her up and setting her down on her feet."Y'know,it'd be easier if you'd co-operate with me."


Cassie,still holding onto his wrist,gently tugged him over to where Dean and Karissa were.She glanced back at him a few times,making sure he was okay.

6/16/2012 . Edited 6/16/2012 #15
Karissa finally glanced up at Dean, blinking at him a few times as he picked her up, then set her down on her feet. Now, she wanted to bury her head in the sand and never come out. Dean, quarterback Dean, had been trying to help her and all she had done was sit in the sand. She had probably looked like a sulking child. "Thank you," she mumbled under her breath.
6/16/2012 #16
Thee Cult of Personality

Dean chuckled at her,his head tilting to the side as he looked at her.The only girl he'd hung out with since Middle School had been Cassie,and she was never so timid or shy.He reached out,patting her shoulder gently."No problem."

6/16/2012 #17
Gage stumbled along behind Cassie as she towed him towards the small group of survivors. His head hurt too much for him to try to pay attention to who they were. All he really wanted was a nice, long nap. However, Cassie kept steering him forward. He couldn't fall asleep while standing upright.
6/16/2012 #18
Thee Cult of Personality

"I think you have a concussion."Cassie said,softly to Gage.She put her hands on his shoulders and pushed him down into the sand,in a sitting position.She walked over,getting a waterbottle,before she walked back and handed it to him.

6/16/2012 #19
Karissa felt the urge to flinch as he reached out towards her, but she fought the urge back and remained perfectly still. She refused to meet his eyes, gazing at the sand below her with her hands clasping each other tightly. She chanced a quick glance up to look at Dean, but quickly dropped her eyes once more. It was safer not to look at him. She couldn't offend him this way.
6/16/2012 #20
Thee Cult of Personality

Dean's eyebrows pulled down and his face fell into a tiny frown as she wouldn't look at him.He took it as a sign of her not wanting to be around him,and dropped his hand,looking away as well.

6/16/2012 #21
Gage carefully opened the cap and took a swig of the water, slowly looking up at Cassie. "Shouldn't we ration this?" He shook the water bottle in his hands. His voice sounded much better after the sip of water, but there was still that dizziness.
6/16/2012 #22
Thee Cult of Personality

"Maybe,but you need it."Cassie said,with a nod.She crouched down and gently took each of his arms,checking both over for injuries,before she looked his face over.

6/16/2012 #23
Karissa glanced up as Dean dropped his arm from her shoulder and she leaned forward unconsciously. She couldn't decide if she'd rather he put it back or left it where it was. However, she crossed her arms over her chest. "I'm... ah..." She cleared her throat. "I'm Karissa." She frowned at how stupid she sounded. Hadn't he just called her by name a few moments ago? Obviously, he knew she was Karissa.
6/16/2012 #24
Thee Cult of Personality

Dean looked up and gave her a gentle smile.He nodded."I know.I'm Dean."

6/16/2012 #25
Gage took another swig of water as Cassie examined his body for wounds. As she looked over his face, he screwed the cap back onto the bottle and offered her his best smirk. "Am I looking okay, doc?" Of course, his words came out slightly jumbled. He found it difficult to concentrate on speaking. However, most of his sentance was intelligible.
6/16/2012 #26
Thee Cult of Personality

Cassie gave a soft laugh,grinning at him."Besides a concussion?I think you're fine.You'll live."She joked,being able to make out the majority of what he'd said.After all,spending time with drunk and high people whenever you had free time added to the ability to understand jumbled up speech.

6/16/2012 #27
"I-I know," Karissa replied, repeating his words. She flashed him a quick smile , then quickly dropped her gaze once more, her expression wiped clean of any trace of a smile. She shuffled her feet in the sand.
6/16/2012 #28
Gage nodded slowly, careful not to move too fast and increase the dizziness. "Good to hear. Are you okay?"
6/16/2012 #29
Thee Cult of Personality

Dean gave her a smile,before his eyebrows furrowed."How're you feelin'?Are you okay?"He asked,raking a hand through his messy hair.

6/16/2012 #30
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