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Hello, there. Do you like my latest padded cell? Join me ... especially if you have snacks. Introduce yourself, have a straitjacket, and mind the chaos. :)

6/17/2012 #1
The Eternally Heartbroken

I has cheezburger. Also, is the cell bouncy? When I think padded, I think bouncy.

6/18/2012 #2

Did you bring enough for everybody? (All two of us) I always think cushy when I think padded, like a pillow. I wonder what it would be like if it was bouncy.

6/18/2012 #3
The Eternally Heartbroken

Yes, I has two cheeseburgers. The good ones with bacon and bbq and onion rings. Yum. And a bouncy room would let you literally bounce off the walls. Tons o' fun, I guess.

6/19/2012 #4

That sounds both tasty and fun. I'd like to bounce off the walls! :)

6/19/2012 #5
The Eternally Heartbroken

It'll be like one of those bounce houses, only on all the walls.

6/19/2012 #6

I feel like that would probably add to our general insanity, which would defeat the purpose of them being on the wall of an insane asylum. But, it would be a lot of fun.

6/20/2012 #7
The Eternally Heartbroken


It's kinda lonely here, huh?

6/20/2012 #8

Yeah. I'm sorry I have no friends to play with us. :(

6/20/2012 #9

Hello, all. I'm eager to see how this forum develops as more people join.

To SL, I would just like to say that I love your practice of responding to reviews - a practice that I stole, I'll admit it. It's nice to know that you obviously appreciate it when we read your stories.

6/21/2012 #10

Hello, hello, hello. I hope there'll be more people or the three of us are gonna get mighty lonely.

I try my best to respond to every review because I do appreciate that people take time out of their lives to tell me what they think. Plus, I have a lot of respect for people that leave reviews. I read a lot of work and I get upset that I can barely write a review for what I like. So, for people to leave me reviews is nothing short of amazing to me. So, thank you for all of you lovely reviews, Psychotic-cat 17, and also to Eternally Heartbroken. You guys are wonderful. :)

6/21/2012 #11
The Eternally Heartbroken

I reply to reviews too, though mostly since I get so few.

6/21/2012 #12

You don't think you'd respond to reviews if you got tons? I'm sure you'd still reply.

6/22/2012 #13
The Eternally Heartbroken

Oh, I would, but having so few gives me more incentive to reply.

6/22/2012 #14

If you say so. I think the incentive comes from just wanting people to know you appreciate them reading, no matter how many people it is.

6/23/2012 #15
The Eternally Heartbroken

Honestly, even though reviews mean absolutely nothing to me in general, they do brighten up my day a bit (unless someone is trollin', and then I just ignore...). Why not brighten up theirs too?

6/23/2012 #16

I really enjoy getting feedback on stories. And although I appreciate whatever comment a reader leaves, I definitely prefer the longer ones where someone either tells me something they like or points out an inconsistency or something of that nature. While I can't please everyone who reads something of mine, I don't mind adjusting something if I think it fits into the story as well.

Replying to reviews, for me, is all about showing appreciation to the reader who'd taken the time to leave one. And doing it has led to some pretty awesome online friendships as well. I've even collaborated with one of the reviewers that I very much admire, so it's a good tool to reach out to people with similar ideas as you.

6/24/2012 #17
The Eternally Heartbroken

Replying to reviews is how I've come to like SL quite a bit, and not just because she's a good writer. It allows you to build up a fanbase and get good ideas and spark a dialogue with your readers. Plus, you can get help if you need it...usually. I still need a beta for my original story...

6/24/2012 #18

Reviews generally brighten my day. I'm always happy to see someone's reading my stories and felt they liked it enough (or even disliked it enough) to say something about it. I like building a dialogue with people, which is why I respond. Sometimes, it helps give me ideas for new stories or things to add into the story I'm posting. Sometimes, they help me realize things I've neglected in a story or just plain messed up on. So, on a whole, I tend to appreciate reviews. I definitely like longer ones, like you Psychotic-cat17, but they have to have a point to it. I've gotten my fair share of rants that I have no clue how to respond to. And, I have made so decent online friends from reviews *looking at you, Eternally Heartbroken*. So, yay, reviews!

Good luck on finding a beta, Eternally Heartbroken. It's tough out there!

6/24/2012 #19
The Eternally Heartbroken

The troll reviews I can live without, though. For instance, my MLP fanfic has been getting flooded with trolling, to which I said "F*** it" and left it alone. So annoying...

Can either of you recommend a beta?

6/24/2012 #20
Greek Chorus

'Allo Everyone! Gotta say I like your padded cell disguised as a bouncy house. (Hmm...many parents would probably love to have one, too.)

Just popped by to say, hello. But I got caught up in the on-going conversation. Quite funny and interesting. Neat to read the authors' perspective on reviews (both the good and negative). I do try to leave a comment on every story I read to show my appreciation. But I must admit that I would never leave a negative comment in a public forum. If I did have something constructive to say, I would send it via a private message.

As for a good beta...sorry I don't know of any. Best of luck finding one, though!

I'm off to replace my original snackies with something more appropriate for a bouncy house. Those chips and guac are all over the ceiling and walls... Will bring cleaning supplies as well.

6/25/2012 #21
The Eternally Heartbroken

I would leave a negative review if I truly hated the story. Constructive criticism isn't negative, but rather the opposite. You're trying to help the author, not harm him or her. Negative reviews are flames and trolls.

As for the beta thing, I'll see what happens.

Also, bring tacos. SL and I are craving them. Bring soda too.

6/25/2012 #22

Sorry, I can't recommend a beta. I rarely use one, but when I do it's usually another author that I enjoy, admire, and who I know has good grammar and consistency in their own stories.

I have never left a negative and I would imagine that I'd have to really dislike the subject matter, and it would have to be improperly warned for, for me to leave one. If a story is properly warned for anything major that a potential reader would find offensive then I see little reason to leave a bad review on something that I know I won't like. With an author that I know I like and there's something in their story that bugs me, whether it be grammatical errors or story inconsistencies, I'll usually PM them separately, but a lot of that has to do with the way that some people read reviews first to determine if they want to actually read a story.

6/25/2012 #23

@ The Eternally Heartbroken:

Yeah, trolls I can live without, but if they actually log in and leave a review, I will reply sometimes. If I know I'm going to just say something totally nasty and mean, I'll leave it alone if it's a first time offense. I have very rarely gone back and forth with trolls. There is nothing more stupid than an argument/shouting match over the internet.

And you know my answer about the beta. The most I can recommend is that you put an author's note in a story requesting a beta and one of your readers might respond.

@Greek Chorus:

What's up! We've got four people in here now. It's a party! ... which is nearly appropriate since the padded cell is now a bouncy house/crazy room. I'm glad you popped in to say hi. I hope you pop in more or even go say something in one of the other threads, so we can get something going in those. Like Eternally Heartbroken said, bring tacos! Tacos! ... and soda! I imagine soda probably won't sit well in here, but still bring soda!

@Psychotic-cat 17:

I wish I could get an author I enjoy/admire to beta for me. I rarely leave reviews and I definitely never leave something negative. I try to say what I enjoyed, but I'm not very good at expressing it. I don't think I have ever PM'ed someone because of something negative in a story. I know what reviews I like and I tend to try to mimic those (and do a poor job of it) when i write reviews. I also know what I don't like in reviews and do my best not to put those things in when I review.

6/25/2012 #24

Can I add my crazy to this party? About the beta thing I find it easier to just have reviewers tell me what I missed. For some reason a lot of betas are way too critical to the point of being story nazis and nitpick over things that are part of someone's style of writing. Just me opinion.

6/25/2012 #25

I have had the opposite problem with most of my betas. They just read the chapter and send it back like nothing's wrong. I know the way I write and it ain't perfect. I should never get a chapter back with no marks at all in it.

6/25/2012 #26

Seems like I attract all the grammar nazis then. Of all the things I could be magnetic to it had to be that. Why couldn't it be chocolate? I like chocolate.

6/25/2012 #27

I kind of like to have a grammar nazi as a beta. The one area where I know I lack more than others is in the grammar/proper punctuation department, and I very much like to have things as tight as possible in my stories. I'm also a proponent of editing your own stuff first before you post it, even if you have a beta looking at it as well. Reading stories on fictionpress and fanfiction have gotten more used to reading fics with poor grammar, but I will say 'screw it' even to an awesome story if there are an abundant of errors that would have been easily spotted on even a quick editing read-through. I really appreciate the authors who take the time to clean up their work before presenting it to the readers. I don't expect and author or beta to catch everything because God knows I don't when I edit, but I like to see effort put in to make it as enjoyable a read as possible.

6/25/2012 #28

I can understand that. I just wish I got less of the grammar sharks.

6/25/2012 #29

Just let me know when you become magnetic for chocolate. I want to see it and then I want you to tell me how you did because I want chocolate, too!

I actually like having a beta that tears things to shreds. Sometimes, it gets annoying when they don't realize something is just my style, but if they're checking my grammar, sentence structure, pointing out inconsistencies, and things like that, I'm fine with it. I have always reread my chapters before posting them, beta or no beta, but I prefer having someone else look at it because I know they'll catch things that I miss, and I miss a lot of weird typos. I do want the chapter to be readable, though. Heaven knows I've stopped reading tons of stories just because I can't take the headache of trying to figure out typos, grammar errors, and annoying spelling mistakes.

6/25/2012 #30
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