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The Eternally Heartbroken

First of all, hey kitmaro! Nice to talk to ya over here on FP!

I like grammar Nazis, myself. It shows that the person is actually willing to work and help rather then just get a preview of your next chapter. And I've read so much fanfiction, both good and bad, that I can tell if a story will drive me up a wall because of a writing style or grammar in less than five seconds.

Also, I'd like to be magnetic to bacon. Lots and lots of bacon. Yum.

6/26/2012 #31
The Eternally Heartbroken

By the way, can you make me an admin, SL? It would make navigating links to this forum so much easier...

6/26/2012 #32

There are certain times when I'm just looking for some general feedback on a story, so I'll have my 'beta' read it and just tell me what they think without any editing involved. Usually there's something in particular that I don't like or am worried about and just ask their opinion on it. I wouldn't object to an edit during the process, but I'm usually looking for a quick return on what my concern is in cases like this.

And I've only once, just a couple days ago actually, given one of my readers/friends a preview of the next chapter before I posted it for everyone else because she was having a bad couple of days and she asked to read it. I doubt I'll be doing that much, but it seemed to cheer her up!

6/26/2012 #33

@ The Eternally Heartbroken

The bacon thing does sound tempting ... An admin you say? Just because it would make navigating the links easier? Forget about all of the duties of an admin! (I'm messing with you)

@ psychotic-cat17

You know, it's rare for a beta to do what you said, so keep that beta. I think out of the tons of betas I've had, only about five have been able to just give me an honest opinion on a chapter and tell me what needs to be fixed, although I would like some editing done while they're doing that. One of the reasons why I've always been reluctant about using a beta is because I also want a quick return. Once upon a time, I used to update stories every other day. You can't do that if someone is holding onto your edited chapter for over a week.

That's great that you could cheer someone up just from reading your work. :)

6/26/2012 #34
Greek Chorus

I is back...with tacos! Sodas, chocolate tacos, and bacon tacos! Hm, did I get that order wrong? Darn it. Well, maybe we can have a food fight in the padded cell/bouncy house?

On the topic of betas and editing from some earlier comments: It sounds like a good, speedy, compatible beta is worth his/her weight in gold. Someone mentioned earlier about not commenting on style is certainly something to which I agree. (Well, to qualify that statement: If I was editing a document and saw a stream of consciousness style, I would probably comment about that!) I'm rather old school regarding spelling and punctuation & grammar rules. However, I think it is difficult to edit one's own writing (the forest for the trees syndrome) so I really, really appreciate a well edited story. I try to give kudos to such in any review I leave. Sometimes I forget so me bad (example of me gooden grammar).

As for cheering up folks with your work...when I discovered the follow-up story to Scarred for that was a happy moment indeed! Yay squared!

Off to get replacement tacos! Pollo, carnitas, carne asada, or even some lengua? Yummmm

6/26/2012 #35
The Eternally Heartbroken

Choco Tacos! I'll take those. Seriously, if you guys haven't ever had one, go to your local convenience store (or Wal-Mart so you can buy in bulk) and get one (or ten). It has a shell made of waffle cone, swirled ice cream as a filling, and it's covered with hardened chocolate and nuts. Amazing...

About betas talking about style: I used to be a HORRIBLE writer. My first beta helped me evolve quite a bit into the halfways decent writer you see today. Grammar and canon-checking are important, but tips on style are too. A story can have perfect grammar and still suck.

Greek Chorus: It has several. One is currently being updated...randomly? IDK, but it's GOOD. You write a mean story, SL.

Carne asada for the win.

6/26/2012 #36
The Eternally Heartbroken

Also, I'd help with admins stuff. I'm dependable like that.

6/26/2012 #37

On the topic of betas, I only have betas who are authors in their own right. I think that someone who also writes is more likely to know what you're looking for when you ask them to just preview a chapter or story for you and make sure your characters are consistent or that the story flows properly. And I think other authors are very happy to give you a quick return on your story if you just want an opinion and not necessarily an edit.

To be honest, the reason that I don't always use a beta is actually because I write things too slow and know that I can't get a beta to look at a new chapter before I'm planning to post it, which is why I mostly do self-edits. I'm more likely to have a beta look at things when I'm writing a one-shot or the first chapter of a multiple chapter story. Other than that, I only look for someone to bounce general ideas off of because I don't produce quick chapters anymore.

6/27/2012 #38

@Greek Chorus:

Soda! I probably don't need anymore soda or I'll be bouncing off the walls, but they're patted, so they can take the wear and tear! I don't mind a beta correcting me on certain things in my style, but if there's nothing truly wrong with it, I think you should just leave it be. Again, I'll take a beta that tears things apart. For me, I feel like the beta read it and seriously looked at it.

Scarred for Life follow up ... yeah, it's being updated on Saturdays now. I'm actually having fun with the one-shots. I can't believe how much Dane and Nicole have grown through the one-shots, so much more than in the novels.

@ The Eternally Heartbroken: I'm totally tempted to try these choco tacos after the way you described them. You're right about a story having perfect grammar and still sucking, but it could also have lousy grammar and suck that much more. I'm glad you're enjoying Bandages; maybe someone can sneak over into the Scarred for Life thread and start some talk over there. You should've gotten something about the admin thing. I wonder what happened.


I think you're might be onto something having betas who are authors, too. I'd like to have someone to bounce ideas off. I have a lot of loopy things in my head that never develop because there's only so far my imagination will take it.

6/27/2012 #39
The Eternally Heartbroken

I like cream soda. And root beer. So much sugar...

I like the S4L oneshots. I think they show their relationship's evolution better because it focuses on them and not on all the other drama they usually have to deal with.

Choco tacos are amazing. They used to sell them at Taco Bell, but now they don't. I think Klondike makes them... Also, I haven't gotten anything about that admin thing. It says I need a 5-character invite code from you.

I agree with you Psychotic-cat17 that I need a beta that also writes. Otherwise, they have no concept of how hard it is write a story and what it actually takes. Not to mention that they probably have no idea on what to look for in stylistic and other issues.

By the way SL, you can bounce ideas off me anytime. I have too many myself that never get written...

6/27/2012 #40

I like root beer. Cream soda, I can taste vanilla I think it is and I'm not interested in that taste.

I think you're right about the S4L one-shots. It is just about their relationship and them more than anything else. It just showcases them and they've grown so much more from it.

I'm gonna try 'em as soon as I go to the store. Choco tacos!

I'll try to remember that about the ideas, Heartbroken. I might take you up in that ASAP. :)

6/27/2012 #41
The Eternally Heartbroken

I like pouring cream soda over chocolate ice cream. Add some whipped cream (possibly chocolate whipped cream) and it's amazing.

True. I view them as mostly character intro-and-intraspection. You focus on character development and how that affects them as a couple.

Yep. Enjoy.

Great! Anytime!

6/27/2012 #42

That sounds freaking awesome!

I'm totally taking this conversation in the S4L thread, just to give it some life.

Choco tacos!

Okay. Just remember, you said it, not me.

6/27/2012 #43
The Eternally Heartbroken

That reminds me of my favorite ice cream flavor: the Fat Elvis. Get a blender, and put in chocolate ice cream, peanut butter, and banana slices. Mix well.

Ah, alright.

Though a chalupa supreme from Taco Bell sounds good right now...

I say what I mean, and I mean what I say. Anytime means anytime, provided I'm online. Actually, just PM me and I'll get to it as soon as I get online.

6/27/2012 #44

What is a chalupa anyway? I seriously have no idea.

6/28/2012 #45

I dunno. Can't help you there.

6/28/2012 #46
The Eternally Heartbroken

A chalupa is a taco only with a deep fried gordita shell. I guess it's something you find only at Taco Bell, since I only consider them semi-Mexican.

Also, I just saw Brave earlier, and it's perfect for yuri.

6/28/2012 #47

Was Brave good? Worth seeing?

6/28/2012 #48
The Eternally Heartbroken

It was really good! And as I said, totally good for yuri. Go watch it.

6/28/2012 #49

I'll see it eventually. I tend to like Pixar movies.

6/29/2012 #50
The Eternally Heartbroken

Yeah, I do too. The exceptions are Wall-E and Cars 2. Both are anti-capitalist, and the second just sucked. I loved Cars 1, however, and I saw the Incredibles 7 times while it was still in theaters.

6/29/2012 #51

I liked Wall-E. I didn't see it as anti-capitalist. More like anti-fucking up the planet, which I take as a good thing. And Wall-E was cute. I didn't see Cars 2 because Cars didn't really wow me. I mean, it wasn't bad, but I didn't think it warranted a sequel. Kind of like Up. It was okay to watch once, twice if a little cousin forced me to, but not something I'd watch over and over again on my own. You saw the Incredibles 7 times in the movies? That's crazy. I watched Finding Nemo and Monsters Inc. a bunch of times. They never fail to make me laugh.

6/30/2012 #52
The Eternally Heartbroken

It was anti-capitalist. "The evil corporations have taken over the planet and they want to make you fat and useless and then lie to you and shove your sorry ass into a big-ass starship and keep you away from your planet that they destroyed!"

And yes, seven times. I just started a yuri Incredibles fic, actually.

6/30/2012 #53

Meh. Even if it was that, it was still good.

I only saw the Incredible a couple of times ... or maybe 5, but that was in my house, on TV, not costing me an arm and a leg for a movie ticket. I have yet to get so involved in a Pixar movie that I wanted to write a fanfic for it, but I wish you luck in yours.

7/1/2012 #54
The Eternally Heartbroken


It's my favorite Pixar movie, and it'll be a chore to finish that fic. Then again, it's a chore for me to finish ANY fic.

7/1/2012 #55

I finish all my stories, except for one that I was writing with two other authors. I've developed a bad habit of letting some stories sit for a long time, though. I had one story sitting for almost a year. Bad, Lunatic! Very bad Lunatic!

7/2/2012 #56

I have a couple of notebooks full of scenes from different stories that I'm writing or want to write. I love to look through them at what great, and often times horrible, ideas I had, but sometimes it's sad that I never put aside the time to actually write the whole story. My original stories certainly suffer the most from the limited time life provides.

7/2/2012 #57
The Eternally Heartbroken

I just write what I want to write when I want to write it. As such, I have a lot of half-finished works.

Also SL, though your comments made me lol, please note that you are NOT a dog.

7/2/2012 #58

I never write out just a scene. If I'm going to sit down and write, I write the whole story out. I feel complied to write the whole story. Generally, I like to have a story finished before posting it. Sometimes, I'm struggling with the story, I'll just make sure I stay at least 10 chapters ahead of whatever I'm posting. Lately, my fanfics have been suffering. I like writing original stories more, even though they get less attention. It's just fun to fool around in my own world.

7/3/2012 #59
The Eternally Heartbroken

I like original work better, too. As much as I like canonical fanfiction, there is just a pull to writing your own story.

7/4/2012 #60
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