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Lemme hear from you if you want to talk about Dane, Nicole, and the things going on in their lives.

6/17/2012 . Edited 6/28/2012 #1

So, over in General Insanity, Eternally Heartbroken and I were talking about the one-shots, Bandages, and how they seem to allow Dane and Nicole to evolve because the one-shots focus on them and not the drama around them. I think this is true. The characters have grown more in these little one-shots than they have in the longer stories, even the other one-shots. It's great to see and I think it'll make the next novel length story I do with them even better.

6/27/2012 #2
The Eternally Heartbroken

When is that novel coming out? Also, when is S4L getting published? I want to buy a copy!

6/27/2012 #3

I don't know when I'll do the 3rd novel length story for Dane and Nicole. They have a lot of other stories ahead of them. I don't know when S4L is getting published yet. I wasn't given a date. Hey, I want to buy a copy, too!

6/27/2012 #4
The Eternally Heartbroken

Why would you buy a copy? And what do you mean "a lot of other stories ahead of them"? Oneshots?

6/27/2012 #5

I just mean that I want a copy. I want to see it in book form. I have a bunch of other stories I want to write before revisiting Dane and Nicole. No, they're not one shots. I think I have a couple of other novels and some short stories.

6/27/2012 #6
The Eternally Heartbroken

Ah, ok. I bet it'll be surreal holding a printed copy of it, won't it?

6/27/2012 #7

I won't know until I'm holding a copy. I probably won't believe it, though. I couldn't believe when I got the acceptance letter from the publisher. Crazy!

6/27/2012 #8
The Eternally Heartbroken

Who's publishing it?

6/27/2012 #9

I believe that L-Books is publishing Scarred for Life. I had been wondering the same thing, but I was looking around the L-Books website trying to find out when The Second Sister, by another author, was going to be published, and I ran across Scarred for Life on the list of upcoming titles.

Please correct me if I'm wrong, SL.

6/28/2012 #10

Yes, you are correct, Psychotic-cat17. I'm also waiting for The Second Sister to come out. But, yeah, l-books. I guess we just have to be patient, even though being patient is so hard!

6/28/2012 #11
The Eternally Heartbroken

L-Books? *Goes to look it up.*

...Ah, nice. And I got your name now.

6/28/2012 #12

O_O Should I be worried?

6/28/2012 #13
The Eternally Heartbroken

Nope. I just like to know who I'm talking to.

6/28/2012 #14

Well, there ya go.

7/4/2012 #15
The Eternally Heartbroken


Anyways, so I have another question, one that may have already been addressed in the series: Are Nicole's friends (Mina and Clara) single? I was rereading one of your stories with Dane and Nicole and the pairing of those two hit me.

7/4/2012 #16

Thanks for taking things back onto the topic. Mina is married. I believe it's mentioned in New Cuts, Old Wounds. Clara is unattached, but has a son, which I think is also mentioned in New Cuts, Old Wounds. So, no, I don't think they'll be paired together.

7/4/2012 #17
The Eternally Heartbroken

Mmmm...ok then. Damn it...

Lemme topic...what "Dane and Nicole" story are you going to work on after "Bandages"?

7/4/2012 #18

Whatever one is on my list on my profile page. I think its called "First Degree Burns" or something. I have another one set after that, but it's only halfway planned out. I want to take Nicole and Dane far enough for us to at least see them get married.

7/5/2012 #19
The Eternally Heartbroken

That would be an adorable wedding. I wanna see Nicole in the tux and Dane in the dress, just for lulz.

7/5/2012 #20

I don't think their marriage would involve Nicole in a tux. They probably could get Dane in a dress, but I'm sure Nicole will view it as an accomplishment if she can just get Dane in some pants. Knowing Dane, she'll want to get married in shorts, with her chain dangling from her side.

7/15/2012 #21
The Eternally Heartbroken

I can totally see that.

7/15/2012 #22

Well it looks like I stumbled upon some interesting conversation while I was going through information regarding S4L and i'm glad I found this. I have been reading your work for some time now and your S4L series has been one of the best that I have seen out there on FP.

Regarding your comment on Nicole in a tux I am sure that Dane could make the argument at some point that if Nick wants her in a dress that she will have to either wear a tux or see her come down the isle in her regular shorts and tee shirt. I would love to see the reactions if this were to happen but at the same time I don't think that Nicole's family would be thrilled if Dane came down the isle with shorts on in any fashion because of their beliefs.

9/27/2012 #23

I'm glad you like Scarred for Life. I have fun writing the series, so it's always good when people let me know they enjoy it, too.

I think that you're right. If Dane did have to wear a dress, she would put forth the ultimatum of Nicole wearing a tux or allowing her to wear her usual gear. I don't think Nicole would get married in a tux, though. I can't see it happening. I think Nicole would stop the wedding and drag Dane out of the church (as they would have to get married in a church) and force Dane to change if she showed up in shorts. I can see her tugging Dane by the ear if that happened.

9/27/2012 #24

Yes I do. my question is when is first degree burns coming out?

3/16/2013 #25

I'm going to try to write it by the summer. I have lots stories cued up. I'll get to it. It's not like I'm forgetting about Danny and Nicole. Promise.

3/16/2013 #26

When you say, "Its slow going" wrighting First degree burns what do you mean exactly? When do you excpect to have it published by? And also if you don't mind can you tell me a little of what its going to be about?

7/22/2013 #27

I'm just stuck writing the first few chapters. Usually, I breeze through stuff like this, but when it takes me over a week to write a chapter, I have to consider it "slow going." I'm still hoping to get it out sometime in September. It's just about Dane and Nicole, family stuff, and a camping trip. Hopefully, it'll be fun and give us a deeper understanding of Dane and Nicole's relationship.

7/22/2013 #28
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