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Here's a little cozy corner of the asylum to talk about Xol, Ileana, the three stooges (Kwen, Yu, and Mei), Miss Olga, Viktor, Lucia, and whoever else you want to bring up from the series. Questions, concerns?

6/17/2012 #1
The Eternally Heartbroken

Had a thought. Will Miss Olga ever be paired up with anyone?

...How about Lucia. LuciaxMiss Olga, anyone?

6/26/2012 . Edited 6/26/2012 #2

I toyed with this idea of Miss Olga and Lucia. I think if you squint you see hints of it later on in the story, but nothing concrete. I think the series would have to extend to another novel for me to do something about Miss Olga.

6/26/2012 #3
Greek Chorus

If you are taking votes, then I would love to see more of Miss Olga in upcoming chapters and stories. Wow, paired with Lucia? Intriguing idea. It would be quite fun to watch that courtship dance!

6/26/2012 #4
The Eternally Heartbroken

I'm imagining Illeana going to her mother's room to ask her a question about some policy or other and walking in on the two. That would make me die of laughter.

6/26/2012 #5
The Eternally Heartbroken

You could theoretically do a side oneshot...

6/27/2012 #6

If Miss Olga was ever paired with Lucia, I think I'd like to see how that relationship developed from the beginning. Because, if memory serves me correctly, Miss Olga always found Lucia to be rather uncultured with her barbarian upbringing. Miss Olga is only as attached to Ileana as she is because she mentored the young queen since birth, and I think she finds Ileana reckless streak a little more frustrating than she does endearing.

I could see Miss Olga warming up to Lucia as they work together for Ileana's dream of fixing the country, but as I said, I'd like to see it from the beginning for it to be believable for me.

Although I do think it would be quite funny for Ileana to walk in on the two of them in their courting stage if she has no idea that it's been going on.

6/27/2012 #7

I'm not taking votes, but I know how you feel about Miss Olga. She'll show up more once things have settled from the war and stuff. She's turned into a really good supporting character. Out of everyone from both stories, she's grown the most. I can't even imagine her and Lucia courting.

I feel like Ileana wouldn't even know what to make of the situation if she walked in on them. She might just go blind or just wipe it from her memory completely. I could do a one shot about Miss Olga, in theory. I'll think on it.

I think Miss Olga judged Lucia harshly before she knew anything about her culture. The north seems rather judgmental toward southerners, so maybe Miss Olga was giving Lucia grief without even knowing anything about her country. In other words, just being prejudice, which Miss Olga is known to do. One of the reasons I think Miss Olga has grown so much is because had the whole story ended in the first story, I'd agree with you a hundred percent Psychotic-cat17, but seeing more of her leads me to believe there's more to her. She has done more than mentor Ileana. She's basically been Ileana's mother and you can see how she will go out of her way for Ileana and support her, even if she doesn't agree with her. She backs Ileana even when it's something that she thinks is inappropriate, like when Ileana was acting as the monarch in her father's absence, even though Viktor was supposed to be in charge. Miss Olga taught Ileana how to protect and defend herself, even though that was inappropriate. She doesn't say anything about Ileana and Xol's relationship, even though she doesn't agree with it because she knows Ileana is happy. She followed Ileana from the only home that she had ever known to some place that she thought was a barbarian country. Miss Olga seems more than attached to Ileana. But, that's just to me.

6/27/2012 #8

I completely agree with that assessment, so perhaps I just didn't use a strong enough word. I do think that Miss Olga treats Ileana like a daughter and gives her the almost unconditional support that a mother would. And I think it says a lot about Miss Olga's character that she would do all of these things for Ileana when she herself doesn't think they're necessarily proper. I believe that Miss Olga will do whatever she has to to protect Ileana and help make Ileana's ideas a reality because she knows they're good ideas, but I will never forget the woman who tortured Rose when the young daijinn still had her reins on. She wouldn't do it now, knowing how much Xol really does mean to Ileana, but that ruthlessness is still in her.

6/27/2012 #9

I agree that Miss Olga certainly still has that ruthlessness in her. I just think it'll work more to Ileana and Xol's advantage than before. I'm sure if anybody tried to hurt the close knit group, they'd get to see how ruthless Miss Olga can be.

6/27/2012 #10
The Eternally Heartbroken

She kinda reminds me of a momma grizzly (and no, I don't like Sarah Palin). She is pretty protective of Ileana, and I bet that would extend to Xol as well. I mean, Xol getting hurt would also hurt Ileana, and she definitely doesn't want that.

6/27/2012 #11

You might be right, Eternally Heartbroken. I know she'd so anything for Ileana, so if someone hurt Xol and thus hurt Ileana through their actions, Miss Olga might have to get medieval on their ass.

6/27/2012 #12
The Eternally Heartbroken

Speaking of pairings, how about Viktor?

6/27/2012 #13

I would say something about Viktor, but it might be spoiling the story.

6/27/2012 #14
The Eternally Heartbroken

Ah, then keep silent then. I'd rather be surprised.

6/27/2012 #15

I shall totally keep it to myself then.

6/27/2012 #16
The Eternally Heartbroken

I'm also wondering one other thing. Will this story be the last in the CR series?

6/27/2012 #17

I don't think will. I want to do a funny one-shot. Greek Chorus knows what I'm talking about. I also want to do a story about the dragons waking up. I have no plot for the dragons, though.

6/27/2012 #18
The Eternally Heartbroken

What funny oneshot?

6/27/2012 #19

You'll have to wait and find out. It will involve some bunnies, though.

6/27/2012 #20
The Eternally Heartbroken


Crap. Now you have me thinking of "HOT ROD FLAMES! BUNNIES! HOT ROD FLAMES! BUNNIES!" from Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends.

6/27/2012 #21

Whenever you say Foster's Hone for Imaginary Friends, all I can think of is, "I like cheese." I annoyed so many people by saying that all the time for no reason.

But, yes, bunnies. I cannot say anything more. Just bunnies. Hopefully, it'll be funny.

6/28/2012 #22
The Eternally Heartbroken

"NOW WE'RE BROTHER LADIES!" Gotta love Cheese.

Alright, I'll probably love it.

6/28/2012 #23

LOL. I loved Cheese. I don't know why, but I thought he was hilarious.

I hope so.

6/28/2012 #24
The Eternally Heartbroken

Everybody thought he was hilarious.

We're getting off subject, aren't we?

6/28/2012 #25

We are ridiculously off topic and the sad thing is, we're the mods! Okay, back to the topic at hand, Celestial Reign. Uh ... how's it going so far? Is the story doing good? Does it need anything?

6/28/2012 #26
The Eternally Heartbroken

It's going great! I'd like to see, after the Cersa ordeal is over with, them deal with Illeana's father. Or something like that.

6/28/2012 #27

I'm very much enjoying the latest installment of Celestial Reign. I do occasionally find myself a little saddened that the romance between Xol and Ileana isn't really the central theme of the new one, but I completely understand why it's not. They're officially together in this one and completely committed to each other, and I love the little things they do for each other that shows how much they love each other, but the main story is really about them reforming a country. I like it, and it's interesting, but I still miss the focus on their relationship.

6/29/2012 #28

I think that there were parts of it that focused on their relationship. And there are more parts to come. I don't even think their romance was the central theme of the first one. Yes, their relationship was a central theme in the first one, but it was beyond romance. There's more about them to come, though. They have to do other things in life, though, beyond just being all wide-eyed for each other. I'm glad you like it, though.

@The Eternally Heartbroken:

I'm not even gonna ask how you know Ileana's father is going to pop back up. Stop looking over my shoulder when I write stuff! You'll ruin all of the surprises for yourself.

6/29/2012 #29
Greek Chorus

All the cultural details is what I have enjoyed quite a lot in the 2nd book of the series. The different cultures provide a really rich back story. S'good! As for Xol and Ileana's relationship, they've really grown. And it is great to see how their relationship has also evolved, too.

Nice to see that some action will be thrown towards Ileana's father. Ha! Can't wait.

Any potential match-ups for the three stooges? They are so a lovable, idiotic sort of way. It would be kinda entertaining to see who would take 'em on.

Yay for bunnies! That bunny song from the Buffy musical episode is stuck in my head...

6/29/2012 #30
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