The Dark Court
Power. Love. Revenge. The political intrigues of the Dark Court are deadly. Faeries, golblins, vampires, werecats, human changelings are stuck in a hierarchy that leaves none satisfied. As a rebellion grows against the Royal Fae/Vampire Class, they squabble amongst themselves and their dying race. Create characters and join dangers of the Dark Court. RP
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Okay. Before you can start joining the dangers of the Dark Court. I'd like you to establish your character first here, and I will approve you. I promise that once you've established and I've approved, you can do anything within the story except:

1) Kill another character without owner's consent

2) Create more than two characters, this is mostly due to the fact that people cannot control more than two characters

3) Make characters and not use them

4) Give your character godlike powers

5) Control another player's character completely and without consent

6) Make senseless acts that do not apply to the direction of the roleplay, unless you have a set plan in motion or you do not like the way the story is going in which case you must inform me.

Violation of any of these rules will result in a ban of two weeks. Multiple violations to a complete ban. Otherwise, hope you enjoy the forum.

Please answer the following:

Full Name and/or Nickname:

Race/Species (ie. Goblin):

Allegiance (Rebel, Loyalist or Neither):

Class (ie. Noble, Peasant, Rebel):


Description (In detail):



Background Info/Story:

Weaponry (ie Knives, Diplomacy):

Occupation (ie. Seamstress, Princess, Assassin, Knight):


Thank you for your co-operation. Please enjoy the world.

Cast of Characters:

Andraste Silver (Pixie/Faerie) played by xxLadyKnightLizxx: Assassin

Gwendolyn "Gwen" V. Elderson (Ghost) played by QueenofGothica: Adviser

Calder "Cal" It'qua (High Elf) played by QueenofSpades1227: Vigilante/Swordsman

Lucas "Shade" Lancaster (Weredragoon) played by xxLadyKnightLizxx: Leader of Rebels

Arianna "Arry" Lockhart (Faerie) played by The Inevitable Truth Of Me: Seamstress

Arem "Moneybags" Greystone (Demon/Goblin) played by QueenofSpades1227: Blacksmith/Swordsmith/Swordsman

Phoenix "Nix" Thoman (Vampire) played by QueenofGothica: Librarian

Cait "Cat" Sith (Jinni), Alias: Patricia played by Nhyx: Fighter

Now featuring Community Characters:



Councilman Thoman

The King

Narcissa "Angel" Romani: details below.

Tristan Harbringer: details below.

LadyKnight. (:

6/26/2012 . Edited 7/4/2012 #1

My Character.

Full Name and/or Nickname: Andraste Silver (pronounced: And-drast-ey)

Race/Species (ie. Goblin): Faerie/Pixie

Class (ie. Noble, Peasant, Rebel): Bastard

Age: 19

Description (In detail): Petite with soft curves. Andraste has dark, shining locks that fall to her waist but she usually wears it in a loose bun, with strands escaping at the sides of her face. Her face is classically beautiful, pale with high cheekbones and full lips as red as roses. Her skin is as clear as alabaster. Andraste has thickly lashed tawny amber eyes, and will often wear leather corsets that emphasise her already small waist. She prefers to wear light boots, so that she can't be heard while she is doing jobs for the King.

Personality: Serious and grim. She has a very dark and often sadistic sense of humour. She does what she has to to survive, and tends to overanalyse every little detail. She is a liar and will often make up stories in order to protect herself from personal attachment. She finds it very hard to make friends and says she prefers to be alone but she has a secret fear of being alone. She is often very introverted but can be very agrumentive.

Intelligence: Sharply intelligent. She is resourceful and can think on her feet but prefers to over analyse everything.

Background Info/Story: Born the king's bastard daughter by a pixie prostitute, she has always been an outsider. She has been looked down upon by the Dark Court since she was a child. She has grown up under her father's shadow, the only person she could rely on was her sister, Jeanne. Who was no part royal. She and Jeanne had learnt to look after themselves, offering help only when it profits themselves. Andraste has learnt not to trust anyone and grimly carries out everything the King asks of her because it pays well. She has known about the rebellion for many years and stands on neither side, though there are people out there who want to put her on the throne...

Weaponry (ie Knives, Diplomacy): Magic and poison.

Occupation (ie. Seamstress, Princess, Assassin, Knight): Assassin. (She cleans up the King's messes. Often asked to kill the girls, she will disguise them and hide them in the city after the King has raped them.)

Fears: She fears what the King will do if he doesn't get what he wants. She fears for her life and whether she will be alone.

6/28/2012 . Edited 7/2/2012 #2

Full Name and/or Nickname: Gwendolyn V. Elderson "Gwen" Race/Species (ie. Goblin): ghost (is that okay?) Class (ie. Noble, Peasant, Rebel): rebel Age: 16 Description (In detail): her hair a bold silver, and her eyes a strong aquamarine, she is still a tangible, Nearlt living human being. She can float slightly above the ground, and her skin is as pale as fresh ice. All that has happened is that she has been reincarnated, and has become what the population considers a "ghost" of her former self. She wears a simple blue dress that reaches her toes, and the only jewelry she wears is a set of bangles on her left wrist, and has a scar down the length of her neck. Personality: she is wise and very shy. She belives that everyone should be equal, but doesn't understand the comotion about the Court. She smiles often, but always with a hint of sadness. Intelligence: fairly wise, with a strong intuition. Background Info/Story: before she was reincarnated, Gwen was a fair seamstress, until the Court took away all that she loved, by burning the building she worked in down. When she attempted to take action against them, though, she was cut in the neck, and bled to death. When she came back to life, she decided to fight the power from the inside, becoming a consultant to the Court, and leaking information. Weaponry (ie Knives, Diplomacy): if necessary, She will use a knife guilders with diverse patterns. The same knife that killed her. Occupation (ie. Seamstress, Princess, Assassin, Knight): Consultant Fears: getting caught helping rebels, death

6/28/2012 #3

Love your character. Ghost's are definitely awesome. (:

LadyKnight. (:

6/28/2012 #4

I really wanted to make Lucas, a main character.

Full Name and/or Nickname: Lucas "Shade" Lancaster

Race/Species (ie. Goblin): Weredragoon

Class (ie. Noble, Peasant, Rebel): Leader of the Rebels

Age: 20

Description (In detail): Human Form: Tall, with strong shoulders and leanly muscled. He avoids shirts and shoes, prefering to wear trousers due to the fire that burns in his stomach. He is a well tanned from the labour he does. He has a twisting tattoo of a dragon that winds up his arm, and finishes in between his shoulder blades. It is the mark of shapeshifter, a weredragoon. He has messy tawny blonde hair, with bright thickly-lashed cornflower blue eyes which shine even in the dark. Lucas has a strong jaw, and great cheekbones. He has a seductive smile, and his voice is oddly soothing and compelling.

Weredragoon Form: A deep sapphire blue to black, he is a magnificient beast. His dragon form, had big leathery wings and a sleek snake-like body. He looks every bit a creature of speed. With large talons, made of diamond there is nothing that would hunt him in the sky. After his capture he has been mutilated under the King's orders. His beautiful wings have been clipped.

Personality: Manipulative, he will do anything to get his way. He is cheerful and alive, living life to the fullest. His friends see him as more of a figurehead of the Rebellion but he is able to manipulate them all. Lucas is very loyal, and will often give himself up before he gives up a friend. He is kindhearted, but can do what needs to be done. He can be selfish at times but is usually considerate. He is a womaniser and has never fallen in love. Heavily flirtacious, many girls have fallen for his charms. He is waiting for a woman who can challenge him, though for the meantime he will be happy to play around.

Intelligence: Charismatic and manipulative, with a lot of street smarts.

Background Info/Story: Before all the kingdoms were united under one Dark Court. Lucas' family were rulers of the dragons. But after the Dark Court was created they were hunted into almost extinction, leaving only Lucas as the last weredragoon. He was captured as a young boy, and been sold into slavery, his wings cut from his weredragoon form. Now he wants revenge and he has the friends to do it. He wants to release all the kingdoms from the King, and take away everything that the King has ever loved.

Weaponry (ie Knives, Diplomacy): Charisma and Twin Cursed Swords

Occupation (ie. Seamstress, Princess, Assassin, Knight): Stable Boy

Fears: He has no fears.

6/29/2012 . Edited 6/29/2012 #5

I love him! Hands down.

6/29/2012 #6

Hehe, I hoped you would. ;)

6/29/2012 #7

Hey, you know I'm new at all of what kinds of species are there? No humans?

6/29/2012 #8

Any kind of mythical creatures. Faeries, ghouls, ghosts, giants etc. Yes you can be human, though they are slaves.

6/29/2012 #9

Full Name and/or Nickname: Arianna "Arry" Lockheart

Race/Species (ie. Goblin): Faerie

Class (ie. Noble, Peasant, Rebel): Noble

Age: 16

Description (In detail): Fair (pale) skin, perfect golden blonde hair (always in ringlets) that levels with her lower back, thin, always in dresses, very muscular for a girl, bright green eyes (turn red when severely pissed)

Personality: Overly sarcastic, bitter, cruel - once you get to know her, she's not so bad. She will do anything to attract attention from the guys. Basically, she's a spunky little bitch on the outside to hide her real self. On the inside, she can't stand that the king would be so cruel as to rape innocent girls and she wants revenge.

Intelligence: Extremely smart

Background Info/Story: She doesn't remember much of her past besides for when her town was raided when she was young - killing all of her family in a fire.

Weaponry (ie Knives, Diplomacy): Knives

Occupation (ie. Seamstress, Princess, Assassin, Knight): Seamstress (Works mainly for the King and Queen)

Fears: Spiders.

Don't kill me if I did this wrong! :/ Anything I should add? I don't really like the name...any suggestions?

6/29/2012 . Edited 6/30/2012 #10

Full Name and/or Nickname: Calder "Cal" It'qua

Race/Species (ie. Goblin): High Elf (Human-shaped, but live longer)

Class (ie. Noble, Peasant, Rebel): Exiled royalty from neighboring nation, rebel


Description (In detail): Average man height. He has short, dark brown hair against his neck and halfway up his head, but the top is kept long, and pulled into a long braid that falls down to his waist. He has a short nose and sharp, spring green eyes. His features are sharp and structured, and he isn't built, but has lean muscle. Usually wears a green tunic, brown rope belt, and black slacks with brown boots. His usual attire also includes a gold cuff, the one piece of jewelry he has left of his royalty, which he wears around his right bicep. He also wears some sort of a claw from an animal in one of his earlobes. A scar - a burn mark - is left around his neck from when his family was murdered and taken from the throne. He travels with a shady, money-greedy goblin named Arem (I'll make him later if that's okay), and is almost never without him.

Personality: Very critical and logical. Doesn't often joke, and hardly ever laughs. He will only speak when he has something completely necessary to say. Is always rather serious and brooding, and doesn't like taking chances. Is overly reasonable, and hardly ever gets truly mad. Won't do something unless it is the "right" thing to do, and makes a point of doing the right thing, especially for the right reasons. He never does anything without thinking it through, and takes everything seriously. Has never really bothered with girls, even though he is rather smexy ;) Tends to be oblivious to other's emotions, unless they're pleading for help. Has problems expressing his own emotions as well. Tends to play hero sometimes.

Intelligence: Speaks every language. Is usually a good judge of character, and is seriously observant. Rather brilliant.

Background Info/Story: When he was young, he was a Prince in a neighboring kingdom. The day after he turned eleven, however, a servent in the palace, who was secretly part of a group of rebels, lit the palace on fire. His entire family- three brothers, two sisters- were all killed, as were his parents. He somehow found his way to wherever this place is that the story takes place, and was found by a swordsman/blacksmith, who took him in as his apprentice. What he comes to realize as he experiences the rebellion, while he had grown up angry about his parents' mutiny and thinking he had been wronged, is that they might have been tyrants as well. When Arem finds him, he has to bring him back to life with his Demon magic, giving him the demon power of fire.

Weaponry (ie Knives, Diplomacy): Just a normal sword, with a copper-plated hilt. However, he's extremely skilled with it. Also equally skilled with a bow.

Occupation (ie. Seamstress, Princess, Assassin, Knight): Swordsman, vigilante?

Fears: Disappointing those important to him, failing. Also afraid of fire.

So this is just a thought, but what if Calder and Lucas met? Lucas, who's seeking revenge, and Calder who tries only to do good things for good reasons. They would clash, rather violently, I think. Calder would disapprove of Lucas' reasons for wanting to overthrow the crown, because it's only for revenge, and try to take over his rebellion, and Lucas would disapprove of his over-logical thinking, and how he never does anything just for fun or without thinking through it first, and how he doesn't attempt to sympathize with people and understand their points of view. They would disagree on almost everything. Also, because they have such similar backgrounds, they're the perfect enemies, who have to learn to work together and trust each other to save the kingdom. I thought it might be kind of interesting. almost like... Captain Kirk and Spock? If you'll pardon my nerd reference -

But of course, if you prefer not, he can just be one of the loyal followers of Lucas, or fill in any other role, too. I am completely okay with that ;)

6/29/2012 . Edited 7/2/2012 #11

Arianna "Arry" Lockheart? Otherwise a brilliant profile, can't wait till you join.

6/29/2012 #12

Haha love Calder! Sounds like just the type of guy to fall for ghost... *hint hint* after said ghost gets her heart broken by said leader of rebel. No nerdy reference, I love Cap'n Kirk! 3.

6/29/2012 #13

Awesome! I'm glad someone does :) Do you think I could throw his companion in here as well, for my second character? In my head, they're always pretty much together, so I couldn't start writing Calder without Arem... heh heh -' And that would be my last character. He would be mainly a secondary character anyway. More like the comic relief guy.

6/29/2012 #14

We should have a comic relief guy! Someone who is loyal to the Dark Court, and doesn't know that Calder is a rebel, maybe? Surprisingly clueless or something ;D

6/29/2012 #15

Perfect!! Alright, here we go...

Full Name and/or Nickname: Arem "Moneybags" Greystone

Race/Species (ie. Goblin): Demon-Goblin hybrid

Class (ie. Noble, Peasant, Rebel): Peasant, Patriot

Age: 58 (young for a goblin, really)

Description (In detail): He has a deep tan skin, with spots and accents on his body of a deep crimson. His eyes are usually yellow, but glow red when he's angry. Is rather short and chubby. When he gets mad, however, he grows and turns into an enormous black serpent, and his demon side comes out. He can go into thoughtless, animalistic states when he is fully enraged. Doesn't wear clothes except for a pair of brown slacks that come down to just below his knee. His hands and feet are frog-shaped, as in webbed between the fingers, and his limbs are all rather thin. It's only his tummy which is a little round :3

Personality: Has a short temper, and is severely sarcastic. Is a gambler, and would sell his own backside for a grape. However, his heart's in the right place when it comes to mentoring Calder, and he feels oddly protective over the elf boy. Enjoys bragging to people who come into his shop about Calder. He loves to complain, and does so whenever he gets the chance. Reminds me of... Timone from the Lion King or Mike Wazowski from Monster's Inc ;D He's also very persuasive, and can get almost anyone to buy into almost anything. A natural-born entrepreneur. Is often caught trying to sell random side characters things- often things that belong to other characters. Is loyal to only Calder.

Intelligence: Not extremely bright. Will believe almost anything told to him, if it means he gets to complain about it.

Background Info/Story: He was born the misunderstood devilspawn lovechild of a proud demon father and goblin mother, who are both still alive and love him very much. Whenever he's in a content mood, he looks just like a regular goblin. But whenever he gets angry, he goes into a hateful state where he can't control himself and changes form. Every time it happens, he's driven to find a new home in a new land where nobody knows who he is or what he's done. One night, he almost loses control in this kingdom, threatening Calder's twelve-year-old life, but Calder calms him down, telling him he doesn't need to hate people. Ever since then, Arem's been the one to watch over Calder and mentor him. Calder often threatens to leave Arem, but always returns anyway. With the help of Calder, he's stayed out of his "Demon-state" for all seven years Calder's been there. He is the only one capable of getting through to Calder, and making him see sense. In return, Calder's the only one that can make him see sense. Can often be heard complaining about and badmouthing the rebels for being foolish and stupid. When he finds out Calder's a rebel (much later in the story), he flees from Calder, threatening to report him to the Kingdom Guard. However, he returns later to Calder and joins the rebels for Calder. He works in a partnership, owning half of a swordsmith's shop. Thinks of Calder like a son.

Weaponry (ie Knives, Diplomacy): Glaive, his persuasive skills

Occupation (ie. Seamstress, Princess, Assassin, Knight): Blacksmith/swordsmith and swordsman

Fears: Losing control of his powers, losing Calder

Wow. He's more complex than I was expecting.

6/29/2012 #16

Haha I like him. I can see where he mighty be some comic relief. His intelligence level for instance. He sounds might cute, no idea why. Hoping to see him soon. ;)

6/29/2012 . Edited 6/29/2012 #17

Changed the name to Arianna "Arrie" Lockheart!! So edit the posts that say Carrie please!

6/30/2012 . Edited 7/1/2012 #18

Done. :)

7/1/2012 #19

Sorry, my computer spazzed.

Full Name and/or Nickname: Phoenix "Nix" Thoman

Race/Species (ie. Goblin): Vampire

Class (ie. Noble, Peasant, Rebel): noble

Age: 18

Description (In detail): with black hair cut at such an angle so that one side is at her shoulder, and the other at her waist, she seems like a rebel, but isn't. She dresses in black, always black. She has blood red eyes that she hates, and soft features. Her hands are covered in a pair of fingerless gloves, and is usually hunched over. Her skin is pale, almost silver, and she is always seen carrying around a book.

Personality: she can be shy, but maybe it was because it was because she never made any friends. She refuses to make eye contact, but that is because she was threatened by her father (Councilman Thoman) that if she ever does, he will gouge out her eye. She is extremely Bookish, and knows many things, about several different topics. She is always sweet to her father's "pets", and pities their dilemma.

Intelligence: as smart as you can get in a library, but with no street smarts whatsoever.

Background Info/Story: when she was younger, her father was abusive, and her mother stood by, completely unaware. Last month, her mother finally took a stand, but lost her life in the process. Nix was forced to move in with her father at the castle.

LWeaponry (ie Knives, Diplomacy):fangs

Occupation (ie. Seamstress, Princess, Assassin, Knight):librarian

Fears:Councilman Thoman

7/1/2012 #20

OooOo I like her. She seems interesting. Hopefully will be the loyalest, loyalist in the world :3.

7/1/2012 #21

Thanks! Will try and fit her into the story now.

7/1/2012 #22

This is going to get interesting. Lol.

7/1/2012 #23
Evelyn Downs


I'm new to this, so I hope I'm doing this right. I didn't see a way to introduce my character other than through a reply, so here it is:

Full Name and/or Nickname: Cait "Cat" Sith

Race/Species (ie. Goblin): A Jinni—a type of Demon, invisible and able to appear as a human or an animal. Born into a shape-shifting family every few generations.

Class (ie. Noble, Peasant, Rebel): Outcast

Age: 16

Description (In detail):

Human: Cat is excessively small, often mistaken for a child. She is underfed and scrawny, with a wiry strength born of living in the depths of the forest. Her hair is short (sloppily cropped with the razor edge of one of Cat's arrows so it rests against her jawbone)—black and coarse. Her skin is smooth, her complexion a light olive. Her eyes are a dark pine green, frequently mistaken for black or brown due to the shadow cast by the thick, dark eyelashes that frequently annoy her: Cait hates when her vision is obstructed. Dresses in clothes of animal skin, helped along by her limited ability with magic. She favors a deerskin jerkin to her mid-thighs and tight, calfskin leggings tucked into tall, soft-soled leather boots that reach just under her knees and provide her with silence of movement.

Animal: Cat transforms into a large, black cat with bristly fur and a white patch on its chest. Her eyes grow more luminous in this form, but the color does not change. This form also gave Cait her name, as she so resembles the legendary Cait Siths of Faerie said to bring misfortune and chaos.

Personality: Cat is very quiet and observant. She notices most everything, but cares little to point out her observations. She is most comfortable on her own in a natural setting, preferably involving trees. Because she has spent her entire life alone, Cat is extremely awkward around others. She has no idea how to act, so frequently does not participate in conversation, preferring to watch and wait in silence, even occasionally allowing herself to release her form and drift into invisibility. However, despite her aloofness, Cat forms strong attachments very quickly, and becomes very loyal—even if the one she defends is not worthy of defense.

Intelligence: It's very difficult to get a read on Cat. Her silence and willingness to simply watch things unfold causes her to appear rather simple. Worse, due to her minimal experience with others, Cat is very gullible and bad at reading personalities and intentions. But "still waters run deep," as the proverb goes, and Cat is actually very calculating, particularly in deadly situations, and always seems to understand more than people expect—especially since they tend to forget that she's 16 and not 10.

Background Info/Story: Jinni's like Cat are born every few generations to a family of purebred shape-shifters. Cat's parents are both wolves—her father a strong Alpha, her mother his mate--living a lifestyle reminiscent of Gypsies. Cat was celebrated when she began to spontaneously fade into invisibility as an infant, for Jinni's are convenient allies to have. However, when, at the age of 6 months, Cat shifted into her animal form, her pack was appalled, for in the place of the Alpha's child was a large, bristling Cait Sith, said to bring chaos in its wake. Horrified, Cat's parents moved the pack and left her, a squalling baby, in the shelter of a Sequoya's massive roots—she had not even received a name. Cat was looked upon with pity by the tree's nymph, who sheltered the child for 8 months. At a little over one, Cat shifted into her animal form and wandered away. She didn't shift back for months at a time, living as a wildcat. When she was older, Cat began to wait, invisible, to pounce upon the occasional traveler, all the while keeping an eye on her Sequoya guardian. Then one day, as Cat was coming back to check on the tree spirit, she saw the King's men chopping her down. She watched in horror as the nymph tried to escape, but was caught and burned. Cat would later discover that her friend had fallen prey to a roundup of the independent Fey--the King had grown weary of those outside of his control, and wished them either brought inside the court or exterminated. Cat developed a searing hatred for the crown, and all the dark court. She continued to rob for a living, but only tried to steal from royals and nobility.

Then one day, she attacked a caravan that looked like nobility, but was actually a band of rebels, and ended up joining them. She proceeded to live 5 years of her life in the Nest, a hideout for those outside the court who wished to help the rebel fighters. On the night Cat met Andraste and joined her small band, she had journeyed the day before to the Dark Court with the intention to assassinate the king. Little did she know she would be drawn into a battle much larger and more drawn out that that...

Weaponry (ie Knives, Diplomacy): Scare tactics with her Cait Sith form, and a bow and arrows used primarily for hunting. Also uses her invisibility to the utmost, though frequent usage can cause unfortunate side-effects.

Occupation (ie. Seamstress, Princess, Assassin, Knight): Rebel fighter/ reluctant healer (prefers not to use her magic to work with others, because her Cait Sith is incompatible. She will use healing only when she is the lat resort in an emergency.)

Fears: Cat has a mild case of Ceraunophobia—she doesn't trust new things. She is also paranoid about blindness (on her way to the Nest, she was accosted once by a group of Nuguni, Faeries who steal people's eyes to feed to their offspring. She escaped narrowly, and only regained sight in her right eye due to extensive medical attention at the Nest.)

I hope my descriptions weren't too long...or too erratic...

Also, I don't really know how to work into a forum, so I figured I'd just have Cat sort of jump into the Rebellion--literally.

Hope this works!

7/1/2012 . Edited 7/9/2012 #24

A Jinni. Interesting. A new supernatural, haha. Just yeah hope you enjoy. You'll get into the swing of things.

7/1/2012 #25
Evelyn Downs

I was excited about the Jinni thing! I looked up mythical beings to try and get inspired about this character, and their a middle-eastern demon that I kind of combined with the whole Cait Sith thing, which I believe is Irish...

7/1/2012 #26

Most of our characters have green eyes now, haha. I'm going to change Andraste's to amber. But yeah, its so new you never see anyone talk about Jinni. I'm very interested to see what you come up with.

7/2/2012 #27

Hey Nhyx, want to me to change your character's name up the top in the cast? Or do you want me to put it down as an alias? (:

7/2/2012 #28
Evelyn Downs

I'm not sure...Cat doesn't really have a name, since she's just basically calling herself by her species...I guess list it as an alias of sorts?

7/2/2012 #29

Done. :)

7/2/2012 #30
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