The Dark Court
Power. Love. Revenge. The political intrigues of the Dark Court are deadly. Faeries, golblins, vampires, werecats, human changelings are stuck in a hierarchy that leaves none satisfied. As a rebellion grows against the Royal Fae/Vampire Class, they squabble amongst themselves and their dying race. Create characters and join dangers of the Dark Court. RP
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Now featuring Community Characters:



Councilman Thoman

The King

Narcissa "Angel" Romani: details below.

7/2/2012 . Edited 7/2/2012 #31

Full Name and/or Nickname: Narcissa "Angel" Romani (Usually called Angel)

Race/Species (ie. Goblin): Fallen (a fallen angel)

Allegiance (Rebel, Loyalist or Neither): Loyalist

Class (ie. Noble, Peasant, Rebel): Considered a Noble where she's from

Age: has been 26 for 3,000 years

Description (In detail): Angel has stark white-silver hair, which is cut asymmetrically and comes down to her jaw bone. She has eyes which are a dark, ruby red, and she has short, pointed features. Her cheeks are round, and she has a heart-shaped, sweet looking face. She usually wears a deep purple robe with a golden rope sash, and she wears a simple gold band around her head with a ruby gem. Her white wings were torn off, leaving pink slits with stitches holding them closed running down her back, just beside her shoulder blades.

Personality: Extremely manipulative and cunning. She always has a plan, and she can predict people very easily. Her specialty is outsmarting her enemies, and her mind is always looking for ways to bend people the way she wants them to. She isn't sympathetic- in fact she's more like calculating and cold. She can cause people to become paralyzed, and even to twist pones in the wrong direction and such. Not quite mind control, but close. She can also heal others.

Intelligence: Finds a way to know everything, and is very calculating.

Background Info/Story: She was an angel (no religious ties intended, btw, just supposedly "the perfect creatures", possibly related to fae), but was rejected by the Angelic society when they deemed her "impure". Because of this, she "fell" and became hateful and cruel. She's one of those men that just wants to watch the world burn.

Weaponry (ie Knives, Diplomacy): She keeps small dart-like daggers up the sleeves of her robe, which she throws at her targets from a distance. Also is extremely persuasive as well.

Occupation (ie. Seamstress, Princess, Assassin, Knight): Council Member, accepted as part of the fae class.

Fears: Being outsmarted, being "read". Also fears demons, because only they can match her true power.

Is the fallen angel thing okay? Or should I change it to something else?

7/2/2012 . Edited 7/4/2012 #32
Evelyn Downs

She sounds super awesome! I can't wait for her to clash with our other characters--is this the community character mentioned?

7/2/2012 #33

Yes ma'am ;)

7/3/2012 #34
Evelyn Downs

Also--totally random--but I just keep thinking that I love your avatar-picture-thing of the pandas!heart

7/3/2012 #35

Thanks! I'm slightly obsessed with them, so, I mean, ya know :3

7/3/2012 #36

I HAVE RETURNED! BEARING GIFTS!! Featuring a brand new community character.

Full Name and/or Nickname: Tristan Harbringer

Race/Species (ie. Goblin): Mountain Nymph

Allegiance (Rebel, Loyalist or Neither): Loyalist

Class (ie. Noble, Peasant, Rebel): Peasant

Age: 18

Description (In detail): Tall, with broad shoulders and rippling muscles. He is no stranger to the sun, being a deep bronze. All of his teeth meet at a razor edge, able to sheer through diamond. He has deep cat-shaped abyss black eyes, with no white to speak of. His eyes are overly big taking up one third of his face. He has plump attractive lips which keep the focus away from his jagged, shark-like teeth. He has wild honey-blonde hair, that reaches his shoulder with a scattering of braids. He has really big feet, and will often wear a brown leather vest and a belt filled with magical trinkets.

Personality: Straight forward and gruff, he will not take no for an answer. He is ready to fight for the King, who he deems a holy representation of all that is dark in the world. He is loyal to the core to the Dark Court. He is self righteous and is not afraid to raise a sword to inact revenge, for wrongs imagined or not. He is tough, and unbelievably stubborn and unyielding. He does not have a good opinion on women, believing them weak and fragile. When he values strength and fortitude.

Intelligence: Sharply intelligent

Background Info/Story: He lived in the Waste Lands, starving and battling for his life everyday. He had been abandoned by his water nymph mother, after he had accidently killed a fish in her river. The King found him in his misery and decided that he should be his new pet. He has lived under the King ever since, having been Knighted, he is loyal beyond repair to the King. He believes the King can do no wrong, and any rebellion is insanity.

Weaponry (ie Knives, Diplomacy): Swords and brute strength

Occupation (ie. Seamstress, Princess, Assassin, Knight): Knight

Fears: He fears running water

7/4/2012 #37

May I join this?

And are we allowed to use pictures to describe our characters' looks?

7/4/2012 #38

Of course you may join. Yes, pictures are fine. Please describe your character and we will create an opening for you.

7/4/2012 #39

Thank you!

7/4/2012 #40

And what type of species are there?

7/4/2012 #41

Anything you could think of. Mythical creatures, creatures of legend. You could be a gorgon for all we know. :)

7/4/2012 #42

Lol. Ok. I'm almost done with one of them.

7/4/2012 #43

Full Name and/or Nickname: Elyot Gloeckner

Race/Species (ie. Goblin): demon.

Allegiance (Rebel, Loyalist or Neither): Loyalist.

Class (ie. Noble, Peasant, Rebel): Noble.

Age: real age is 234 years old but he looks 47.

Description (In detail): He doesn't have eyes.

Personality: Elyot is very cool and calculating. He is calm and direct, not to mention, quite charismatic. He has a sharp wit and refined. Very observant, he can make a snide comment when need be and always does research when seeing someone new. He has a lot of ties to many important people and can be a sadistic man.

Intelligence: Very clever, charismatic and quite smart.

Background Info/Story: Elyot grew up in a vampire household, adopted wwith his brother and sisters into a large mansion. He grew up with two sisters, Lillian and Claire, and a brother, Luke. His father was always out on business trips, and although it seemed like the perfect life, it most certainly was not. His father had many affairs with many women, and his mother soon stabbed herself with a steak, after stabbing her two girls. The woman was driven insane and was convinced that her husband was doing horrid things to his sisters, and she chose to end their lives, thinking that it would be better than for them to suffer any longer. After, she ended her own. This happened when the boy was 17, and he saw it right before his eyes. Elyot's brother led a corrupted path, much alike his father, and due to the horrid conditions, Elyot began growing rotten as well. He got his degree and with much hard work done, was working as the vampire king's royal judge. The man tried desperately to put his past behind him, but it resurfaces many a time, causing him to get migraines. After a court session, in which the leader of a gang of rebels was found guilty of slaughtering many royals in a house, the man, now age 36, was walking to his home when some of the gang members that were not caught and punished took him and gauged his eyes out. The pain was unbearable. He was found on the street minutes later and taken to the hospital, found by a group of men who recognized him. Now he still continues with his job, although with some difficulty.

Weaponry (ie Knives, Diplomacy): He uses his wits and his fierce hold on the authorities. Also, he carries a sword cane with him.

Occupation (ie. Seamstress, Princess, Assassin, Knight): Judge.

Fears: He is very superstitious and absolutely hates/ fears frogs and chickens. He also has a fear of insanity and deformality.

7/4/2012 . Edited 7/4/2012 #44
Evelyn Downs

That is like the coolest character ever! I love that you made him so...I don't know, in depth. You made him very easy to understand and sympathize with, without being a "likeable" character. He feels like someone out of a much older story--I think he'll add a very nice flavor to this drama we're creating!

7/4/2012 #45

Thank you. I'm planning on making a (maybe unrequited- as in he loves, not she loves) lover for him I'm just not sure what species she could be or what she could be to him. Any ideas?

7/4/2012 #46

Ha, I definitely like him ;D maybe his lover could be some sort of dark fae or pixie he fell in love with, who always causes problems and commits crimes and the like, and she does it knowing he'll use his societal and judicial power to save her from the consequences, since he's in love with her, so essentially, she's using him? Lol idk, I just kinda pulled that out of nowhere. Do what you like, but he still seems pretty cool!

7/4/2012 . Edited 7/4/2012 #47
Evelyn Downs

Since he's a Loyalist/high official and a vampire and all that, you could throw in some "tragic" or "ill-fated" love, if you wanted. You could make her a human slave. Then he would be torn, because he would wish her freedom, but he believes in slavery--he feasts on the blood of her kind, yet he would always wish her unharmed. And he would have to suffer her hatred of him for her condition as a slave--he would have to watch from afar, not able to help her (for that would be a betrayal of his king) and so unable to alter her image of him--to reconsile himself in her eyes...

Sorry, I went a little over-board. That might be a little--contrived. Anyway, that's all I can think of...good luck with your other character! Can't wait to see you in the story!

Ooh! I like Spade's idea too...Aah! Make all of them! Haha...but I like what you did with him, so I'll probably love what you do with her.

7/4/2012 . Edited 7/4/2012 #48

I appreciate you guys' compliments. I might do that Thanks for the idea! :D

7/4/2012 #49

Full Name and/or Nickname: Jillian Ophelia Rozen.

Race/Species (ie. Goblin): Reaper/ Shinigami.

Allegiance (Rebel, Loyalist or Neither): Serves the vampire king.

Class (ie. Noble, Peasant, Rebel): She is in the middle class.

Age: died at the age of forty six.

Description (In detail): Same as my icon picture. Aka:

Personality: Charismatic, tricky, sarcastic, and straight forward when need be. She can be stubborn, smart, and is quite independent. She can be a bit dark and stern. She has a well-natured yet cool demeanor but is cold to people. She is determined, is studious, and caring, but she can be a bit careless when flustered, frustrated, or bored. She is wise and can be nice if you get to know her well, but shows it subtly- depending on how well she knows you and trusts you. She is a hard worker and can be very opinionated, as well as intelligent. Sadly, sometimes the woman subconsciously lets her feelings meddle into her work. She can be a bit harsh towards people that try to help her, not quite used to anyone caring and helping her. She is known for having a quick tongue and being quite eccentric, not to mention being a total neat-freak. Unfortunately, she pushes people away easily, especially naïve, cheery people, and is not good dealing with feelings- especially tears.

Intelligence: Quite smart and clever.

Background Info/Story: On a foggy, cloudy day in Germany, a basket was left on Clarence Rozens' doorstep, and inside was a child. A note, when opened, said: Please take care of her with the utmost care. Name her what you will, indulge in her whimsy and fantasies, raise her and love her like your very own, alongside Lillian. I sent her to you, old friend, for I know that if they get a hold of her and find her here with you that the child is doomed for failure. She will be taken and shown the cruelty and horrors the world has to offer. I'll be gone before they know that I've done this, so do not worry about me. Thank you.

Your friend, Zachary Adderson.

Jillian lived a normal life with her foster father and sister, Lillian, until she was twelve. That day, a wealthy looking man who called himself her father came, just as Papa was about to read she and Lilly another tale. This man looked slimy, with rings on his slender hands and clothes that looked funny to the girls. The brunette and redhead had to stifle their laughter at the man's odd accent and the huge top hat he wore. The giggles promptly stopped when they saw their Papa's look harden, and when the man reached for Jillian. The girl's eyes widened in disbelief and her eyes began to sting as the man cradled her in his arms. Tears that she hadn't noticed fell down her cheeks and she peered back at her humble and beloved family. Lilly shook and released great sobs, not understanding why her playmate was leaving. Clarence swallowed deeply and his eyes held a glazed over look. His hand rested on his child's shoulder and visibly tightened, as if he was trying to restrain the girl and himself. Then, as if glass shattered, Clarence bounded up the steps of their cottage and reappeared with her things already set, and a brown bag, tied with a black string. He had planned to give that to her when the story was over, but that would have to change now. The man with the top hat settled the girl in the carriage and grabbed the girls' few things from the taller man. He settled the baggage in the carriage and Clarence barely had enough time to give the brown bag and mutter a quick apology before the carriage bounded off. The girl opened the bag to find a small porcelain doll, with dark brown hair and grey eyes, wearing a lovely navy gown. She cherished it and used the black ribbon to tie her hair into a pony tail.

Now in Belsize Park, Camden, the girl was swiftly introduced to her real parents and real sister, whom she immediately disliked for the girl teased her about her cleaning habits, as did the girls' many friends. The girl started day dreaming about returning to her beloved home during her free time, causing worry and annoyance to her parents. Her mother strived for her to be the perfect, just as her sister was, and this just wouldn't do. When the girl wanted to read psychological thrillers and showed interest in the human psyche, she was placed under shock therapy, resulting in an unhealthy fear of lightening. Soon, at the age of 15, she and her sister were sent to a boarding school in Paris. Oddly enough, Jillian met up with Lilly there and the two became inseparable once more. The two would spend their days talking, helping each other with homework, and thinking about future careers.

But one day, Lillian died of a fatal illness that had been tormenting her. The black plague. Clarence went soon after. Once they died, Jillian continued her work much more in order to keep herself focused on anything but her foster sister's recent death. Finally, when the maddening thoughts and sadness was gone and Jillian found that she could live normally, she was going to do so. And she did, with the occasional pile of work here and there. One day, as she was closing the shop, some occult members snatched her as a sacrifice and she was tortured. Those members had filled a tank with water and put her in it, then electrocuted the water and continued doing so until she died. She found herself in the Dark court's realm and was recruited as the King's soul keeper, resulting in fierce training. She was found by Elyot a week before his eyes were gauged out and he has been in love with her ever since, wanting to know more about her. He was the one who landed her a job as a reaper and psychiatrist. She also is the resident psychiatrist, often helping any people. She sometimes helps Mr. Gloeckner go to and fro the palace and helping him get better with his lack of sight but other than that has absolutely nothing much to do with him. She doesn't really acknowledge his affections for she is far too busy working.

Weaponry (ie Knives, Diplomacy): her scythe, which is the apple core in the picture. When the stem is clicked, the apple turns into this weapon that resembles two machetes.

Occupation (ie. Seamstress, Princess, Assassin, Knight): Psychiatrist and collector of souls/assassin.

Fears: She has a fear of germophobia, causing her to clean things- even plants and other people's messes. She also has a fear of electrocuted water.

7/4/2012 . Edited 7/5/2012 #50

Approved. Hope you have fun in our world. :)

7/4/2012 #51

Created an opening for your character as of now. Mysterious shadow girl... P:

7/5/2012 #52
Thankies. :3
7/5/2012 #53
Evelyn Downs

Okay, I'm creating another character, but I'm not really sure when I'll have him show up...

Full Name and/or Nickname: Lachlan O'Keefe

Race/Species (ie. Goblin): Half Giant, half Irish Phouka (a faerie horse)

Allegiance (Rebel, Loyalist or Neither): Neither

Class (ie. Noble, Peasant, Rebel): Traveling Jongleur

Age:18 (in looks, anyway...aging rate isn't pinned down, since his two heritages age at different paces...)

Description (In detail): Excessively tall, with brawny strength written in every line of his figure. He has broad shoulders and a long torso, with swimmer's legs. His hair is coppery--it's really auburn, but has grown pale from days spent traveling in the sun--and is held back from his face in a short, sloppy horse-tail. His eyes are dawn gray and slightly slanted up at the corners. His features are strong--his jaw prominent and his nose straight and angular, his mouth a soft line--his smile is rare, but it lights up his face; he is popular with the elderly and children. His hands and feet are huge, suggesting that he may grow a bit inconceivable as that would be. He typically wears a loose, open-necked tunic with baggy Jongleur's pants (baggy and loose until his mid calf, then legging-tight.) He also wears a thick bandage wrapped around his left hand--his carving hand.

Personality: Lachlan is a gentle giant--literally. Because of his Phouka heritage, he has an uncanny way with horses--can communicate with even the stubbornest of them. He tends to approach humans with the same attitude, speaking softly in a rich tenor and using smooth, fluid gestures to calm all in his presence. Lachlan is also a woodwitch, though he didn't come by it honestly--his Giant mother was skilled with iron, mot woodwork, and Phouka have an affinity with water, not land. However, Lachlan's magic has manifested itself in his handiwork--anything he carves or makes out of wood himself is magicked, whether he meant to Spell it or not. One of his earliest creations was a tiny carved horse that would prance around in the palm of his hand. Lachlan is also primarily a loner--he prefers the quiet company of forest and horses; if he is ever in one place long enough, he can be found whispering to his horse, Ocre--a tall red gelding with a strong chest and long, sturdy legs--or carving in the shelter of the trees. He also enjoys growing things, but has never settled in one place long enough to make a garden of his own.

Intelligence: Quietly knowledgeable. Lachlan doesn't have the sharpest wit, but he is one who understands things through intuition--he can see right through people, and is an impeccable judge of character. Of course, no one can beat him when it comes to wood or horses...or, oddly enough, mathematical calculations, probably due his architectural tendencies. Because of his gentle demeanor, Lachlan is often thought to be quite simple.

Background Info/Story: Lachlan's parentage was an unusual one. His mother, Deda, was captured by traveling Irishmen from her home deep in the mountains of Romania. She was transported all the way back to Ireland for sport and amusement. With the help of an Irish Phouka, Athaire, who found her strength a thing of beauty, she escaped. That Phouka was Lachlan's father. But soon after Lachlan's birth, Deda died of a severe influenza native to Ireland--her Romanian immune system could not fight it. Left with a child he could never raise, Athaire gave Lachlan to a band of traveling Jongleurs--entertainment folk. They accepted him easily, and the boy flourished under their care, never aware that Ivan, their leader, and Meghain, his wife, were not his biological parents. The boy was taught to harness his abilities, and carved himself a violin that plays ensnaring music. He traveled with this family group for 18 years. Then, while journeying through the Dark Court, the entire group was captured by a group of Dullahan--devilish fey with a hankering for torturous tricks. Lachlan watched as his Jongling troupe was tortured and killed. He alone survived, using his magicked violin to put the Dullahan in a stupor and ease the deaths of his family. Lachlan has not yet discovered the rebellion, but he hates the Dark Court with as much vengeance as a gentle soul can muster.

Weaponry (ie Knives, Diplomacy): His magicked violin; occasionally he will ask horses for help, though he dislikes endangering them; he has a bow and arrows that he crafted himself: they never miss, and can even round corners in pursuit of their target.

Occupation (ie. Seamstress, Princess, Assassin, Knight): Still travels as a lone jongleur, playing his violin for those who will listen and perhaps offer a coin or two.

Fears: Lachlan lives in the present; he sees no point in fears--he will deal with events and things when they happen or approach him. It's not that he does not feel fear, he just doesn't waste energy fearing specific things that he may or may not ever experience.

Okay, so that's Lachlan...haha. I don't really know about when I'll throw him in there, but...well, we'll see. Don't feel like you have to make an opening for him though--we can wait until it's comfortable.

7/5/2012 #54

Ooh! Sounds interesting!

7/5/2012 #55
As moderator... Idk, I'm new at this. I think your character is accepted. Do I have that power, LKL?
7/5/2012 #56
Evelyn Downs

Thanks! So, you're the new moderator I've heard about? Congratulations on your promotion! Hehe. I'm glad--you seem very trustworthy and responsible to me. :)

7/5/2012 #57
Evelyn Downs

That reminds me, Liz hasn't left us, has she? I haven't seen a post from her in a while...not that I think the forum should take over her life by any means, I just want to make sure that her appointing a new moderator (I am overjoyed with you, by the way, Gothic) didn't mean that she was done with us TT.

7/5/2012 #58
I'm sure she is just busy.
7/5/2012 #59

Yeah I'm pretty sure she's still here, considering her name is still listed below as one of the moderators, it's not just Gothic's name. Btw congrats Gothic ;D

7/5/2012 #60
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