The Dark Court
Power. Love. Revenge. The political intrigues of the Dark Court are deadly. Faeries, golblins, vampires, werecats, human changelings are stuck in a hierarchy that leaves none satisfied. As a rebellion grows against the Royal Fae/Vampire Class, they squabble amongst themselves and their dying race. Create characters and join dangers of the Dark Court. RP
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So tell me, how are you liking this forum so far?

7/1/2012 #1
I think it is really turning out well. Unlike some other RP forums I've been on, the story progresses well, and it is filled with talented writers!
7/1/2012 #2

Our minor control and mentioning of other characters works well then. And our writers are pretty good, talented like you. :)

You don't think the minor control is confusing? I thought it seemed more natural myself... but yeah, what's your opinion?

7/1/2012 #3
Without it, I think the rp would be in trouble. Science we are in separate time zones(or at leat that is what I gathered), it would take almost 12 hours to get the character's owner to get on, and make them nod. But with this, we can reasonably make small things happen, without all the waiting.
7/1/2012 #4

Yeah, it's much more convenient and ultimate control of the character is given to the owner anyways. So it's alright... just yeah. Hopefully we'll get more followers.

7/1/2012 #5
Yeah. Can I invite someone who I think would enjoy this? You know him, I think. He wrote Amphire.
7/1/2012 #6

Oh, sure. I wouldn't mind some new people. I invited many of the people present today. Everyone should invite anyone who would find this half-way interesting and we could create a fully blown world! :D

7/1/2012 #7
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