Willsmere Lunatic Asylum
An RP for an asylum for the insane. This asylum hosts some of the world's most dangerous, but still holds the those who only harm themselves. Can you survive a night in the insanity without joining them?
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6/30/2012 #1
Who Is This Girl Anyway

Might as well. :)

Name: Yvette Pollock

Position(Nurse, Patient, Doctor, etc): Patient

Age(must be at least 18): 19

Gender: Female

Biography: Was bullied severely at her old school and was sectioned after stabbing one of the girls with a pair of scissors and killing her. She was recently transferred to an adult asylum.

Appearance: Black hair and eyes with pale skin.

Personality: Moody and potentially lethal, Yvette is very possessive of anyone she becomes attatched to and is not above intimidation and blackmail to ensure she is not ignored.

Medical conditions(if any): Possibly sadism, shades of narcissism.


7/14/2012 #2

Accepted. You can post her in the doctor's office first, if you want.

7/14/2012 . Edited 7/14/2012 #3

Full Name: Lucy Houdon

Age: 35

Sex: Female

Personality: Cheerful, fun loving, out going, dramatic and loving. Every part a big black woman. Very kind, sweet, tends to help anyone in need. But, can become very hostile, and downright cruel when angered, upset and when someone she loves is threatened. Very protective, loyal, and intellegant.

Appearance: Almost six feet tall. A bit chunky, she could loose a few pounds, but she loves her body, so it's ok. Big, black curly hair. Likes dramatic clothing, jewlery, ect. Usually painted nails. African-American, a darker skin tone.

Likes: Animals, bright colors, drums, music, dancing, art, singing, kids, helping others

Dislikes: Cruelty, violence, rudeness, ignorance

Bio: Mother was a Southern farm girl, father was a French-African musician. Raised with her older sister and two younger brothers in France's country side until she was around ten, then they moved back to her mother's home town. This is where she got her Southern accent, and it has stayed with her her entire life. In highschool, she came out as a lesbian, and her parents were more than accepting. In college, she met a girl who she dated for around five years. This girl then died of breast cancer, which sent Lucy into a spiral of alcoholism and depression. She then got therapy after her sister came to visit her, and is still on anti-depressants. Two years sober. Found work at Wellsmore's Lunatic Asylum, and quickly fit in.

Staff (Doctor)

Mental Disorders: Alcoholism (two years sober) Depression (on meds)

Medical Issues: Allergies to pollen, bad liver

7/14/2012 . Edited 7/16/2012 #4
Professor Meshka

Full Name: Tristan Delacour

Age: 26

Sex: Male

Personality: Can sometimes be very nice, a flicker of his former self. But when the bad memories creep in he is almost like a time bomb; quiet and strange, flinching at the slightest movement with a very short temper and attention span.

Appearance:Hair is about 2-4 inches in length, natural warm brown but has paled in colour due to stress and a few grey hairs have made themselves known just above his ears. His hair is rather wild and curly. Tristan stands at approximately 6'1" with a tall, lean build and a good muscle shape. Pale blue eyes, silvery and smoky. Very pale skin with faint freckles on the bridge of his strong nose, used to have quite a tanned complexion but he seldom sees the sun these days. Has a scar on the bottom of his chin which runs down his neck fromhis ordeal and he is not allowed to have a mirror because seeing it sets him off into a rampage. Sharp cheekbones and a strong jawline. Has rough stubble and shirt sideburns by his ears.

Likes: Music, art, books.

Dislikes: The smell of leather, blood on someone's lips or neck. Men with thick moustaches.

Bio: Born to a wealthy family in the South of England, Tristan was always the black sheep. He did not want to inherit the large fortune or run the family business of antiquities and land trade. He loved books and music. His passion for literature and art grew strong, much to his father's distaste. He began to write stories and then they turned into shows that he would make the neighbourhood children perform. Alone and shunned by his family, Tristan grew stronger, determination driving him. He stopped caring what his family, or anyone for that matter, thought of what he did. He loved it. He dreamed of Paris and once he turned 19, he left his family, vowing never to return to them. He lived in the beautiful city for a number of years and realised that becoming a writer wasn't as easy as he thought. He was talented, and some people picked up on that but he just wasn't getting the jobs that he needed. He was eventually picked up by a French cabaret company and wrote shows and musical numbers for them. He fell in love with one of the stars, beautiful Marcella. The two were inseparable and he wrote only the best songs for her. The company went bust one day and was turned into brothel/strip club. Tristan and Marcella wanted to leave but their contracts wouldn't allow it. Tristan fought for Marcella's right to leave but the company's new shareholder attacked him. Marcella tried to protect him but she wasn't strong enough. She was shot in the neck and died in a matter of moments. Tristan was distraught and fought back but he was out numbered. The men of the new company abused him; physically, mentally and even sexually. They flaunted the corpse of the woman he loved in front of him which caused his mind to break down. He was left out into the street to die but was spotted by a passer-by and picked up by an ambulance. He survived, but his mind perished. His family claimed him from the hospital and brought him to Willsmere Lunatic Asylum.

Patient or Staff: Patient

Mental Disorders: PTSD; paranoia, depression, insomnia, hallucinations, short attention span, flashbacks, nightmares, suicidal and homicidal thoughts.

Medical Issues: Was partially blinded in one eye by a riding crop during his abuse. Is allergic to lavender.

8/31/2012 #5
Infection Of War

Full Name: Selvera Oma Zeth

Age: 14

Sex: Female

Personality: just think of Sheldon Cooper but hyper , ADD, and female.

Appearance: golden blonde hair, Dark blue eyes, pale, short

Likes: precision, being alone

Dislikes: large crowds, being asked questions

Bio (optional): no bio

Patient or Staff: patient

Mental Disorders (if any): Social anxiety, OCD, ADD, ADHD, Autistic, extremely crazy

Medical Issues (if any): Fast Metabolism

6/14/2013 #6
Infection Of War

Oh wait do I have to be a certain age?

6/14/2013 #7

Full Name: Mark Nick Buttel

Age: 26

Sex: male

Personality: cool, intelligent, creative

Appearance: media.gettyimages.com/photos/nick-fink-arrives-at-mtvs-teen-wolf-and-sweetvicious-premiere-event-picture-id623257306?s=594x594

Likes: history, hot girls, classical music, (Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, etc)

Dislikes: unwarranted cruelty, ignorance, pride

Bio (optional): Mark was a college student at NIU when on a class trip, his boat when down & his classmates were lost, 5 years later. mark was found adrift at sea, when he came back, he reported meeting multiple historical figures,

Patient or Staff: patient

Mental Disorders (if any): PTSD

Medical Issues (if any): fits

3/1/2017 #8
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