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old inactive account

"Uh....what's the date today? Well, the year...actually," he murmured.

7/15/2012 #31
Thee Cult of Personality

"April twenty-fouth,nineteen twenty-nine.Why?"

7/15/2012 #32
old inactive account

(xD wasn't WW2 around the 40s?)

7/15/2012 #33
old inactive account

"I'm just... trying to remember where I was at last time," Clark answered. He tried racking through his brain. Sure enough, he'd forgotten about something, but he wasn't sure what it was. He knew it was something personal.

7/15/2012 . Edited 7/15/2012 #34
Thee Cult of Personality

OT:It ended in 1935,I think.

"I'm not sure."Jess said,biting her lip.

7/15/2012 #35
old inactive account

(1939-1945 actually. Pearl harbor attack was on '41)

Clark used his left hand, which felt fine for him to move slowly, and reached for Jess's hand to at it. "It's alright, don't worry about it," he reassured. "I think I fell on my head harder than I thought."

7/15/2012 #36
Thee Cult of Personality

OT:Oh!xD Let's pretend she said '39,then.

Jess giggled softly and raised an eyebrow."Maybe,but it'll all come back to you."

7/15/2012 #37
old inactive account

(xD okay!)

Clark managed a small smile. "That'd be great.... how--when'll the morphine go away?"

7/15/2012 #38
Thee Cult of Personality


Jess pursed her lips,motioining to the bag of fliud."When this is gone.You'll be in severe pain."

7/15/2012 #39
old inactive account

A lump in his throat was swallowed hard. He didn't want to experience that again. "I'd like more morphine, please," Clark responded.

7/15/2012 #40
Thee Cult of Personality

Jess smiled at him,nodding."Sure,darlin."She hurried off,to get another bag of morphine."

7/15/2012 #41
old inactive account

"Thank you, ma'am," Clark responded, smiling. "I-it's not good if I get any more, right? I heard this stuff can be pretty addictive."

7/16/2012 . Edited 7/16/2012 #42
Thee Cult of Personality

"Well,"Jess switched bags,to a full one."Only if used incorrectly."

7/16/2012 #43
old inactive account

"Oh, okay. Can I ask you one more thing, Nurse Jess?" Clark said. He yawned just a little bit, probably the morphine or him. "You see, before I got, I-I remember seein' two soliders. Tom and Greg, both brothers but not mine. Are...are they here by any chance?"

7/16/2012 #44
Thee Cult of Personality
"I,um,"Jess bit her lip."I don't know."
7/16/2012 #45
old inactive account

Clark frowned. He didn't want to think it was just another word for "no", but it sounded like it was. If the nurse didn't know who they were, then that just made him feel more regretful. "Oh, okay," he managed to say quietly. "I... I think I'll just... go back to sleep."

7/16/2012 #46
Thee Cult of Personality
"Alright,sir."Jess gave him a nod."If you need anything,just push the call button."
7/16/2012 #47
old inactive account

"Mm-hm," Clark murmured, and his eyes closed on their own. Soon he was snoring quietly, though he didn't feel too comfortable. A man in military uniform entered the hospital and asked a receptionist if a soldier name Clark di Jules was here, while holding a small stack of envalopes with his name on them.

7/16/2012 #48
Thee Cult of Personality

"He's here."Jess said,approaching the man."Why?"

7/16/2012 #49
old inactive account

The delivery man approached the nurse. "I have several letters sent to a Private Jewels," he answered, pronouncing the last name wrong by accident. "Do you mind taking these to him, ma'am?"

7/16/2012 #50
Thee Cult of Personality

"When he wakes up,he's asleep right now."

7/16/2012 #51
old inactive account

"You can put them somewhere, possibly on a table for him to notice them?" he asked. "I have more delivery to give to the other patients here. And, um, I have a notice for a Nurse Anderson here about her husband, if you know where she is...?"

7/16/2012 #52
Thee Cult of Personality

"Oh,um,she's down the hallway.First desk on your right."

7/16/2012 #53
old inactive account

He nodded and handed her Clark's letters before heading off to the hallway. "Thank you. Have a good day, ma'am."

Clark gave out a quiet whimper. He wanted to move around on the bed, but he couldn't. So many gun fires...frags flying almost at every direction...his friends from left and right either falling dead or crying from their wounds...

7/16/2012 #54
Thee Cult of Personality

Jess walked back into the room.She sighed roughly at his actions,and expression.She placed a hand on his arm."Sir."

7/16/2012 #55
old inactive account

Clark slowly woke up from a familiar voice, but the morphine was still in his system, so he tried his best to stay away. Blinking his eyes, he smiled slightly when he saw Jess again. "Hi again," he murmured.

7/16/2012 #56
Thee Cult of Personality

Jess gave him a smile and put the letters in his usable hand."Um,letters for you.Just delievered.I thought that you may want to read them."

7/17/2012 #57
old inactive account

"Oh, okay. Help me sit up, please?" Clark asked, clutching the letters with his good hand.

7/17/2012 #58
Thee Cult of Personality

"Okay."Jess gave him a smile and helped him sit up.

7/17/2012 #59
old inactive account

Clark tried not to add any pressure on his injured arm, which throbbed just a bit. He spread at least ten envalopes over his lap, including a few post cards. He picked one up and smiled slightly. "Huh. My sister got married," he remarked.

7/17/2012 #60
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