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Ye-hesh! xD

7/16/2012 #31

{Jessamine Josephina}

{14 years old}



{Appearance - Jessie has short black hair that is often up in spikes or a pheux-hawk, with hints of electric blue and red highlights. Her eyes are soft silver, with a few darker and lighter swirls in the iris. She has tan, smooth skin and is pretty tall for her age.

{Personality - Jessie looks soft and sweet when you first meet her, but she's really quite the little devil. She is mischievous and loves to play pranks, and is very flirty. She often acts older than she really is.

{Other - she can only shift into things close to her usual body weight.

7/18/2012 #32
cupidgirl xx

Cool, I love flirty characters -they're the best XD

and the name!! reminds me so much of The Infernal Devices though :3

7/18/2012 #33

Oh yeah. That was the point XD

I love steampunk/old names like that. Jessamine is what I'm going to change my name to, when I'm older.

7/18/2012 #34
cupidgirl xx

Name: Holly Hawks (receptionist)

Age: 35

Gender: Female

Power: Connects with people through thoughts, its like a conversation

Personality: Cheerful, sometimes flirty, loving, kind, intelligent, friendly

Additional Notes: Mother of Kelly. In love with Weston (doesn't know whether he returns the feelings or if he's just flirting)

7/18/2012 . Edited 7/28/2012 #35
cupidgirl xx

Appearance: Black hair, blue eyes, average height and really slim

Also: She's a fairy :)

7/20/2012 #36
Artemis Faery

Name: Zathara Haddock

Age: 14

Gender: female

Appearance: long auburn hair, electric blue eyes, lots of freckles, she is very beautiful even though she doesn't realize it, and she has a small bulid.

Power: She can read thoughts and make people go mentally insane, one touch and you can die, when she controls people their eyes go white and they are at her mercy, she can turn into a dragon at will, she is also very agile and a very good archer.

Personality: she has a temper but she is witty and humorous a very fun person to be around.

Additional Notes: She is an orphen, she has no clue who her parents are, but her one goal in life is to find out who they are and why she is so different the everyone else.

7/22/2012 . Edited 7/23/2012 #37
cupidgirl xx

Very cool! XD Love the combination of auburn hair and electric blue eyes!

7/22/2012 #38

Haddock? That sounds familiar.

God I watch that movie too much.

7/22/2012 #39
Artemis Faery

I think i know what movie your watching... if it involves dragons and vikings then we are talking about the same movie, if not, sorry.

7/22/2012 #40

Lol. It involves a ginger headed journalist [not reporter] and his dog...

7/22/2012 #41
Artemis Faery

TinTin ;)

i have only seen it once, i was think How to Train Your Dragon, fav movie ever!

7/22/2012 #42

Lol. Favorite Spielberg movie ever, they managed to make him freakin'...Hot in a...Reporter way...

7/22/2012 #43
Artemis Faery

Name: Lee Dunavalle

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Appearance: very handome, has bright green eyes and sandy blonde hair that frames his face.

Power: He has Mirage power, he came make people think they are seeing something that isn't there

Personality: very kind and gentle,, he loves helping people, and he has a good sense of humor

Additional Notes: He was in the same orphenage as Zathara was for about 9 years until she did some bad stuff and got kicked out and they have seen each other a few time since, (Z as a crush on him... he may like her back as well) He has the same back stroy as Zathara, he has no memory on who his family is.

7/23/2012 . Edited 7/23/2012 #44
cupidgirl xx

I really love his power, he's cool :D

7/23/2012 #45

Name: Julianna Dupree

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: Julianna has always been a stunner (a slight compensation for her not so stunning attitude) She inherited her mother's features (much to her relief), her eyes being a stormy blue, wide and rimmed with thick dark lashes. Her features are soft and regal, though it is a huge contrast to her personality. Her hair as black as ebony, cascading down her back in soft waves, and her physique slender and lithe.

Power: Julianna is an elemental, meaning to say she has the capability to manipulate a certain element from the 4 (water, fire, earth and air), her's being water. She comes from a long line of very skilled elementals, her family being one of the few elite elemental families.

Personality: Julianna was never the nicest person. In fact, nice wasn't something that was ever even relatively used to describe Julianna Dupree. She's condescending and snide, often sarcastic and harsh. Though behind her thorny exterior is a vulnerable and scarred persona, neglected by her parents and pressured for perfection.

Additional Notes: Julianna, as said before, comes from a long line of elementals. Her family is particularly privileged, coming from old money. Living in the outskirts of France, Julianna never really got to interact with other people, her parents much preferring her to practice and learn her talents.

7/24/2012 . Edited 7/24/2012 #46
cupidgirl xx

She sounds really cool and interesting, you can join her whenever you like :) i suggest start at the mall, but you don't have to :)

7/24/2012 #47

Thankyou. :) I think I will.

7/24/2012 #48

Name: John

Age: 3 (chrono) 16 (bio)

Gender: Male

Appearance: N/A, though his face, when he's not concentrating, looks like this, minus the clasps and securing things.

Is always wearing what seems to be a watch, but is actually a rage hinder. It sends small electric shocks to let him know when he's losing control.

Power: John is a homunculus (Artificial human), created via magical means to be a perfect assassin. He can camouflage himself to blend in with almost any texture, and change his face to look like almost anyone he has seen before. He has enhanced reflexes, stamina, strength, and senses, able to see well into the ultraviolet and infrared range. HE can tell when someone untrained or practiced lies, and he is an extremely good fighter.

Personality: John is... strange. The magical means to create him left him unstable, though he is good... now. Homunculi in general don't have souls, but a fresh one was transplanted into him, letting him feel. He does have violent moods, often when someone hurts him, or just makes him really mad. He tries to suppress those urges to kill, and for the past three months has been successful. Occasionally has identity crises', since he still doesn't have his own soul, and the guilt from over three hundred murders.(And those were just the intended ones.)

Additional Notes: John was rescued from the Institution from the same people who started snowtop mountain school. He has been the only one not to acclimatize to the 'real' world, so is being sent to the mountain. Whose genius idea it was to send someone with the knowledge and skills to kill the entire place is anybody's guess.

7/24/2012 #49

Name: Allan McKendrick

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Appearance: Allan has a boyish face, with short brown hair and soft hazel eyes. He wears jeans and usually a t-shirt. He likes wearing his brown zip up jacket/sweater. He's a little taller than Fi, but not taller than James. He wears converse almost 24/7.

Power: Allan can speak to animals, summon force fields when needed, change how big he is, and can disguise himself as someone else, who is around the same age as him.

Personality: Allan is very shy. He hardly talks to anyone, when he does his voice is really quiet. He's a sweet boy, and tends to stutter around Fi. Once he warms up, he's probably the best friend you could ever have.

Additional notes: He has a bad crush on Fi. He's also in my story. xD

7/25/2012 . Edited 7/28/2012 #50
cupidgirl xx

Both good characters :P


Name: Darcie Reach

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: Fairly tall, red flowing hair down to her hips, slightly red-ish eyes (in a pretty way, not freaky).

Power: Can do anything with dreams. She can go into your dreams (whether she's awake or not) and 'play' how she wants, taking control from you, unless you push her out - though most don't realise it's actually her so they just go with it. She can also see people's dreams if she's nearby, and put pictures into minds when they're awake. Can hear thoughts, but only if the other person accepts it.

(Basically, pictures/images she doesn't need permission to see (but can be shut out), but proper thoughts she does.)

Personality: She's quite bossy, but not in a bad way (just when no-one's making decisions she'll step forward). She's confident and kind, and is considered smart.

7/27/2012 . Edited 7/27/2012 #51

-_- i see what you did there

7/27/2012 #52
cupidgirl xx

haha she's fun, you don't have to pick her - i'm gonna play her anyway

7/27/2012 #53
Artemis Faery

[Last one!]

Name: Pyro Siverson

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Appearance: He has short aburn hair and electric blue eyes, he is not bad looking.

Power: Same as Zathara's.

Personality: He is a nice boy, he is charming and good with girls, he is creative and smart, he is rather quiet most of the time, but has a great sense of humor.

Additional Notes: He is Z's twin brother, they were seperated at birth and the don't know they are siblings.

7/29/2012 #54
cupidgirl xx

ooh he's cool

7/29/2012 #55
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