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cupidgirl xx

Come here to chat about anything, including non-Roleplay stuff. You can advertise your stories here if you like, and also if you become part of the Roleplay- you may introduce yourself to other characters.

7/15/2012 . Edited 7/15/2012 #1
cupidgirl xx

If there's a name you'd like people to call you, say it here :D

I'm lily :D

7/15/2012 #2
I am gonna sound so nooby but how do you post in the topics? Just click reply on the last post? Idk xD And Im Kat btw :D
7/15/2012 #3
I am gonna sound so nooby but how do you post in the topics? Just click reply on the last post? Idk xD And Im Kat btw :D
7/15/2012 #4


I'm Jaz, but you can call me Blonde, Blondie, etc. I dun really care XD

Ah...I'm new to the site, especially the forums and stuff, so...not really sure what to do, but it seems like it'll be nice to RP for a while!

I RPed on a different site for about two years before I lost interest, so I came here to publish my original stories, and apparently I'm a pretty good writer, which came as a surprise to me XD

7/15/2012 #5
cupidgirl xx

Hey Kat!

Yeah you just click reply. You can click on any reply on anyone's post in the chosen topic, and it will always put your post as the recent one so you don't have to worry who you reply to!

Hey Jaz!

Yeah, I used to roleplay on fanfiction but felt that I was very limited with the characters and plot, so I turned to fictionpress. Hope you enjoy it!

7/15/2012 #6

Hello Kat! Hehe, I have a friend in school named Kat! Well her name is Katelyn but everyone calls her Kat. I'm rambling again darnit. XD

Hm, so, Can I just like post in one of the topics now...?

7/15/2012 #7

With Calypso, I mean. XD

7/15/2012 #8
cupidgirl xx

Yes, any one you'd like :D

7/15/2012 #9
Milde the tough Teddy

Hello everyone and nice to meet you! :)

People usually call me Milde so... Anyway was nice meeting you but I don't think I'll be on today since I have to go to sleep now. Stupid time-zones... :b

7/15/2012 . Edited 7/15/2012 #10
cupidgirl xx

Hey Milde, see you later!

7/15/2012 #11

I am Madeline. I am 12. I think I'm psychic, and am WAY too overconfident. I love this forum! And you reply really fast!

7/15/2012 #12
cupidgirl xx

Hey Madeline!!

I aim to please! XD glad you're enjoying yourself :D

7/15/2012 . Edited 7/15/2012 #13

I have a question...Can Calypso have an apartment? She's sixteen, but she doesn't have a guardian, since she's living on her own, but she doesn't go to school...So I don't think she could live in a dorm.

7/15/2012 #14
cupidgirl xx

Okay, but only if she lives with another friend. Otherwise she'd stay at the dorm until she was 18 (it's right near the training hall so the dorms could kinda count for that too)

7/15/2012 #15

Alright...I'll go post a friend in the hybrid creation thread 8D

I was gonna make the other charrie anyway, so yeah. XD Thanks!

7/15/2012 #16
cupidgirl xx

Oh, and go to The Office to sort out your apartment at some point. It's just that if all apartment stuff is handled there, we can keep track of things easier.

7/15/2012 #17

Will do!

7/15/2012 #18
cupidgirl xx

I know this is my forum and everything so I should probably know, but can you change topic titles? If yes, does anyone know how?

7/15/2012 #19
Milde the tough Teddy

Oh my, I have some cathing up to do... And yes I do realize that I haven't been gone for long but freakish nightmares are enough for me to get back on :)

I don't know if it's possible to change the names...sorry. D:

7/15/2012 #20

I don't know either, sorry. I do have a question, though. Which I feel stupid for asking but I feel like I should...Are homosexual relationships between characters allowed here?

7/15/2012 #21
cupidgirl xx

Yes, but I'd like to be alerted beforehand (with all relationships and big events). You don't have to ask for approval, just let me know who/what in case I lose track.

7/15/2012 #22
cupidgirl xx

Oh hello again :D

7/15/2012 #23


Yay! Calypso and Jazael are together, then. :)

7/15/2012 #24
cupidgirl xx

Aww, I love that coupling XD

7/15/2012 #25

Thanks! They've been together for a couple years in this RP, but I've used them in other RPs before. Calypso is one of my fav charries to use, she's also in Who'd Have Thought? as the assassin XD

I re-use my characters a lot XD

7/15/2012 #26
cupidgirl xx

Going to sleep, will be on again asap. Bye! :D

7/15/2012 #27
Are we allowed to create adult characters? For instance you created a teacher, are we allowed to do something similar as well, such as a doctor? 'Cause i was thinking about a Gym Leader (like pokemon) of sorts who offers advice and assistance at the training hall but thats also like your teacher so idk xD im rambling now oops sorry
7/15/2012 #28

I'm going to sleep too. Bye everybody!

Yours Truly,


Peace, Love, Smile

Dare 2B Different!

7/15/2012 #29
cupidgirl xx

Adults are fine, just not loads :D

7/15/2012 #30
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