SnowTop Mountain
A town made especially for Hybrids. Magical beings and humans also welcome!
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Total Light

(Hello? anyone here? you can jump in whenever... The more the merrier!)

7/19/2012 #151
cupidgirl xx


Emmery smiled. "Yeah, it's massive. Biggest place in this town! Let's go."

((Emmery to the Mall! :D))

7/19/2012 #152

[Pfft. I have no horses to hold. //shot]

"Alrighty!" Fi grabbed James' wrist, dragging him out of the training hall, following Emmery.

[James and Fi to Mall]

7/19/2012 #153

Nolan walked into the training area. It was nothing like what they had back at the capitol. Resting a hand on his ornate sword he gazed over at the weapons area. Maybe this would give him a chance to inspect this part of the towns culture- for fighting is a great way to learn things about a new place.

"Does anyone wish to friendly duel?" He let his voice carry around the area.

7/19/2012 #154

Ayume walked inside the Training Hall, just getting back from the dorms.

Her eyes caught the sight of a new male. "Hey there."

7/19/2012 #155

Turning he looked a the new arrival.

"Hello," heinclined his head politely "my name is Nolan Ericson,pleasure to make your acquaintance,"

7/19/2012 . Edited 7/19/2012 #156

Ayume looked at the male, she liked his politeness. She introduced herself, "I go by Ayume. Mix of Incubus and Succubus."

((Ayume to mall))

7/20/2012 . Edited 7/20/2012 #157
cupidgirl xx

((Heya guys :D))

7/20/2012 #158

((Wow, where's everyone? When I finally get here LOL))

Bradley walked into the training hall, with Rosemary right on his heels, her eyes wide as she took in the beautiful place.

"Wow, this is... wow! We'll be training here?" She asked, turning to Brad.

Brad gave her a pointed look. "No, you will be training here, with Uncle Wes. I work here."

((sorry, I kind of gave him a job before realising that I should go through you Lily. It's not an important job or anything though and it wouldn't really hinder anyone else's characters. Actually, they can use him pretty much XD))

"Really? What do you do?" Rosemary asked curiously.

Brad scratched the back of his neck, then sighed. He took her gently by the wrist and pulled her over to a rack of spears. "I clean up people's messes, putting my powers to good use, hence why I don't usually train. Watch."

With Rosemary's unwavering eyes on him, he raised his hand slowly, and swiped the air before the rack. The air tingled, and for a moment you could see the energy that shot out from his hand, then it was gone. The rack instantly grew smaller, so small that it could fit in the palm of one's hand.

"Woah!" Rosemary exclaimed in glee. "That's so cool!"

Brad couldn't help giving her a proud grin, before picking up the rack and moving it to the side of the wall, out of people's way. He placed it on the ground and waved at it again, returning it to its original size. "Since I can control inanimate objects, I can do the job of ten normal men when it comes to manual labour. Uncle Wes got me this job. I'm pretty much people's slave, but at least it has a decent pay."

Rosemary nodded, hanging onto his every word and soaking in the information. She didn't know that someone could have that kind of power. It was so useful, so helpful, and Rosemary had a sudden yearning for a power such as his.

"Now how about you run along and do something while I clean up here?"

Rosemary shook her head, suddenly very nervous. "I feel weird doing stuff by myself. All the other people look busy and I don't want to get in anyone's way. Will you train with me, or at least show me something that even I could do?"

Brad sighed. "How about I train with you tomorrow? Let me get cleaned up then we could head to the mall. For now just go people-watching or try a weapon out."

Rosemary nodded. "Okay!" She turned around and looked around the centre, then saw a wall lined with beautifully crafted swords. "Ooohhh," she breathed, getting drawn over there.

7/21/2012 #159

Brad finished putting weapons away and looked around the training hall, wiping his brow. He spotted Rosemary by the swords and headed over there. Sneaking up on her, he said loudly, "Those are some nice swords, but I doubt you could even pick one up."

Rosemary jumped and turned to glare at him, frowning. "Don't scare me like that!" she snapped before realising that she did. She blinked, surprised at her reaction.

Brad was surprised to. He cleared his throat, and scratched the back of his head. "Sorry," he muttered.

"It's okay," Rosemary said meekly, then she tried to explain herself. "It's just because... I don't like to be scared, that's all. And I can pick one of these things up!" She huffed and went for the biggest sword she saw, grabbing the hilt and pulling it off the wall.


Rosemary gave a squeal as it came crashing down on her, too heavy to be lifted. With surprising speed, Brad reached over and grabbed it, shrinking it in his hand instantly. "Don't do that!" He cried angrily. "You'll hurt herself!"

She blinked and then lowered her head shamefully. "Sorry," She whispered.

He returned the sword back to its place, regrowing it with a wave of his hand. Then he turned to Rosemary. "Let's go now, before you break something." He took her by the wrist and dragged her out.

7/21/2012 #160

[There's still nobody here ]

Brad entered the training hall and he found it surprising that it was empty. [or I think it's empty, I'm not sure] That said, there wasn't anything for him to really do. He supposed he could go looking for Rosemary, but then decided against it. Give her a couple of days of being on her own, and then she wouldn't rely on him as much anymore.

Instead, Brad entered the Simulation Room's control room and turned it on. He quickly got changed into a jumpsuit type of material that clung to his body but allowed for extra speed and agility. He entered the room, his eyes instantly glancing around to the scattered weapons on the floor and the 'enemies' (plush dolls dressed in black) that were everywhere; jumping off walls, running at him, coming down from the ceiling...

The floor started moving, in weird motions, and that was his cue to go. He picked a random enemy, then charged at him, all the while sticking his hand out and calling a spear to him. It flew with grace across the room right into Brad's hand, and with a quick swipe, he slashed the enemy to pieces. It burst into ashes.

The spear shrunk in his hand as he turned and aimed for another enemy who dodged then swung a sword at him. Brad's hand collided with the sword and it shrunk too. He threw the spear into the middle of the enemy's chest. This enemy disappeared too.

The floor lurched underneath him, and he stumbled. An enemy from the ceiling jumped onto him and they began to wrestle on the moving ground. His hand darted out and called forth any weapon, and a dagger flew into his hand. He brought it down on the enemy's head, and its ashes sprayed him in the face.

Brad did a few more technique tricks, and vanquished all the enemies. Sucking in deep breaths, he threw the weapons he had been using to one side, then left. He turned off the simulation and got changed.

As he left the training hall, he couldn't help but think that the simulation room would be more fun if he had a partner to do it with.

7/25/2012 #161
Calix walked into the training hall in hope of finding someone to practice with. With no luck, he grabbed a sword off the wall and started to practice his techniques; although it had been weeks since he practiced, his skills remained flawless
7/28/2012 #162
cupidgirl xx

Darcie walked into the training hall, feeling refreshed from riding Sunshine. She saw somebody already in there, and smiled. She went to the weapons rack to pick out a knife. She didn't have much skill with it, but she felt it best if she learnt how to use some type of weapon.

7/28/2012 #163
Calix saw the new girl clutching a knife. She was around his age. His focus was on the way she held the knife and it was clear to him that she did not have much experience with it
7/28/2012 #164
cupidgirl xx

Darcie tried to practice swiping with it, but she felt stupid. She walked over to a dummy, and threw the knife. It missed, clattering against the floor a few feet away. Darcie made a face.

7/28/2012 #165
From behind, he watched the girl swing the knife with difficulty. He walked back to the wall and grabbed a knife identical to the red haired girls'. He threw the knife from afar, sending it flying toward the dummy. It struck the dummy's head in a split second.
7/28/2012 #166
cupidgirl xx

Darcie gasped and spun round, seeing the guy that was training when she'd first walked in. She swallowed. "Um.. Hi," she spoke quietly.

7/28/2012 #167
"hello," he replied as he walked over to the dummy and ripped the knife out with no trouble.
7/28/2012 #168
cupidgirl xx

"You're good," she replied, more confidently. She walked over and picked up her knife. "Much better than me," Darcie laughed as she looked down at her hands, twirling the knife.

7/28/2012 #169
"you shouldn't do that." Calix said as he eyed the knife dangerously twirling in the girl's hands. "I have to be good." Calix added.
7/28/2012 #170
cupidgirl xx

"Why not?" She asked, in a challenging kind of way, whilst smiling. She ignored the second half of his sentence, hoping to go back to it later.

7/28/2012 #171

John opened the door for Holly as he entered the training center.

7/28/2012 #172
cupidgirl xx

Holly walked into the training centre, pausing by the door. "Outside or in?" She asked John.

7/28/2012 #173

"That would be your choice, though it's safer to fire off my gun inside. Les chance of getting in trouble." He smiled mischievously.

7/28/2012 #174
cupidgirl xx

"Outside, I like trouble." Holly replied, smiling just slightly.

7/28/2012 #175

"Well you wait here and prepare yourself, and I'll go get it ready," John said, kleeping his smile at playful levels. She is so going to owe me one for this charade. He got the gun, and plenty of ammo, and came outside after you post something and then he asks, "Ready?"

7/28/2012 #176
cupidgirl xx

((After i post something?))

7/28/2012 #177

Well you wait here and prepare yourself, and I'll go get it ready," John said, kleeping his smile at playful levels. She is so going to owe me one for this charade.

((there, reply to that if possible))

7/28/2012 #178
cupidgirl xx

Holly sighed, wondering when Weston was going to show up. She was beginning to rethink leaving him - she'd been so stupid.

7/28/2012 #179

John walked outof the center, gun slung over on his back, "So, how much are you wanting to piss off your boyfriend?"

7/28/2012 #180
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