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cupidgirl xx

You must go to the office to sort out an apartment. Do not claim them yourself.

These are the apartments that are around the town. Each apartment will have a number and letter, so make sure you write which apartment you are going into (either by name or number) before entering.

7/15/2012 . Edited 7/16/2012 #1

Calypso, with a death grip still on Jazael's hand, walked up to the door with the silver lettering: ' 11A' She took a deep breath, then looked at Jazael, giving her the silent 'go ahead'.

Jaz looked uncertainly at the door for a moment before pulling the key out of her pocket, then pushed it into the lock and turned. The door swung open, and they both stepped inside and gasped. It wasn't that the apartment was large, though it was a good size, it was just the breath they had both been holding.

They had stepped into the small living room, stocked with a plain gray love seat and a small desk. To their right was the kitchenette, which Jaz was super excited about, just because she'd have her own kitchen, her own place to cook. Calypso just smiled at her, then walked over to the short hallway that lead to two small bedrooms.

Jaz looked at Calyptos with wide eyes. "You said..." She started, but Calypso stopped her.

"We'll share." She said, smiling softly. "Now come on, I wanna check out the town!"

7/15/2012 #2

At apartment 7B, Sydney stirred the sugar in her tea, fighting back a yawn. How much longer was Zara going to take? She knew her friend worked late hours sometimes when Holly needed her help, but surely she wasn't going to stay at the Office until midnight?

Sydney could sense the thoughts of others flickering in her mind like numerous candles. She tried not to concentrate on them.

It was strange, having a guardian only two years older than she was. Since Sydney was only seventeen, she would have been placed in one of the school dorms; however, Zara was over eighteen and qualified to live in one of the apartments. Upon learning that underage magic users had to have a parent or guardian to live in an apartment, she immediately proclaimed herself Sydney's guardian.

You always were just that, Zara, Sydney thought. Just a little paperwork, and then it became official.

7/16/2012 #3
Milde the tough Teddy

'11B... 11B...' Seelia repeated in her head as she walked pass the other apartments, looking at each one of their number. 'Ah! Finally, here it is.' She smiled and walked to the door. She felt a strange sense of satisfaction as she turned the key in the lock and opened the door to her apartment. 'Welcome home, Seelia. Welcome home.' She smiled and took a step inside.

7/16/2012 #4

"Which room do you want, Frost?" there was a living room with a pullout bed, and two identical rooms, with a bed, desk, and dresser.

"I'll sleep on the couch. I go out sometimes at night to be outside and practice." Frost said.

"Frost, it stopped." I said wearily, still shielding my eyes from the afternoon sun coming through the windows. Her magic wasn't working anymore, and I felt it right away.

"It's okay, Frost. I've got this." and my sister laid me down on the couch, and put a healing charm on me.


"No problem. Get some sleep." I felt a blanket fall over me. "Frost, help me close the blinds." I then heard the blinds being closed, and it darkened. Finally able to get some sleep, I drifted off.

7/16/2012 #5

Jacob walked to the door marked 8C, and slid the key into the lock. Realizing it was already kinda late, he set up his computer, left his other bags next to the door, then the made bed, adding his feather pillow and sheets, throwing the given pair in the corner. Finally he put the anti-biotic salve on his arms, wrapped them up, and laid down, letting his mind slip into lala land.

7/16/2012 #6

Cal and Jaz had gone out to the town, but returned later. "Should we meet some of the neighbors?" Jazael asked as she fished the key out of her pocket.

"I'm tired, I'd rather just go take a nap." Cal answered, gently taking the key out from Jazael's other pocket, then sliding it into the lock and opening the door of apartment 11A.

Jazael blushed, but nodded. "Alright. I guess you could take a nap while I order some dinner -"

Cal shook her head, and Jaz stopped. "You have to come take a nap with me, silly. Otherwise I won't be able to sleep." Cal said, giving her wide puppy dog eyes. Jazael sighed, she couldn't say no to those gorgeous black eyes.

"Alright, fine." She said, and Cal happily took her hand and tugged her into the bedroom on the right, then released her to drop her bag on the floor. It had her clothes in it, and Jazael's. But there was only a pair of pajamas and a few t-shirts and jeans, so Cal knew they'd have to go shopping sometime soon. Cal took her time changing into a black tank top and short sleeping shorts, and as she was pulling the shorts on, she caught a glimpse of Jazael, who was hurridly pulling on black pajama pants with a cupcake pattern, with a blue t-shirt already on. Cal smiled, then walked over to the bed and sat down on the side, looking at Jazael.

Jazael, having now changed, sat down on the other side of the bed, looking at Cal for a moment before laying down, pulling the plain blue blanket up to her shoulders. Cal wasted no time joining her, pulling the blanket over her and pulling Jazael close so that they were lined up perfectly. She smiled at Jazael's blush and closed her eyes, falling asleep quickly.

7/16/2012 #7

Weston Hawkford entered apartment 16A, with his nephew Bradley and newly-acquired charge, Rosemary, following close at his heels. He stood just inside the door and discarded his shoes, an annoying habit that his mother had instilled in him since when he was a very young boy. Brad and Rosemary followed suit, taking their shoes off and leaving it by the door.

"Woah," Rosemary breathed, taking a step forward in just her bare feet, admiring the spacy and cozy looking apartment. To her left was a coat closet, and to her right was a doorway that lead to the quaint little kitchen, complete with the necessary equipment and breakfast table. Directly in front of them was a spacious living room that already had two couches surrounding a glass table in the centre. A TV stand was leaning against the wall, just ready to be used. Four doors, two on either side of the living, must lead to the bedrooms and a bathroom. "This is so amazing!"

"Bradley, go out to the car and bring all the groceries we just bought today inside. Rosemary, you can go and choose your room, first okay?" Weston said with a loving glance towards Rosemary.

She beamed and nodded, hurrying off to check out all the rooms.

Brad groaned. "That's not fair, Uncle Wes." But he turned and left the apartment anyway, heading for the car parked outside.

"Rosemary," Weston called out. He found her in the left corner room, standing at the window and looking out at the view.

She turned to face him, giving him a content smile. "Yes?"

He stood beside her and looked outside too. "What are you thinking?"

"I'm thinking about how I came to this wonderful place. And I'm thinking about how lucky I am, to have met you and Bradley at the time that I did. Thank you so much for doing all this for me. I don't know how I'll ever repay you." Rosemary's voice was quiet but her gratefulness was clear.

"Rosemary," Weston placed a comforting hand on her shoulder, "You don't need to repay me for anything at all. I already look at you as if you are my own daughter, even if I'm a bit too young to have a teenaged daughter." He laughed. "But metaphorically, you are like a daughter to me. So please, feel comfortable here. I'll help you to regain your memories and your powers, and maybe you can start a new life here."

"I'd like that, thank you," Rosemary murmured, smiling at him. A rush of warmth filled her, and she wondered if in her other life, the pre-snowtop mountain life, if she had had a father or father figure who cared for her like Weston did. It made her feel special to know that he was there for her.

"Hey, Rosemary, can I call you Rose, or Rosie? As beautiful a name as Rosemary is, it can be quite a mouthful," Weston laughed again.

"That's fine with me."

"And you can call me Wes, or Uncle Wes, or even Mr. Hotstuff, if you want," he joked.

Rosemary laughed and nodded. "Mr. Hotstuff it is!"

Suddenly the front door slammed and Brad's gruff voice shouted, "I'm back!"

Weston offered his hand to Rosemary, who gladly took it. "Come on." They walked out together and met Brad in the kitchen, who was completely surrounded by bags of groceries.

"Rosie, do you suppose you could cook something up for us? I'm famished. Brad and I should go back to my condo to grab some necessary stuff like bedsheets and clothes, and I still need to take you out shopping for clothes and ahem, girl stuff." Weston cleared his throat, looking embarassed for bringing it up.

Rosemary blushed too and busied herself by putting the groceries away in the refridgerator. "I'd love to, Uncle Wes, but um, I don't know how to cook. Or at least, I don't remember how to if I did know how to before, you know." She frowned. This was certainly getting confusing.

"Oh right, um..." Weston scratched the back of his neck, then he snapped his fingers and grinned. "How about you stay here with Bradley and you guys can make something together, while I go and get the stuff? Yeah, that's a great idea! You two should probably get to know each other anyway, since you'll be living together! I'll be back in a few hours, okay?" With that, Weston turned and left the apartment, leaving the two teenagers alone.

Rosemary turned to Bradley, biting her lip. "So..."

He sighed, rolling his eyes and pushing her gently to one side. "How about you stand there and when I need you I'll ask okay? Just don't get into my way."

"Oh... alright..." Rosemary stepped into the corner and folded her hands in front of her and waited patiently.

Brad looked at her and sighed again, shaking his head. How was he supposed to live with this girl? This was going to be so damn annoying.

But what had his uncle called her? Rosie?

As Brad grabbed the chicken from the fridge, he couldn't help but think, wow, a cute nickname for a cute girl. And then he caught himself, and shook his head again, ridding the thoughts. He wasn't interested in girls, and he wasn't interested in becoming friends with this girl, no matter how cute she was.

Although he really didn't want to make a whole meal on his own...

"Rosie, can you grab the potatoes from the fridge?"

"Yes sir!" she exclaimed, hurrying to do what he asked, her heart pounding excitedly in her chest.

He just called me Rosie.

7/16/2012 #8
Milde the tough Teddy

Seelia had quickly unpacked her bags too excited to even think reationally where she should put everything. She explored every room and to her delight found a tub in the bathroom. 'That will make everything a lot easier...' She tought happily and started filling it, being carefull not to get even a droplet of water on her skin.

After soaking in the tub - that was unfortunately too small for her tail - for at least an hour Seelia decided that she would need to find a lake, a river or even a small pond where she could play and practise. But she would need a map of this place, she didn't just want to wander around without no real direction. Curling her fingers slowly into a fist she heated and evaporated the water on her skin and tail, getting her legs back and stood up.

She looked at herself in the mirror and smirked. He hair was in wild curls after the bath and she was too tired to brush it. Grabbing her bag from the couch she headed out.

7/17/2012 #9

Calypso awoke some time later, but didn't dare move. She looked down to see Jazael laying down next to her. Cal's arms were wrapped around Jazael's slim form, And Jazael was sound asleep. Her breathing was slow and even, and her face had softened. Calypso loved the way Jazael looked when she slept. Her face was free of any worry, all the lines smoothed out and still. The dragon girl's eyes were closed, her tan lids shielding the copper orbs from Calypso, but she didn't want to wake her up just to look at her. So instead, she lay perfectly still next to her until she saw Jazael's eyelids flutter open.

"Are you going to just stare at me like that or are you going to get up?" Jazael asked sleepily.

7/17/2012 #10

"I think I'll stare for a bit longer." Calypso said with a smile. She unwrapped one arm from around her beloved and traced her finger down the side of Jazael's face. "You're just so fun to look at. You're so gorgeous."

Jazael blushed, just like Cal knew she would. "I'm hungry." Jazael said.

"You sure get right to the point, huh." Cal said dryly.

7/17/2012 #11

"Sarah?" I was still feeling crappy, but I was able to sit up, I tried to stand, but just fell on the couch again.

"Oh, Allie! You're awake!" My sister was at the kitchen table with Frost surrounded by boxes, eating breakfast.

"Why are you eating breakfast at night?" I ask, a blonde question with the most obvious answer ever.

"Oh, it's afternoon, and the first thing we found was cereal, so that's why we're eating that, and your headache was really bad so we closed the blinds." My sister said that like it was something I should know. "And I found your meds." And she tossed me a pill bottle. I had special meds made to help my Linking headaches by a medicine man in the Himalayas. They have magic infused in them with ultra-strong pain killers. It works great but it's a pain to swallow; it's about the size of a dime.

7/17/2012 #12

After downing the gigantic pill and some cereal, we went out to the gardens to meditate and practice water magic with Frost. My sister and I were still learning, but Frost was pretty much a master at small stuff, so she taught us.

7/17/2012 #13

Dom and Stephane slowly strolled up to their apartment 2B, with their luggage in tow and Stephane's boot steps echoing among the hall.

"I wonder who our neighbors are down here in the one bedrooms," Dom curiously mentioned, slightly glancing over at the doors that surrounded theirs.

While Stephane stuck the key in the door he mumbled, "Well we'll end up figuring it out one of these days. It's not like we're going to be living here for a couple of years or anything."

Dom shoved her cousin in the back playfully for is input of sarcasm and pushed past him through the now open door. "It's... quaint," she observed, matching the lack of enthusiasm she had when they were in the office.

"It's an apartment, not a penthouse," came yet another quip from her companion. This gained a smirk from her while she quickly bit off, "Thanks captain obvious. I wasn't aware that we weren't staying in a luxurious apartment."

The two shared a rare smile that they only reserved for themselves before walking into their bedroom and dropping off their bags on the appropriate sides of the bed. Deciding that they were too lazy to unpack their clothes at the moment, without a minute longer in their new home they took off towards the mall. The animals inside of them were calling out for one thing in particular, and that one thing was greasy food.

7/21/2012 . Edited 7/21/2012 #14

Weston, Bradley and Rosemary had an excellent dinner, and then Weston excused himself. "Well, kids, how about you guys go check out the training hall? Also, Brad, you have your job to get to. Right now I'm late for a date so I should get going!" He jumped out of his seat and brushed himself off then reached into his back pocket. "Oh, right, and Brad, could you please take Rosemary to the mall to get her some clothes and other necessities? Here's some money."

Brad took the money, scowling slightly. What was he, a slave? And anyway, why did Uncle Wes give him so much? Did girls really need that much money to buy clothes?

Rosemary blushed and quickly gathered up the dishes, putting them in the sink and reminding herself to wash them later. She had to repay them back somehow.

"Bye, kids!" Weston said, jogging out of the apartment.

Brad turned to Rosemary. "So, ready to go?"


7/21/2012 #15
cupidgirl xx

Holly was ready in a matter of minutes, and she quickly rejoined Weston. "Shall we go?" She asked sweetly, holding out her arm.

7/24/2012 #16

"Yes," Weston chuckled, feeling like the roles were reversed. Shouldn't he be holding out his arm to her? He took her arm as they left the apartment. He glanced to the door on their left, staring at the number 16A. "I can't believe this," he murmured, feeling amused.

7/24/2012 #17

Rosemary and Bradley had arrived at the apartments, and she skipped ahead happily, her shopping bags swinging from her arms. Then she pulled to an abrupt stop outside their apartment door, gaping at Weston.

"Uncle Wes," Brad exclaimed, stopping beside Rosemary, "What are you still doing here?"

"Oouuuu, do you live beside us, Holly?" Rosemary asked, her eyes lighting up, "Who else lives with you? Can we meet them too?"

Bradley rolled his eyes. He kind of missed the shy, quiet Rosemary who had been replaced by this chirpy, friendly girl all because of one shopping trip. What would happen when school actually starts and she would be making lots of friends?

7/24/2012 #18
cupidgirl xx

Holly blushed. "I'd forgotten that we'd be living next door," she laughed. "I have a daughter about your age, and we live with Emmery." She said to Rosemary.

7/24/2012 #19

"Do you think they'd want to be friends with me?" Rosemary asked hopefully. "I made two friends already so far, and I was just telling Brad that I wanted to meet our neighbours. I can't believe we'll be living next to each other!"

"Alright, Rosie, I think it's time we leave them alone now," Brad said, placing a firm hand on the teenage girl's shoulders. "I'm sure we'll meet Emmery and her daughter soon enough, okay?"

Rosemary pouted then nodded, resigned. "Have fun on your date," she said sweetly, as Brad opened their apartment door and stepped inside first.

7/24/2012 #20
cupidgirl xx

"Oh," Holly uttered, looking at Weston nervously. "Date.." she giggled, internally smacking herself for acting like a teenager. "So where's our date?" She straightened up.

7/24/2012 . Edited 7/24/2012 #21

Weston laughed, watching Rosemary enter the apartment before turning to Holly. "Wherever you want it to be. Do you have a particular restaurant that you favour?"

7/24/2012 #22
cupidgirl xx

"Oh right, you said dinner," Holly remembered. "Well," she sighed. "Anywhere? I don't favour any." Holly was slightly embarrassed to be giving him the i-don't-know-what-do-you-wanna-do classic line, but she really didn't go out much.

7/24/2012 #23

(( LOL um... I'm not exactly sure where to go either... because really the only places to eat are at the mall... wait...))

Weston scratched the back of his back and with an embarassed laugh he said, "Alright, let's hit my favourite place then. It's nothing fancy, just an asian all-you-can-eat restaurant at the mall, but it's hidden away so we won't be bothered. Do you like asian food?"

7/24/2012 #24


Kelly flipped through the pages of her magazine, bored. She had ignored her mom while she was getting ready for her date. She felt like her mom's business was not part of her wonderful, glamourous teenage life.

Feeling bored, Kelly threw the magazine on the couch in disgust. She stood up and went out the front door of the apartment, not planning on going anywhere in particular.

[...Good enough? I feel like I've butchered her, somehow...]

7/24/2012 #25
cupidgirl xx

((Hey, i made a leisure park, which has stuff like a cinema, bowling, swimming pool and stuff :P it has restaurants - just saying :D))

Holly looked at Weston thoughtfully, and she thought about just how much fun they might have. The breeze helped her think - her emotions were often affected by the weather.

"Yes Weston, I love Asian food." She smiled.

((No, she's good. And remember you can like change her and stuff, she doesn't have to stay exactly how i said :P))

7/24/2012 . Edited 7/24/2012 #26

[omg a leisure park that sounds so awesome XD Let's go there instead!]

"Oh, I heard there's this new asian place that just opened at the leisure park, would you like to go there instead?" Weston suggested, reaching down and intertwining his fingers with hers, their hands swinging slightly between them.

7/24/2012 #27
cupidgirl xx

"The leisure park? Oh that's sounds a wonderful idea!" Holly looked down at their hands, blushed and then grinned. This was exactly what she'd wanted, and it was going perfectly.

7/24/2012 #28

Rosemary had her ear pressed to their apartment door, her hands covering her mouth to keep her giggles from being heard. "Wait, Brad, I think they're leaving!" She exclaimed, turning to the other teenager in the room.

Brad was sprawled out on the sofa, his headphones over his ears as he fooled around with his phone. "Yeah, great, whatever."

Rosemary pouted and shook her head, opening the door slightly and peeking her head out. She shrieked in surprise when she saw another girl emerging from Holly's apartment.

7/24/2012 #29

Weston grinned. "Alright, we'll go there."

[off to the leisure park!]

7/24/2012 #30
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