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cupidgirl xx


1. No 'playing god'. This means you are not allowed to say what a character other than your own does unless it has previously been mentioned and you are responding. E.g. (Role-playing as Lola) Lola stared at Kate, surprised that she'd just jumped 10 feet into the air. This is acceptable.

2. No more than 3 characters, otherwise it just gets confusing (particularly for the people around you).

3. When talking, make sure you state clearly who you are role playing as in every post. Say who you are, your actions and thoughts (make it clear that thoughts are thoughts, not speech) and what your character says.

4. Don't have a post where it is just speech. Even if it is clear who is talking, it would be nice to have some description.

5. Be nice to each other. If you can't, then you won't be allowed to Roleplay on here anymore.

6. Don't make your characters too powerful. The majority of people will have powers and it's about exploring them, not overpowering everyone.

7. Write in third person at all times, except for the odd thought every now and again.

I know having rules is boring, but it helps keep the forum in check. Without the rules it would eventually end up chaotic.

7/15/2012 . Edited by ArtificiallyBlonde, 11/4/2012 #1

I like these rules! They're pretty much just the basics of a happy forum. Excellent, and thanks!

7/15/2012 #2

If we do get kicked out of the forum, please tell us what rules/s we broke. It's really frustrating for me if that happens and I don't know what I did. Thank you!

7/15/2012 #3
cupidgirl xx

Of course I'll say :D

7/15/2012 #4
Baby BlueJay

I definitely agree with these rules, so following them shouldn't be too hard. Thanks for having appropriate rules! :D

7/15/2012 #5

I am Breeze, and I approve these rules. //shot

7/16/2012 #6
cupidgirl xx

Breeze!! :D

7/16/2012 #7
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