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James smiled a bit. "Sounds fun."

"Jamie, Jamie, I found this sweet dress! I can't wait for you to see it!" Fi squealed excitedly.

7/24/2012 #571

"Fashion show?" Aira asked.

Aira thought about all the dresses, accessories, and shoes that she owned but never actually wore. Most were specially made while others still had the price tag. She thought of volunteering to morph a runway or to volunteer her large closet. But, it wasn't exactlyt her style to volunteer. If they asked, she would think about it.

7/24/2012 #572
Artemis Faery

"It took her about 40 years to get it on." Z said

7/24/2012 #573

Aira slightly laughed. It was true, it was kind of funny to hear Fi complaining how hard it was to change behind the changing room.

Calix walked to where the group was and was slightly surprised to see Aira not sitting down and staring at everyone. He saw a blonde male; figuring he was new, he introduced himself. "Hey there, I go by Calix."

7/24/2012 . Edited 7/24/2012 #574

"Hey, it's really hard to get on!" Fi protested, crossing her arms.

"Apparently, we'll be treated to a fashion show," James replied to Aira.

7/24/2012 #575
Artemis Faery

"You won't make me wear heels..." Z growled, Lee chucked at the thought of her in heels

"Ha, maybe if you wear heels you won't have to look up to me." Lee teased Z, she blushed and growled something that sounded like "Shut up."

7/24/2012 #576

Aira tried to hide her giggle. She never knew this was what most girls did.

"Fashion show?" Calix raised an eyebrow. "The girls are putting on a fashion show?" Calix thought about it and remembered something. "Maybe Aira can help out."

7/24/2012 #577
Artemis Faery

[Total Light, you still there? Btw can I just call you TL?]

7/24/2012 #578

((Anyone here?))

7/24/2012 #579
cupidgirl xx


7/24/2012 #580

[Yeah I'm here. Just...Yeah.]

7/24/2012 #581


7/24/2012 #582
Total Light

(hey! yeah sorry, I was visiting my friend who just had surgery.)

7/24/2012 #583
cupidgirl xx

((Aww you're so kind :D))

7/24/2012 #584
Total Light

(Yeah, I just wanted to make sure she was OK.)

Mel nodded. "Fi's dress looks great on her."

7/24/2012 #585

"So, Mel, did you get anything?" James asked.

[Heeeeeeeya. Sorry I'm on a Buscus raid...]

7/24/2012 #586
Total Light

"Oh, just a plain dress, nothing much." She shrugged

7/24/2012 #587

James nodded. "It must look...nice."

"Stop flirting, guys, let's get more stuff for the fashion show!" Fi insisted, causing James to glare at his sister.

7/24/2012 #588
Total Light

Mel's face brightened and she grabbed Fi's arm. "Come on!" and they took of running.

7/24/2012 #589
Artemis Faery

[Mida is back on!!!]

"Let's just get this over with..." Z groaned

7/24/2012 #590
Artemis Faery

[TL, How A doing?]

7/24/2012 #591
Total Light

(She's fine, you can call if you want. She'll probably be up for it, she's just bored I think :P)

"Oh come on Z, if you want to dress up like a biker, you can."

7/24/2012 #592

Fi smiled excitedly. It was the first fashion show she had ever done in, well, her life. She couldn't wait.

James blinked. He ran to catch up.

7/24/2012 #593
Artemis Faery

"Are you trying to make me wear tight clothes?" Z snapped at Mel

7/24/2012 #594
Total Light

"Or you could dress up like a gangster, with baggy shirts, and your pants to your knees if you prefer."

7/24/2012 #595
Artemis Faery

"Hey I mean I am not against the tight clothes!" Lee put in, Z just glared at him

7/24/2012 #596
Total Light

(I gotta go again guys, I'm sorry. I'll talk to you tomorrow though!)

7/24/2012 #597
Aira and Calix ran to catch up with everyone else.
7/24/2012 #598
Artemis Faery

Z sees the 2 hurridly approching figures, she waits for them. When they reach her she says to the

"So, do either of you have any experience with a bow?"

7/24/2012 #599
Aira immediately points at Calix. "uh... I do." Calix replied, confused. "why?"
7/24/2012 #600
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