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Rosemary saw a guy looking at her and she blushed. Her blush deepened as she realized it was James, the friend she made yesterday. She lifted her hand and waved shyly. Then the cashier girl came back along with another woman, who was middle-aged but still looked very beautiful. "Hi, I'm Manager Daniels. What do you need to see me about?"

The woman glanced to the door, and Rosemary looked too. She gasped slightly, surprised that Josh was there. But he wasn't looking at her; he was looking at the girls that James were with. [I'm assuming Josh is looking at Fi and Z and Mel right?]

7/25/2012 #661

(((Uhh nope, four NPCs, all female. Josh has problems talking to women his own age, and he's on the verge of running screaming because of all of them around him.))((You know the walkways that wrap around the inside of malls on the upper floors? Yeah, there are some cute girls blocking the way, and he panicked.))

7/25/2012 #662

:3 i am so mean to my people

7/25/2012 #663


James waved when Rosemary did. He was very tempted to grab his book. It wouldn't do much. Besides, he didn't have anything else to do...

7/25/2012 #664

[LOL OHH! I see xD]

Rosemary turned back to the manager and tried to give her her brightest smile. "Hi, my name's Rosemary. I was wondering if you were currently hiring?"

The woman looked Rosemary over and finally said, "Do you have a resume?"

"A... resume?" Rosemary asked, confused.

The woman nodded. "If you don't, bring one back and then we can talk."

Rosemary nodded and smiled again. "Alright. Thank you so much for your time." She turned away, and made a mental note to ask Brad what a 'resume' was. She wondered if any other stores would ask for the same thing.

7/25/2012 #665

Bored, James took the book out from the air. He opened it to the current story he was on, reading quietly.

Fi gasped when she found a nice looking purple dress with white trimmings. "Oh my gosh, look! It's...Amazing!"

7/25/2012 #666

Josh cursed internally as the gaggle stopped to look at some dresses, (the tune gets less coherent, more and more sour notes are appearing, and the music itself stops and starts randomly). There were no atheists in foxholes, and that was metaphorically were he was. He was up the river with no paddles, etc...

Though his body seemed normal, his eyes darted around, looking for some way out, praying to any deity that was listening to please not let him have a full blown episode here, with all the people he might hurt.

7/25/2012 #667

Rosemary stood there and contemplated going over to James or to Josh. Josh looked nervous, but James looked bored. Finally she decided on Josh, because yesterday she had already bothered James as he was reading and she got a feeling that he didn't like that much.

She approached Josh from behind and tapped him on the shoulder. "Hello."

7/25/2012 #668

Jumping slightly, Josh looked up -to her chin- and nodded, "H-h-h-hello," He said back. Seeing this as a way to focus, he continued the conversation further, adding in the rather lacking comment of, "Wondeful w-w-w-weather w-w-we're having, isn't i-i-i-, isn't it?"

7/25/2012 #669

[Idk where to put Allan. xD]

Fi frowned when she heard the music go wonky. And here she was, enjoying the soft tunes.

7/25/2012 #670

Rosemary instantly smiled and nodded. But she noticed that he still looked nervous. "I love this kind of weather, but it'd be nicer to be able to enjoy it with someone else." She frowned slightly. "Brad ditched me this morning to go to work, so now I'm looking for a job too. Do you know of anywhere that needs employees?"

[Just throw him in anywhere. Actually, have him run into the store looking for them and crash right into Fi. that would be funny]

7/25/2012 . Edited 7/25/2012 #671

Josh started to shake his head, but then he remembered the band thing. (the music starts getting back to the orchestra sound).

"I'm t-t-t-trying to start a b-b-band. Do y-y-y-you sing?" He asked, able to force his eyes to her nose. So close to eye contact, come on, you can do it josh. "O-o-or drum..."

7/25/2012 #672

Rosemary thought about this. She didn't know or rather, couldn't remember, if she could sing or play drums.

"I'm not sure," she answered sheepishly, but then she brightened. "But I'd love to try! Is there a music store here where we can borrow some drums?"

7/25/2012 #673


Fi perked up when she heard "b-b-band."

She poked her head into their conversation. "Excuse me, did you say band?"


Allan entered the mall. He was slightly surprised at how big it was; he wasn't expecting the size. It was...well, giant.

Curiously, he went in search of something to do.

7/25/2012 #674

Josh nodded, "We c-c-can rent soms-s-s-s, we can rent some drums, I have somsome spare cash," Josh said, and nearly jumped when Fi talked, as he had been focusing on talking and not going bat crap crazy. The music sounded a off tune twang in the same moment he jumped. "Y-y-yes I d-d-did." He said, looking down at his feet.

7/25/2012 #675

Rosemary turned to Fi and grinned. "Hi there. I'm Rosemary." She stuck out her hand. "Do you sing or play the drums?" Turning to Josh she added, "I just want to um, well, see if I know how... We could go up to the music store and see...?"

7/25/2012 #676

Fi smiled. "Awesome! I have a friend whose voice is amazing. Maybe he'd be interested!" She shook Rosemary's hand. "I'm Fi. I don't actually play any instrument."


Allan went to the second floor. There were clothes stores all around. He put his hands in his pockets casually and started to walk around, wondering vaguely where Fi might be.

7/25/2012 . Edited 7/25/2012 #677
"Oh... that's okay, I'm not sure if I do either," Rosemary giggled. "Who's this friend of yours?"
7/25/2012 #678

Josh nodded, eager to get out of the dress store, "S-s-sure, you can talk to leonards for the s-s-s-specifics," He said, and told Rosemary, "I-I-I-I don't knwo where the the the, where the store is..."

7/25/2012 #679

[Magically added a music store upstairs xD I'll clear it with Lily later]

"Upstairs," Rosemary replied. "At least, I think so. Who's Leonards?"

7/25/2012 #680

Allan caught sight of a dress store. No, she couldn't be in there...Could she? He didn't know. She might've changed from the last time he saw her. Oh well, might as well check.

He wandered into the store, glancing at the dresses.


"Oh, his name is -" Fi began, but was interrupted when someone crashed into her. She squeaked, falling over. Her eyes widened when she saw who it was.


7/25/2012 #681

"Mr L-l-l-leonards is a... a tutor," Josh said, half-truthing.

7/25/2012 #682

Rosemary gaped at the newcomer, then she exclaimed, "Are you two okay?" She reached down, offering a hand to Fi.

7/25/2012 #683

Fi nodded, taking Rosemary's hand. "Uh huh."

"...Fi, what are you doing in a dress shop?" Allan asked, getting up.

"Preparing for a fashion show," Fi replied. "Oh! And I think you might be getting into a band!" She beamed.


7/25/2012 #684

Rosemary offered her hand to Allan. "Hi there. I'm Rosemary, and this is Josh." She pointed to him. "We were just talking about Josh's band and Fi mentioned that you could sing very well. And you're in a fashion show?" she asked, almost jealously. She wanted to be a part of a fashion show too!

7/25/2012 #685

Fi giggled. "Yeah."

"...Oh." Allan's cheeks reddened a little. Fi talked about him? "Well, I guess I'll be h-happy to join, then..."

7/25/2012 #686

"That's great! We were just about to go upstairs to find the music store and see if I can play drums or not," Rosemary said, grinning. "Would you like to come with us?" She peeked at Josh for confirmation.

7/25/2012 #687

His head screamed no, but he nodded his head. Spend time around people, don't go crazy. I can tell it's going to be a wonderful freakin time here. Oh yeah, don't hurt anyone, that's important too.

Josh would follow Rosemary to the store, since he didn't know where it was.

7/25/2012 #688

"I'd be happy to come," Allan replied, not knowing what else to say in front of Fi.

Fi smiled and hugged Allan. "I'll see you later, Allan!"

"Uh, y-yeah." Allan's cheeks deepened considerably in color.

7/25/2012 #689
Artemis Faery

[Holy crud people!!! I check my email and there is 33 new posts]

"This dress is uncomfortable." Z grumbled her cheeks were red from all the attention, especially from Lee, she saw two new guys come in th store. I am not in the mood. She thought to herself

7/25/2012 #690
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