SnowTop Mountain
A town made especially for Hybrids. Magical beings and humans also welcome!
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cupidgirl xx

Here, there is a set of flowery gardens surrounding a circular lake. There are stone paths connecting each of the gardens, with many benches dotted around for comfort. On one side of the water, there is a sandy area where you can relax (and sunbathe when it's hot!). This sandy half of the lake is particularly useful for training with powers (and water skills -for normal humans).

The Gardens themselves are nearly always quiet, except when rare celebrations are held there. They are a good place to go to relax when you need to 'get away' from everything.

7/17/2012 . Edited 7/17/2012 #1

"Come on! Hurry up, Callie!" Jazael shouted as she sprinted down the path towards the lake.

"I'm coming, I'm coming." Cal said, rolling her eyes. She was glad Jazael was so excited about something, but it was tiring her out.

"Oh my gosh, it looks so pretty! Let's go for a swim, Callie. Please?" Jazael asked, standing on the sand at the water's edge.

"Did you bring a swimsuit?"

"Um, no."

Cal looked at her with one raised brow, and Jazael shrugged and slipped her blue Converse sneakers off. She wasted no time in stepping into the water and quickly wading in up to her thighs.

"You're insane, Jaz." Cal said, but pulled her Converse off and followed her girlfriend into the clear water.

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cupidgirl xx

Emmery walked out and into the gardens, admiring the beautiful view. He never said these things out loud, but inside his head, he was quite sensitive and soft.

7/17/2012 #3
Baby BlueJay

Dani went to a vacant area of the gardens that was still near the lake with verdure around. She sighed in contentment and sat on the ground with her legs crossed in a yoga pose. She was silent and just listened the sound of nature around. Birds chirped in trees and the wind whirled around her comfortingly. It was perfect. She'd have to come here often.

7/17/2012 #4
cupidgirl xx

Emmery looked around and saw that a girl had sat on the ground in one of the gardens. He couldn't see her properly, as she was quite a distance away, but it looked a lot like his friend.

His legs carried him over towards her, but as he got nearer he could see the reddish brown streaks in her hair. Not his friend, who only had black hair. He wanted to talk to this girl, to ask her what her name was, but she looked so relaxed -even from behind, so he didn't disturb her. Instead, he sat on the nearest bench and waited.

7/17/2012 #5

There was a high-pitched scream from the lake as Jazael felt something brush against her leg. She jumped into Calypso's arms, splashing her as she did so.

Calypso raised an eyebrow, holding Jazael bridle-style. "You alright?" Cal asked.

"S-something touched my leg!" Jazael squeaked out. Cal rolled her eyes.

"It was probably a fish." Cal reassured her.

7/17/2012 #6

While walking into the garden, we found Dani meditating, Emmery watching not wanting to interrupt (Mind Reading makes things a lot easier.), and Cal holding Jaz in the pond. We walked along one of the paths until we couldn't hear anybody, and climbed a tree. Yes, a tree. (You'll find out why.) We then each found a comfortable branch and began to regulate our breathing. We soon found the water rushing through the leaves, branches, and trunk of the tree, and slowly felt ourselves drawing the water out. Soon, we had a bubble formed around the three of us, made of water. We opened our eyes, and Frost gave us a nod of acheivment before we moved on to the next step. We formed a circle with our hands, and started doing motions to manipulate the water into different shapes. we had been practicing The Cloud, which turns it into vapor, and forms a cloud out of the water you are using. Sometimes, if the cloud is heavy enough, you can actually make a little rain cloud. But every time, either me or my sister falter, and the cloud turns back to water and goes back in the trees. As we moved our hands towards the center of the circle, the water started to vaporize, and turn into a cloud. This is when one of us would falter, and it would go back. But after a couple of seconds, all the water turned to gas, and we had a cloud! As we brought our hands back down the water turned to liquid, and went back in the tree, and Frost started to grin.

"Sarah, we did it." I said to my sister, my jaw dropped, still staring at the spot where the cloud was, "We did it!"

"Finally!" my sister yelled back at me.

"Good job, you guys. Now let's go to the pond to practice defensive magic."

"Sounds good."

"I'm game." and we followed Frost to the pond for more practice.

"Hi Cal and Jaz! We got The Cloud move completed! Finally!" I yelled at the two in the pond, "Do you mind if we borrow the pond for Water Magic practice?"

7/17/2012 #7

Ayume walked into the garden and sat by the pond despite it being crowded. She loved peace and quiet, nature as well.

7/17/2012 #8

Sydney, her arms weighed down by the shopping she had just done, wondered if she should join the small gathering by the pond. Could she perhaps introduce herself to some of them? It would be a good start to fitting in.

7/18/2012 #9

Cal smiled at the others and nodded, carrying Jazael out of the pond.

"I can walk, you know." Jazael pointed out.

Calypso ignored her and walked over to a bench near the pond, setting Jazael down. "Stay put." calypso ordered, then went back to the shore to get their sneakers.

7/18/2012 #10
When Cal and Jaz were out of the water, frost lead us to the center of the pond and made a Water Floor, where water is solidified to where you can stand on it. As we stepped up and took our positions, we all nodded to each other when we were ready. I threw a Whip at Sarah, who was creating a Fountain to throw at Frost. I hit her right when it hit Frost. "How about we do some Entertaiment? There are a lot of people here, anyway." I suggested, not wanting to fight after just having the worst headache of my life. "Okay." And we simultaneously did the motions to do a more entertaining move than fighting move, Show.
7/18/2012 #11

(Water Floor sounds like plain ice XD)

Calypso got their sneakers and brought them over, shivering as a breeze went through the garden. Goosebumps appeared on her arms and legs. Obviously her short denim shorts weren't going to be enough to keep her warm.

Jazael frowned, not wanting Cal to be cold. She stood up slowly, and two large, bronze wings sprouted from her shoulder blades. She had holes in her sweater, so that the wings didn't get trapped beneath the fabric. She stretched her wings for a moment, the scales catching the sunlight, and motioned for Calypso to come closer.

Cal took a few steps closer to Jazael, smiling when two shimmering, bronze wings wrapped around them both, shielding them from both wind and sun. Calypso smiled into the darkness, and head Jazael snicker.

"What's so funny?" Cal asked.

"Nothing, nothing." Jazael said quickly, wrapping her arms around Calypso. She pulled her close, and Cal smiled at her sudden boldness.

"I'm not cold anymore." Cal said.

"Neither am I. But I like keeping you here."

"So now you're holding me captive?"

"Maybe I am."

7/18/2012 #12

(It solidifies the ice without freezing it.)

As the water went up in the air, I let go and Sarah and Frost supported the water while I used Light Magic to create colors for the water to refract. I first used red, then blue, and then green to create a spiral of three colors. Fire, Ice, and Life. As the water formed into a ball, our hands shot up, and the water made a fireworks effect, and the water burst into different places, and when the water started to go everywhere, I used Spotlight to illuminate the water, and Sky to make an illusion of nighttime. When all the effects were put into place, it really did look like fireworks. As the water started to fall, we brought it back to a ball, and I changed the colors to magenta, orange, and purple, and did a different fireworks effect. After a couple more times, we let to water go back in the pond, and walked back to the shore.

"That was awesome!" I yelled. I hugged my sis and Frost, and we fell onto the ground that surrounded the pond and practiced on our own, making shapes and practicing motions.

7/18/2012 #13
Milde the tough Teddy

After asking a couple of people for directions Seelia finally found the lake. She sighed, delighted that it wasn't that far away from her apartment. She walked along the path and came to the sandy shore, her happiness slowly but surely fading at the amount of people at the beach. She couldn't go swimming now... Sighing she sat on the sand looking at the water. She would have to wait till night before she could have some fun, she mused.

7/18/2012 #14

After about an hour of practicing, we went back to the Training Hall for physical training. When we were done with that, we went back to the apartment to make lunch, and get a blanket to have a picnic at the garden. Making a sandwich for everybody, and bringing food stuff for everybody else in the garden, we headed back and set it up. After finishing the meal, we started to get everything else set up for other people to get sandwiches and drinks.

7/18/2012 #15

'Emmery, do you want a sandwich?' I Linked with him and asked, 'We also have some drinks and chips.'

7/18/2012 #16

"I'm getting hot." Cal complained, and it wasn't exactly a lie. It was quite warm in their little 'shell'.

"You were already hot." Jazael said with a smirk.

"You know what I mean."

"I'm afraid I don't. Elaborate."

"Jazael, please let me out. People might be getting suspicious."

"Fine." Jazael unwrapped her wings, and they soon had disappeared. Cal smiled at her, blinking in the sudden light.

"You're crazy." Cal said, sticking her tongue out at Jazael.

"You rubbed off on me."

7/18/2012 #17

"Hey! Cal! Jaz! Want something to eat?" I yelled at them when they were out of there shell and Jaz put her wings away. "We've got sandwiches, chips, and drinks. What do you want?"

7/18/2012 #18

"Uh..." Cal looked to Jazael, who just shrugged. "Sure!"

Calypso took Jazael's hand in her own and walked over to them.

"May I have a sandwich?" Jazael asked politely, while Calypso smiled and asked, "What kind of drinks do you have?"

7/18/2012 #19

"Sure, we've got everything. Look in the cooler. I can also Summon it if it's not there. Jaz, what do you want on your sandwich?"

7/18/2012 #20

Calypso opened the cooler and dug around inside until she pulled out a Coke cola. she smiled, triumphant, and sat down in the grass cross-legged.

Jazael blinked, thinking. "Peanut butter and jelly." She said, having decided.

((No muse sorry for lame posts :P ))

7/18/2012 #21

"Seelia, do you want something to eat?" my sister asked when she noticed her.

7/18/2012 #22

(It's okay. My muse will run away sometimes and I have to go chasing after it. And usually I have to bring it back forcibly.)

"Okay." and Frost handed her a PB&J. "Do you want something else?"

7/18/2012 #23

(( XD ))

Jazael gently took the sandwich and took a slow bite. She shook her head, not wanting to answer out loud with food in her mouth.

"She's never had a PB&J before, so she might be in a sandwich high." Calypso explained, smirking as she opened the can and took a few sips from it.

7/18/2012 #24

"Really?" I asked with something along the lines of astonishment lining my voice. "Not to be rude, but that's unheard of." I opened a Mt. Dew with PK and chugged it in one go, and then I downed another one.

(I'm on a Dew addiction right now. I would put Coke but I just had five cans of the Dew.)

7/18/2012 #25

(( lmao. I'm addicted to coffee. On my fourth cup in about an hour. XD))

"I lived in the mountains." Jazael said in between bites. "We only ate stuff like steak and mutton. Strictly carnivorous."

"I've been slowly introducing her to different foods." Calypso said, smiling. "She's been really good about trying everything, and loves pretty much everything."

"Except mushrooms." Jazael said, sticking her tongue out. "They taste nasty."

7/18/2012 #26


"Oh... sorry. My sister and I have been kind of improvising for the past few months. While we were hiding, we would Summon, but we can get about a meal a day from that method, so hunted and gathered most of the time." after my mini speech I downed ANOTHER Dew.

"I found them hunting during the winter in the forest. They looked tired and hungry, so I took them in for a while." Frost added in, eating ice from the cooler.

7/18/2012 #27

"No need to be sorry." Jazael said, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand now that she had finished the sandwich.

Calypso held out the coke, and Jazael took it and drank a few gulps of it before handing it back.

"Cool," Calypso said, setting the can on the ground next to her. "I'm a warlock, in case anyone was wondering. My back story's kinda lame...I was born in New York City and found Jazael while I was travelling."

7/18/2012 #28

"I don't think it's boring. I think behind every person, no matter how normal, has an amazing story in their heart. And even though yours didn't have an exemplary beginning, it has an amazing chapter being written right now."

7/18/2012 #29

"Hi," Sydney said shyly. "Is it OK if I join you?"

7/18/2012 #30
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