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cupidgirl xx

This is where you can let other people know of the stories you have written and which ones you would like to be reviewed (hence the name). Here is where you can also let people know that you have reviewed/looked at their stories, so others can do the same.


Person 1: I would like both of my stories ("Story" and "Story") reviewed, can someone please review them?

Person 2: I just reviewed them! Can someone please review "Story"?

Person 3: Reviewed all three!


--Try not to go too far away from the actual topic of asking for/telling you've given reviews etc, as there is already a chat topic! Thanks :D--

[Idea by ArtificiallyBlonde]

7/17/2012 . Edited 7/25/2012 #1


Can someone please review 'The show goes on'? Thank you!

7/17/2012 #2

Will do!

Can someone please review "Hell's Moon"?

Oh yeah. SECOND!

7/17/2012 #3
cupidgirl xx

I reviewed The Show Goes on :D

7/17/2012 #4

I'm reading Hell's Moon. :)

Thanks Lily! :D

7/17/2012 #5
cupidgirl xx

S'ok :D can you please review 'Untouched'?

7/17/2012 #6

Okie dokie! I'm on it :D

7/17/2012 #7
cupidgirl xx

I reviewed Hell's Moon :D

7/17/2012 #8

I reviewed Untouched. Anyone wanna review Once In a Blue Moon, even though I'll probably never finish it? XDD

7/17/2012 #9
cupidgirl xx

I will :D loved your comment on chapter two by the way XD -- 'YOU GO GIRL, GO BRAG TO THE WORD ABOUT YOUR HOT GUY'

7/17/2012 #10

Well that's what I'd do if I had a hottie who wasn't related to me living in my house XD

7/17/2012 #11
cupidgirl xx

haha IKR XD

reviewed Once In A Blue Moon :D

7/17/2012 . Edited 7/17/2012 #12

Yaay thank you! :D

7/17/2012 #13

I have eight poems here and a story, the story is called Her Powers, and the poem names are, Can I?, Feel, Love, Mistakes, Somebody, The Torture, What was it again?, What's Happening?, and Where Are You?.

I also have a FanFiction under the same pen name, I have two stories for Soul Eater, one called Love, In More Ways Than One, and the other is called Promises. I would really like it if somebody reviewed the first mentioned because that has only one review and Promises has 4.

7/17/2012 #14

I'll read and review the soul eater one :)

7/17/2012 #15

Thanks so much! I haven't been able to type them lately since I packed them. I moved. I just found them today.

7/17/2012 #16

Reviewed the first chapter :)

7/17/2012 #17


If it's OK, please could someone take a look at my story 'Dragonpeople of Khairis' and let me know what you think? I'd particularly appreciate feedback on characterization. Thank you!

7/18/2012 #18
Total Light

Hey guys,

Ya'll know me as Melodyesi from RP

But I would love it if you guys would R&R my stories, as of the time I'm writing this, I have: 3 poems, one song, and one major story.

You don't have to read every single story, just read whatever perks your interest.


7/20/2012 #19

Hey guys! I'm in the process of writing a long story called An Anecdote of My Life as a Male Rock Star and would love it if you guys checked it out and left a review! I'll go through all of these works listed here and leave you one in return!

7/20/2012 #20
cupidgirl xx
I'm doing my best to look at everyones, I'm quite busy right now though :) I will try later :D
7/21/2012 #21

Mmkay, gonna go review Hell's Moon. While I do that, may I say that I have uploaded the very first Siblings of the Century chapter. Yes, if you were wondering, that is where Fi and James come from. I decided to stop pushing it back and typed it up and uploaded it for all you people!

So, with that said, I ask you to read and review. Thank you. *Bows*

7/22/2012 #22

-Reading Siblings of the Century-

7/23/2012 #23
cupidgirl xx

Oh i forgot to say, i read it and reviewed :D

7/23/2012 #24
Solomon Sia

I'm returning all reviews for "The Baby Necromancer"and "The Armageddon Scrolls", two part series. Please send me a PM if you want your stories/poems reviewed, I'd be happy to oblige!

7/23/2012 #25
Artemis Faery

Could someone read and review my story Wanted, For Just About Everything? That would be amazing! :)

7/26/2012 #26
cupidgirl xx

Could people please review the story Volturi Pet on fanfiction

It's one I beta'd for, even if you don't like twilight, it's only a short chapter and i'd really appreciate it!!

7/26/2012 #27

Okie, I'll check it out. Why not? xD

7/26/2012 #28
cupidgirl xx

Ur Breezey, you have two DF fics, want me to review both if i can?

7/26/2012 #29

If you want. One is just a couple of one-shots. xD

7/26/2012 #30
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