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Reviewed. xD

7/26/2012 #31
cupidgirl xx

Reviewed your story :D

7/26/2012 #32
Artemis Faery

Chapter 2 is up!

7/27/2012 #33

Reviewed. :D

7/28/2012 #34
Total Light

Okay so some of you have been reading Belligerent, and thank you sooo much for that! I've been working really hard! :)

I've got the 4th chapter up, so please R&R that, and if you really like it make sure you F&F!


7/30/2012 #35
Artemis Faery

The third chapter is up! Reveiws make my day :)

7/30/2012 #36

Reviewed :D

If anyone's wondering, I haven't been updating because I've decided to update in giant blocks, where I update everything. And I mean everything. So, bear with me. Lol

7/30/2012 . Edited 7/30/2012 #37
Artemis Faery

Hey I uploaded a new story, I wrote it as a Christmas present to my parents when I was 12. I was not happy with Wanted, for just about everything so I deleted it. It was the worst work I have ever written. So please reveiw my new story!! :) I have higher hopes for this story.

8/1/2012 #38

Okie dokie! I'll get to reading it. It might take a while, so just stay with me. xD

8/1/2012 #39

Anyone here?

8/1/2012 #40

Mhmm. I'm typing up ET [Emerald Turtle], the first chapter. Whassup?

8/1/2012 #41

Hi. ._. I dunno

8/1/2012 #42

Lol. You wanna work on the next chapter of Hell's Moon?

8/1/2012 #43
Meh. Hiatus on that atm because I'm lazy. :P
8/1/2012 #44

Lol. Okay xD

8/1/2012 #45
I finished a oneshot, bu I still have to edit it
8/1/2012 #46

Sounds good. I'm working on writing chapter 3 of Fi and James. :3

I loive making Baxter look like an idiot. //shot

8/1/2012 #47

Okay! After a while, most everything is updated! Please read and review. :3

8/3/2012 #48
Artemis Faery

Hey so I messed up the chapters in my new book Befriend the Dagon and Try Not to Die, so I re-named it to In the Shadow of a Dragon. Please review and follow it! :)

8/4/2012 #49

Nice! I'll see what I can review. Well I've already done it, so...

Anyway! In other news; I have a couple new stories. If you will, would you mind reviewing them? One's about SnowTop [I decided it was hard to resist xD] and the other's a bit of a Giant story [eh heh]. So if you wouldn't mind, R&R?

8/4/2012 #50

Hi!!! I just uploaded a new story called "A Flower to You"! Would it bother anyone to take the time a read and review? Thanks!

8/5/2012 #51
Total Light

I read it! and reviewed!

New story! (Woot Woot!)

I'll put up one of my best chapters if I can just get 2 more reviews! (And F&F if you want as well XD)

Here's the link!

9/5/2012 . Edited 9/6/2012 #52

Haha, I will definitely read it when I have time! :D

Anyways, I posted a new story! So, if you have time, please R&R 3

9/15/2012 #53
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