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cupidgirl xx

The leisure park is a series of buildings clustered together. It includes a cinema, bowling alley, swimming pool, a theatre, numerous restaurants and shops, and a large play area (indoor and out) where kids can be dropped off (not that there are any very young children/babies- but still).

7/24/2012 . Edited 7/24/2012 #1

Weston and Holly arrived at the leisure park, and for a moment he had to stop and take it in. It had been a very long time since he'd been back here, surprisingly. He made a small mental note to bring Rosemary here, he knew she would love it.

He turned to Holly and smiled. "You ready?"

[Damn, I have to go, I'll be back later tonight, but I'm not sure when... see you!]

7/24/2012 #2
cupidgirl xx

When Holly and Weston arrived at the leisure park, Holly's mouth gaped open in surprise. She'd lived in SnowTop for years, but she'd never once visited any of the teenage hangouts. She couldn't understand why, it looked like a lot of fun.

She nodded at Weston's question. "Lead the way," she whispered, wanting him to take charge.

((Okay byee!! Hurry back :P))

7/24/2012 #3

[Damn I should've been back earlier but I ended up going swimming. Sorry! I wonder if you're there...]

Weston grinned at Holly's awe, knowing that feeling well. His hand tightened around hers, and he decided then and there that they were going to pretend that they were teenagers that night. He spotted the asian restaurant that was newly opened and still had its "Grand Opening" sign outside the door and began leading them there. The store's lights shone brightly, and soft, asian music floated out to greet the outside world.

They walked in and an asian waitress met them at the door, a warm smile on her face. "Table for two, somewhere... secluded," Weston said with a sly grin.

The waitress began walking away, towards a back corner by the windows that overlooked the restaurant's rose garden, and sat them at a table. There were few people sitting in that area, so Weston instantly relaxed. They could converse and laugh without having to worry about anyone else.

"I'll be back shortly to get your drink order," the waitress said politely, turning and walking away once more.

Weston pulled the chair out for Holly. "After you."

7/24/2012 #4
cupidgirl xx

((That's okay))

Holly giggled at Weston's used of the word 'secluded'. She gladly sat in the chair he'd pulled out for her, saying a thankyou, then she took a look around the rest of the place. It was pretty romantic. She also noticed how little people were near them, and she blushed at the thought of being alone with Weston.

"So... Come here often?" She grinned at him.

7/25/2012 #5
[Hi! Goodmorning :)] Weston sat down opposite of Holly, and placed his elbows on the table and his chin on his folded hands. "Actually the restaurant's newly opened, so this is my first time coming here. I hope the food is delicious, because if it wasn't I'd be very embarassed for bringing you to a sucky restaurant."
7/25/2012 #6
cupidgirl xx

((Hey :D))

Holly laughed; she didn't think Weston realised she'd used a pick-up line.

"Sucky?" She echoed, "that's an interesting word." She grinned. "What are you going to order?"

7/25/2012 #7

Weston paused for a moment. "Oh, I suppose it is weird. My nephew Bradley used to say it all the time, and I guess I picked it up from him." He picked up his menu and quickly skimmed it before saying, "I think I might order something vietnamese. Have you ever tried pho?"

7/25/2012 #8
cupidgirl xx

Holly thought for a moment. "Um.. no. I haven't. And it's not weird, I like it."

7/25/2012 #9
[Have you actually ever tried pho?] Weston smiled, looking at the menu more closely. "It's very good; it's probably my favourite vietnamese dish out there. It's noodles in this yummy beef broth, and you can decide the sort of things you want in it, for instance, strips of beef, fish balls or beef balls, chicken, or all of them together. Would you like to try it, or would you rather eat something else? 'Cause they have sushi here too, and some other kinds of dishes from Japan, Korea, and China. We could also have dim sum, if you want to." [can you tell I eat a lot of asian food? xD]
7/25/2012 #10
cupidgirl xx

((So sorry, if you look at the random talk topic you'll know why i'm late replying XD))

Holly felt just a little overwhelmed. "Um... whatever you suggest." Then she smiled over at Weston, "Why are we somewhere... secluded..?"

((It's just a little bit obvious XD and no i don't even know what pho is!! *smacks head and feels so dumb*))

7/25/2012 #11

"We are somewhere secluded because I am a very private person and I'd rather not have a bunch of teenagers walk in on us," he chuckled then called the waitress and ordered two bowls of deluxe pho. "Unless you'd like Kelly, Emmery, Rosie and Brad and all their friends to come and join us...?"

[I just realized that all the 'kids' names end in the 'ee' sound O.o]

7/25/2012 #12
cupidgirl xx

((haha whoops XD))

"Okay, so maybe you're right. But Kelly would never come here, and Emmery tends not to go out with friends much. So mine are fine." Holly grinned, it sounded to her like they were married and comparing their children.

7/25/2012 #13

Weston laughed, and thought about his own two 'kids'. "Brad and Emmery would get along, my nephew doesn't seem to go out much either. But Rosemary..." He shook his head. "Rosemary is the curious type and I'm sure if one of the four has to walk in here, it'd be her. And as much as I adore the girl, I'd rather not spend my time entertaining her."

7/25/2012 #14
cupidgirl xx

"So entertain me," Holly said in her flirty voice, giving a sultry look.

7/25/2012 #15

"That's what I plan to do," he replied easily, just as the waitress appeared with their food. "Thank you," he said to her as she put the bowls in front of them and then left. "So, Holly, tell me about yourself. All I know is that you work at the office and you have a teenaged daughter named Kelly."

7/25/2012 #16
cupidgirl xx

"What do you want to know?" Holly replied, nervously. What were people supposed to say in answer to that question?

7/25/2012 #17

"Anything. I think I'll find everything about you interesting," Weston said with a warm smile. "But... tell me something about yourself that no one else knows, not even Kelly."

He used his chopsticks expertly to pick up the noodles and put it into his mouth. Mhmmm, it was so good. I just found my new favourite pho restaurant.

7/25/2012 #18
cupidgirl xx

"Alright then. It might take a while." Holly began to eat her food, and was surprised to find that she really enjoyed it. "Weston this is too hard! Does anyone actually have a secret that nobody else knows?"

7/25/2012 #19

Weston winked at her and said mysteriously, "I know I do. And I'm sure you do too."

[You'd be surprised at how many people get stumped by that question when I ask them... and for those who do answer, I regret asking. Every. Single. Time. XD)

7/25/2012 #20
cupidgirl xx


"Okay," Holly replied with confidence. "But you're not gonna like it."

7/25/2012 #21

Weston's grin widened. "We'll decide that after I hear it."

7/25/2012 #22
cupidgirl xx

"You first," Holly teased. She leant forward to grab her drink, and made sure to touch her fingers to Weston's lightly.

7/25/2012 #23

Weston frowned then shrugged. "Alriiight then." Then he took a deep breath.

[And now, to leave you in a cliffie, I must go XD LOL sorry! I'll be back later maybe to reveal his big secret to you :P]

7/25/2012 #24
cupidgirl xx

((B***h XD))

Holly swallowed some water, getting ready to react to Weston's secret.

7/25/2012 #25

[Hi, I'm back. sorry for being gone so long. My sister and her friend have this workout plan thingy that unfortunately involves me too Weston has so many secrets... which one should he tell?]

Weston thought about it for a moment, then took another deep breath. He had many secrets, but this one... this one not only involved him, but many others. "This secret... you can't let Bradley know, okay? It's very important that he never finds out."

7/26/2012 #26
cupidgirl xx

((I don't know any of them so i dunno XD S'ok for being long, i was asleep for most of it))

"I wouldn't tell anyone anything you told me Weston," Holly smiled kindly and leant over to hold his hand, stopping herself at the last second.

7/26/2012 #27

Weston saw her movement, and he took her hand, playing with her fingers. [Idk if Holly would find this weird, but I do it all the time XD wait...but I'm weird...okay, watever lol]

It helped to distract him from the memories that surfaced, memories that he'd suppressed purposefully because of all the mind-readers in SnowTop.

"When... Brad was very little, I met him once. Just once. His father is my little brother, younger than me by two years. When I was sixteen, I ran away from home and came here, first to study and then to work here. I had a falling out with my parents; they weren't happy that I... had been born with a strange power. To them, it wasn't useful, being able to read other people's strengths and weaknesses and see their magical abilities. They didn't know I could shapeshift, I didn't even know until I came here. I was a useless son, and they never let me forget it, so I left.

"I kept tabs on Mikey though; he was only fourteen, just starting high school. He needed his big brother, but I couldn't be there for him. And anyway, he had his girlfriend, Ivonne, who later became his wife. They were good together, and they were happy. He didn't need me as much. And I watched them grow up, and they got married when they were eighteen, and had Brad. I snuck into the hospital one night, and the nurse let me hold him. It was the only time I was actually close to him, but it was enough to last the next seven years before I would meet him again. Of course, I didn't know Brad would only be seven when he was forced to lose his parents."

Weston released Holly's hand just as his own clenched into fists. Anger flowed through him and he had to tell himself to calm for a moment.

7/26/2012 #28
cupidgirl xx

Holly enjoyed his playful moves, and closed her eyes in relaxation.

After hearing his words, she asked in disbelief, "You knew he'd lose them?"

7/26/2012 #29

"No," Weston sighed angrily, "But I should've! I was watching them, making sure they were safe, and then I found out people were hunting them down, trying to find them. I watched them move away, and I kept an even closer eye on them. I watched them interact with the people who would eventually kill them for weeks and I didn't know. And I couldn't stop it. I was too late to stop it."

He put his head in his hands, wondering why he was reliving this, why he was telling Holly, when he didn't even really know her. "Brad was only seven, and he thinks his parents died in a house fire. I let him think that, I even encouraged it. I don't want him to ever find out that his parents were murdered."

7/26/2012 #30
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