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[gotta go, be back in maybe 3 hrs XD]

7/26/2012 #31
cupidgirl xx

"Weston, I think you should tell him the truth. Kelly doesn't know anything real about her father, and I wish I'd have told her straight away. But I didn't."

Holly avoided his eyes, and looked as if she was hiding something.

7/26/2012 #32

"Is that going to be your secret to tell? And not yet, I figured I'd tell him when he turns eighteen and then he can decide if he wants to go after his parents' murderers or not." Weston sighed, but nodded. He knew he couldn't force Brad to do anything, and so he would allow it to be his decision and he would support whatever choice his nephew made. "Anyway, what's this about Kelly's father?" He smiled encouragingly.

7/26/2012 #33
cupidgirl xx

Holly tried to hide, then stopped herself. She looked straight into Weston's eyes.

"The reason I've never told Kelly about her father is because... and well, this is my secret.." She took a deep breath. "Weston, you're her father."

((Maybe he could react a bit badly and run out? XD))

7/26/2012 #34


Weston froze. "No," he breathed, "No, there's no way. Impossible." And before he knew it, he was up and out of his seat, taking a wad of cash and pressing it into the waitress' hand before rushing out the door.

A daughter... he had a daughter? It was impossible! He was a player but he was always safe. But even as Weston denied it with all his mind, his heart argued against it, throwing flashes of memories he didn't know he had at him, and urging him to realize why he had always subconsciously avoided Holly.

Dammit! Weston stopped for breath, and looked around to where he was. He needed to get home, now.

7/26/2012 #35
cupidgirl xx

((I just HAD to XD))

Holly was shocked at Weston's reaction. She knew he wouldn't be completely sane about it, but he was gone so fast. She jumped up and ran out he door after him, and when she caught up she was nearly out of breath.

"Weston! Where are you going?"

7/26/2012 #36

There was a reason he didn't commit! There was a reason why he only dated for fun! He wanted something with Holly, he really did, but this was... insane!

"Don't follow me!" Weston snapped, then felt a rush of guilt. "I just... need time." He was about to leave, then turned around again, staring at her with a deep hurt on his face. "Why didn't you ever tell me? Why did you decide to tell me now? She's what, sixteen? Seventeen? Goddammit, Holly, you had so much time to tell me and you never did!"

[omg this is awesome xD]

7/26/2012 #37
cupidgirl xx

"And you've had so much time to tell Brad! His parents are dead, Weston. Kelly is still here, you see her all the time!! Don't complain to me, when yours is so much worse." Holly yelled back at him.


7/26/2012 #38

"That's different," Weston snarled, his hands clenching into fists. "I'm trying to protect him, I'm trying to keep him from a life of misery and revenge! But Kelly... you kept Kelly from her father. You kept my daughter from me. It's not the same." He shook his head, then turned and ran back to the apartments, leaving Holly behind.

[mwahaha must go now! LOL I'll be back in 2 hours or so! ttyl :) ]

7/26/2012 #39
cupidgirl xx

((I'll reply when you're back!!))

7/26/2012 #40

Weston approached Olive Gardens, pulling open the door and holding it for Holly. He grinned at her. "After you."


"And what don't you see the good in?" Rosemary asked, looking up at the restaurant before them and admiring how pretty it looked.

7/31/2012 . Edited 7/31/2012 #41
cupidgirl xx

((Maybe Brad could talk to Kelly? XD))

Holly gave Weston a bright smile, thankful that he was finally happy. "Thank you Weston. And thank you for taking us out as well."


"It's not something I can just name out loud," Emmery laughed. "But if I had to pick something that is almost impossible for me to see the good in, I'd say me."

7/31/2012 #42

Kelly walked into Olive Garden. She liked itialian food, it was delicious. There were so many pastas to choose from, she chose a different meal every time she went to Olive Garden.

7/31/2012 #43

"It's my pleasure," Weston replied, holding the door open for Kelly too. She didn't look happy, and he was sad that it was his fault.


Brad's jaw clenched as he saw the unhappiness in his uncle's eyes. He knew his uncle so well, and this thing with Kelly was seriously stressing him out. Maybe if Brad spoke to Kelly... He sped up, falling into step beside her. "Hi." Hmm, trying to sound as cheerful as Rosemary was as hard as it looked.


Rosemary gaped at Emmery, her jaw dropped. "You're kidding me! You're a great guy, I bet there's plenty of things that are good about you."

7/31/2012 #44

Kelly glanced at Brad. She suppressed a sigh and looked back in front of her. "Hey." She honestly didn't want to talk to anyone.

7/31/2012 #45

"So this thing... it must be weird for you," Brad muttered, rubbing the back of his neck. "It's definitely weird for me."

7/31/2012 #46
cupidgirl xx

"So Weston," Holly began. "What made you change your mind? About all this." Holly gestured around her, to the group.


"Like what?" Emmery asked curiously.

7/31/2012 #47

"And how is it weird for you?" Kelly asked, somewhat impatiently.

7/31/2012 #48

[Weston has no answer, because he always wanted to do this but Holly was the one who said they weren't anything. So he should be asking her that xD]

Brad shrugged. "Did you ever think about what this makes us?"


Rosemary fumbled for the right words. "Well, um..." She really didn't know him well enough to say anything. With a miserable sigh, she murmured, "I don't know you well enough... but," she smiled softly, "I like the way that you're always so playful and chill. And you're funny. You make people happy. Aren't those all good things?"

7/31/2012 #49
cupidgirl xx

((So make him ask her that? XD))

Emmery shook his head slightly. "No." He paused. "Wanna sit with me?" He asked, more cheerful than before.

7/31/2012 #50

"...No," Kelly answered truthfully. "I haven't."

7/31/2012 #51

Rosemary nodded. "Yeah, and you know what? To me, those are good things. And I'll help you so that one day you could see that too." She slipped into a chair and motioned to the one beside her.


Weston quirked an eyebrow at Holly, pulling out her chair for her at the six-people table. "Remember, you're the one who said we weren't anything, not even a family. I've always wanted this, even if I don't always say so." He chuckled.


"It makes us cousins," Brad said, sitting down opposite Holly so that Kelly was left to the seat in front of Uncle Wes.

7/31/2012 . Edited 7/31/2012 #52

Oh, great. More relatives.

"Oh," was all Kelly said. She sat in her seat, not knowing what else to say without sounding rude.

Well, you've already made yourself sound rude. Not much else you can say.

7/31/2012 #53
cupidgirl xx

Emmery sat down in the chair next to Rosemary, "You're going to help me? What makes you think we'll see each other after today?"


"That's because you freaked out." Holly replied. "And I'm sorry. I really am... Are you happy?"

7/31/2012 #54
Rosemary blinked, and she stated simply, "We're neighbours. And you live with the people who are related to the people I live with..." she frowned then giggled. "Sorry that was confusing." --- "Yeah, I'm sorry for freaking out. And happy? I suppose so. I'm sitting with a beautiful woman and all our... kids," Weston chuckled again. --- Brad leaned in, so that only Kelly could hear him. "I know you're not happy about this but you know you could at least pretend. For your mom's sake. Why don't you give Uncle Wes a chance? He might surprise you."
7/31/2012 #55
A waitress came by and asked. "Can I get your drink orders please?"
7/31/2012 #56
cupidgirl xx

Holly looked up. "Can I have some water please?"

Emmery grinned. "If only I could make my own drink - you'd be surprised at what I can do," he whispered to Rosemary. "Hey, can I have some custard please? As my drink." He asked the waitress.

7/31/2012 #57
[sorry on my phone] Rosemary giggled. "An iced tea please." To Emmery, "You could show me one day." --- Weston and Brad both ordered cokes. --- The waitress wrote the orders down, then looked at Kelly. "And you, Miss?" [custard as a drink??]
7/31/2012 #58
cupidgirl xx

((This is what Emmery does. XD))

"Ugh," Emmery screwed up his face, "anything with 'tea' in the name can't taste good. And I suppose I could show you..." He smiled. "Might scare you off a little though," he laughed.

7/31/2012 #59

"Just water," Kelly replied to the waitress. She had ignored Brad's comment.

7/31/2012 #60
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