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cupidgirl xx

The farm sort of doubles as a zoo, you can go and look at all the animals and feed them. The stables are next to the farm, and there are a good amount of horses to be ridden/bought and cared for. Near the stables is a training field, with stunts for the horses and a long track if you wish to have them run.

Races aren't a set thing, but you can have one if you want (just organise it with your competition) - they'll be held on a separate track that is used for training.

Colour -- Horse Name -- Owner Name

White -- Angel -- Aira

Chestnut -- Atticus -- Calix

7/26/2012 . Edited 7/27/2012 #1

Calix walked into the stable and observed each horse. He was familiar with horses due to his past. The horses were healthy and energetic, however, they were no match for war horses that he trained and breeded on his free time. Still, he was happy to be around them. He figured it would be nice to buy one for himself and maybe one for Aira.

He examined all the horses and found one perfect for him. It was a regular horse: chestnut colored coat with a black mane and tail. He could tell that it was fast and strong and immediatly decided he would buy it. As he walked to the stable owner, he saw a pure white horse. It was beautiful and graceful, perfect for Aira he thought.

"I would like to buy the white horse in stable 7 and the chestnut colored one in stable 15 please." He told the owner.

7/26/2012 #2
cupidgirl xx

(Want me to play the owner?)

7/26/2012 #3

((Sure (: ))

7/26/2012 . Edited 7/26/2012 #4
cupidgirl xx

"Sure. Would you like to name them, or keep their original names?" The owner asked, going over to each stable and collecting both horses.

7/26/2012 #5

"What are their original names?" Calix asked.

7/26/2012 #6
cupidgirl xx

((Er.. XD))

"Chester and Angel."

7/26/2012 #7

Calix thought about the names, "I'll rename mine... Atticus." He told the owner. "I'll keep Angel's name for now." He said.

7/26/2012 #8
cupidgirl xx

"Alright, here you go." ((i don't know a reasonable price for a horse so just pretend they've paid and stuff. oh and i'll name the horses Atticus and Angel, but tell me whenever you wanna change it))

7/26/2012 #9

((Haha, same. o.o Thanks!))

7/26/2012 #10
cupidgirl xx

((Ride them horses XD))

7/26/2012 #11
Artemis Faery

[Can the stable get some goats?]

7/27/2012 #12
cupidgirl xx

((Well the farm has goats.))

Darcie walked into the stables and looked around. There were so many beautiful horses here. And they were all different. Brown, black, honey, white, golden... Amazing. She walked up to the owner and said, "I'd like to buy your youngest ride-able horse please."

The man showed her a golden beauty called Sunshine, and Darcie bought it straight away. "Thank you."

She took the horse to the track and mounted. Then she set off, already capable of how to ride her new animal friend.

7/28/2012 . Edited 7/28/2012 #13

Calix walked into stable 7 to feed Angel. He grabbed a bundle of hay and placed it in her stable along with some water. "I'll bring Aira to see you soon." He whispered as he brushed her mane and walked out. He went to Atticus's stable next to feed him as well. Grabbing hay and water nearby, he placed them near his horse and started to brush his mane. Calix waited for Atticus to finish before grabbing a saddle.

7/29/2012 #14

"It looks like you can only buy horses here," Dom mumbled as she observed their surroundings. The farm had a lot of animals, but only ones that you could take care of and not own personally. "Maybe you can see about working at this farm instead?" she suggested, loving herself secretly for the brilliant idea.

8/11/2012 #15
Baby BlueJay

Ray barely heard her as he was visibly distracted by all the animals. He almost looked like a kid who had visited an aquarium and pressed their faces to the glass to see the swimming sea creatures, only he was turning around and around, barely able to contain himself as he looked back and forth at chickens, goats, cows, and horses trying to take in as much as he could.

It had been ages since he last visited a farm, and only now was he able to face being near one since they brought up painful memories of his past. He knew the reason was because Dom was with him.

Finally his brain had registered what she'd said and he tried to mask his emotions once more, yet there was still an excited twinkle in his eyes.

"I want to work here." Then he thought for a moment and added, "And I want a horse."

8/11/2012 #16

Dom tried her hardest to keep the chuckle building up within her body contained, but the childish expression on Ray's face was simply too much.

"Alright then," she musically giggled. "Horses first!"

She pulled him towards the stables at the edge of the farm, her eyes continuously scanning the area around them at the same time. It was obvious the animals knew that there was a predator around, for their muscles visibly flexed themselves as a sign of stress while they grazed. You're right to be scared of me. I can take you all down in one swipe, she thought as they approached the stables.

"I'm not sure if going in there with you is the smartest idea, so I'll stand out here while you choose a horse," Dom offered, standing off to the side of the entrance.

8/11/2012 #17
Baby BlueJay

He had started to walk in but paused when he saw she wasn't coming along.

"You sure? I wouldn't want to just leave you out here alone..." he trailed off with a frown, his chivalry surfacing.

8/11/2012 #18

Dom was hesitant to stick to her plan. She would love to go with Ray and see his facial expression when he found the perfect horse for him, but then again, predators and prey never got along, and she knew that as soon as she walked through those stable doors a special experience for Ray would turn into chaos.

"I'm sure," she sighed as she did her best to give him a small reassuring smile. It ended up looking like a grimace, but she hoped he got the message. "Horses and I don't really get along..."

8/11/2012 #19
Baby BlueJay

He studied her until he reluctantly nodded, the frown never leaving his face. She would tell him when she felt like it, he concluded.

"Okay. I'll just be a minute," he sighed and went inside the stables.

He looked around at all of the horses varying in size and color. His eyes rested on a majestic white stallion with a silver-colored mane and tail. It was tall and powerfully built with muscular flanks and a strong neck. It seemed well-cared for and groomed.

It raised its head in greeting and swished its tail. As if in a trance, Ray walked over and reached his hand out to it. The horse sniffed it, its whiskers tickling his hand and sending joyful shivers up his spine.

"Hey there, fella," he spoke softly and proceeded to rub his muzzle gently, actually showing tenderness that practically no one had ever seen from him. "How's it goin'?"

(Lily, if you're supposed to play the stable owner, feel free to jump in at any time. :))

8/11/2012 . Edited 8/11/2012 #20

Dom had leaned up upon the stable doors with her arms firmly crossed over her chest while she waited patiently for Ray to find his horse. Her eyes were heavily lidded, and it took everything she could to sustain a boredom-induced yawn.

I'm sure it would be nice to have a friendly little pet if you're a human, she began to ponder, her eyes scanning over the large farm with fenced off animals. She was sure that there were a few stray creatures here and there, but thanks to their senses and the predator lurking inside of her, those strays made it a point to stay clear away from her. But, of course, all animals for me are just items on the food chain that I reign over.

Curious as to what was occurring inside, she slowly poked her head into the entrance and saw that Ray had found quite a strong and beautiful looking horse. Its color reminded Dom of Ray's snow white hair, which caused a small smile to appear on her full lips. It's the perfect match! she inwardly sang, giving the two beings one more look over before returning to her stance outside of the stable. It was better if she stayed out here to avoid ruining the special moment, and she was perfectly fine with that.

With a small sigh, she stood straight and headed towards a close fenced off area, growing tired of the same scenery from the stable entrance. She could feel the goats' discomfort as she approached their stall, and when she had finally reached the edge that was bordered off by a fence they had all relocated to the opposite side from her.

"Oh c'mon," she mumbled under her breath. "I'm not going to bite... at least, not today..."

(You should probably PM her)

8/12/2012 . Edited 8/12/2012 #21
Baby BlueJay
("At least, not today..." Way to make me lol. XD And good idea. I'll do that.)
8/12/2012 #22
Baby BlueJay
(Hey, kai: since Lily may not be back for a while, do you want to go ahead and play the owner? :))
8/13/2012 #23

(Alright! Lemme put on my cowboy boots!)

"That's a nice steed ya found thur," stated Bob, co-owner of the stables. He was dressed as a stereotypical farmer with ratty overalls worn over a sweat soaked flannel, and scuffed leather cowboy boots hidden under jean fabric. A pristine cream cowboy hat was held in his hand, which left his gray speckled crop cut uncovered.

"Are ya lookin' to buy 'im offa us?"

8/14/2012 . Edited 8/14/2012 #24
Baby BlueJay
Ray turned to face the man and nodded with the same jubilant twinkle in his eyes. "How much?"
8/14/2012 #25

"Well usually they run 'fer about twenty five hundred, but I'm willin' to sell this one 'fer two thousand," he bargained as he gave the horse a good look over.

8/14/2012 #26
Baby BlueJay
Ray sighed. In his day, you could get candy for a penny and see a movie for around five cents. This would have to do though. For his mission he had been given a wide budget, especially since he'd had to get used to the times. Recently Ray got used to this thing that was like an endless amount of money in miniature documents; a "checkbook." "Please tell me you take checks," he asked with a slight pleading tone.
8/14/2012 #27

"Ya still use checks?" the farmer scoffed, his chapped lips turning downwards and his bushy eyebrows furrowing in confusion. "I guess I'll take it. Money is money. Although, ya better get with the times and get urself a credit card."

8/14/2012 #28
Baby BlueJay
He frowned. If he'd had a dime for everytime he heard that... "Yes, sir," Ray mumbled his reply as he pulled a pen out of his pocket. He proceeded to fill out the check, tear it out of the binding, and hand it to the man. "Thank you for him. Does he have an original name?"
8/14/2012 #29

The farmer grasped the check and pocketed it in the blink of an eye, and then went on to think of an answer for the new owner. "Well, we dun really have a name fer it. We just call it 'the white horse' er 'white horse' when we talk to it," he informed. "Yur the one that should be givin' it a name though."

8/14/2012 #30
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