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cupidgirl xx

There are many rides in the carnival such as Bumper Cars & Bumper Boats, Carousel, Enterprise, Pirate Ship, Ferris Wheel, Maze, Funhouse, Teacups, Helter Skelter, House of Mirrors, Motion Simulator, Observation Tower, Top Spin, Twist, Waltzer, Giant Slide, Wipeout. There are various food and drink stalls around (including Candyfloss and Popcorn), as well as a Fortune Teller tent and a Circus tent. Also, there are some win-a-prize stalls such as; Hook-a-duck, Hoopla, Coconut Shy and Darts.

(All rides I have seen/been on. Please do not create your own rides. If you would like a new one - PM me, ask here or ask on Random Talk.)

7/26/2012 . Edited 7/27/2012 #1
Milde the tough Teddy

"Wow..." Seelia was grinning, her smile streching as wide as possible. Her head was spinning from side to side as she tried to see all the rides, games and food stalls. She felt like a child again, wanting to try everything the place had to offer.

"Seeing anything you like?" She turned to her companion, her joy eveident on her face.

8/18/2012 #2

Stephane shrugged as he continued to scan the area, interested in all of the new smells that entered his nose. It was a good thing that he had cash on him because from what he could sense in Seelia's direction, she was going to want to do a lot more than just eat.

He gave off a long sigh before his eyes caught onto a booth in the distance that was giving him a wonderful smell. "I think there are turkey legs over there," he mumbled as he started to slowly move towards the booth in a daze, but with a hand on Seelia's back to guide her in the correct direction.

8/18/2012 #3
Milde the tough Teddy

Seelia glanced at him from the corner of her eye but let him lead her to the food stall. He had pretty kneen sense of smell, she mused but she wasn't that surprised, this place was full of special people after all.

She watched curiously as they passed other booths, rides and students. The place was huge comparied to the one she had visited when she was a child. Everything seemed to be... "Bigger and better..." She voiced her thoughs with a small grin. Yep, the day was going to be fun.

8/19/2012 #4

Jazael's eyes were wide as she stared at the contraption. "What...what is that?" She asked, fear creeping into her voice.

Cal turned to her girlfriend, raising an eyebrow. "It's a carousel, Jaz."

"A what?"

"You've never been on one?" Cal asked, shocked.

Jaz jumped backwards as the carousel began moving, cheery music playing as the plastic horses went up and down, the children sitting on them looking like they had won the lottery. Cal caught her before she tripped over a large cord on the ground, and pulled her over to the line of parents and children waiting to get on.

"Jaz, you'll love it, I promise." Cal reassured her, smiling.

"I-I don't know...What if...what if one of us falls off? It looks so dangerous!" Jaz said, half-way behind Cal, as if she was hiding from the carousel.

11/4/2012 #5

Joshua was walking carefully through the throngs of people. He had gone at the suggestion of his consular, but right now all he wanted was to go home and drown himself in espresso. He sidestepped to avoid a crowd of slightly intoxicated men, accidently slipping into the carousel line behind the two ladies whose names I have forgotten. Oops.

11/5/2012 #6

Cal rolled her eyes at her girlfriend's nervousness. Hearing someone come up behind her, she turned, flashing a grin to Josh.

"Hey man, have we met before?" Cal asked, holding out her hand. It was small town, so she felt like she should meet as many of the people here as she could. "I'm Cal."

11/5/2012 #7

Joshua looked at her hand, then back up at her face. "N-n-n-n-no, I don't think w-w-w-we have," Joshua stuttered out, "My n-n-na, I'm Josh."

11/5/2012 #8

Jazael turned, still looking worried, and gave a tug at Cal's wrist, pulling it back down to her side.

"Nice to meet ya," Cal said, obidiently putting her hand back to her side. "You goin' on the carousel, too?"

11/5/2012 #9

"N-n-nn-no, I was a-a-a-a-a, going around some drunks." Joshua said, indicating the guys, who were now walking down, wolf-whistling at any girl who passed. A spark flittered in-between his fingers as he clenched it into a fist for a second.

11/5/2012 #10

"Ugh, I hate people like that." Cal said, scowling at the group of men. She pulled her hand back up, snapping her fingers as she looked at the drunks.

One of the men turned and wrapped his arms around another, pushing their lips together sloppily as he dropped a bottle of beer, which shattered on the ground. Then he pulled back, smiling still, until the man he had kissed punched him in the jaw.

"Jackass deserves whatever he gets now." Cal said, a smug look on her face.

11/5/2012 #11

Joshua chuckled, and the sparks disappeared. "Electrokinitic," he said, watching as the two men got into a brawl, the seriously tipsy one at a serious disadvantage.

11/5/2012 #12

"Warlock." She said proudly, then pulled Jaz up beside her. "Her magic is way cooler than mine, though."

Jaz blushed, looking down at her shoes, which had suddenly become very interesting.

11/5/2012 #13

Joshua looked up, just for a second, into their face, and saw... something. It was like a brief flash, but he had an aidea what it meant, and asked, "Are y-y-y-y-y-y. Are you t-t-together?"It took him a minute, but he managed to splutter it out.

11/5/2012 #14

"As a matter of fact," Cal's smirk widened into a grin, and she pulled Jazael's chin to put plant a kiss on her pale lips.

Jaz's face looked about as red as a tomato as she pulled away. "Calypso, we're in public!" She screeched, as if kissing was a crime.

"Aw, darling, I'm positively heartbroken," Cal said with mock sadness. "I think I may die, for when you refuse my affection, my heart refuses to beat!"

Jaz quickly gave her a hug, giving her a chaste kiss on the cheek before she pulled away. "Is your heart beating yet?"

"Just...barely." Cal said, but couldn't hide her smile.

11/5/2012 #15

Joshua started twitching a little, and was metally going over music, keeping his mind focuses. "A little dramatic."

11/5/2012 #16

"She's...always like this." Jaz said quietly, a small smile on her lips.

"I haven't a clue what you're talking about." Cal said, smiling as the line moved and they got closer to the ride.

11/5/2012 #17

"Ah..." Joshua said.. shifting on his feet. Idly, he scratched on of his arms, both of which had been bandaged. He was wearing a short-sleeve tee, so they were visible.

11/5/2012 #18

"What happened to your arm, bro? You get in a fight?" Cal asked, looking at the bandages quizzically.

Jaz was silent, dreading the carousel ride and plotting how to get out of it.

11/5/2012 #19

Joshua shook his head, and ot of habit tried to pull down his shirt sleeve. Short sleeve shirt, so that didn't work very well. "N-n-no."

11/5/2012 #20

"Then how did you--" She stopped as she saw Jaz try to run off. She reached out and grabbed ahold of her wrist, pulling her back. "Oh, look at that, it's our turn for the carousel!"

Jazael's eyes widened in fear.

11/6/2012 #21

Joshua, seeing the girl was kinda like him he said, "Why don't you ride first, and we'll watch?" he said to cal, in his normal stuttery voice.

11/6/2012 #22

"That means I get to ride twice..." Cal said hesitantly. "More fun for me, I guess!"

The line had moved up to where Cal now stood in front of the ticket-taker. She handed him her ride ticket and then walked over to the carousel, ignoring the odd look she got from people around her. She found a seat that was like a cart, with a seat big enough for two people and with a little bar to hold on to (completely unnesecary). She took her seat and waited for the ride to start, smiling at Cal from where she was.

Cal smiled back slowly. The seat Cal had picked out looked nice, and pretty safe. This might not be so bad...She thought, opptimistic.

11/6/2012 #23

((Bumpity bump))

11/8/2012 #24
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