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cupidgirl xx

Post songs/videos/pictures that remind you of certain characters and their relationships etc.

7/27/2012 . Edited 7/28/2012 #1

I'm starting slow, with one thing per post so I don't murder everyone. xD Kelly talking to her new father as he tries to bond with her. xD

7/27/2012 #2

Second one. an addicting song for a couple that has yet to be. Allan and Fi. xD

7/27/2012 . Edited 7/27/2012 #3
cupidgirl xx

sort of Emmery's fantasy (the video part of it) XD

7/27/2012 #4

For John, sounds like it fits him. Well, as good as one I could find.

Feel free if you've found a better one for either of my guys.

7/27/2012 #5

Omg. It's like Kelly and Emmery, totally. //shot

7/28/2012 #6
cupidgirl xx

totally Kelly and Emmery! is Emmery like the girl part though? you know the whole kicking away, coz he's the one that does that XD

7/28/2012 #7

Lol idk xD

7/28/2012 #8
BreezeRogue63 I feel kind of bad, but...Ignoring the dying and drinking the world's sin, I'm reminded of Weston singing to Kelly. It just sounds like it. xD

7/28/2012 #9
cupidgirl xx

Emmery and Kelly, originally posted by BreezeRogue63 in Random Talk :P

7/28/2012 #10


7/28/2012 #11
cupidgirl xx

was looking through and found it XD

7/28/2012 #12

Lol. I almost forgot about that. *Terrible*

7/28/2012 #13
cupidgirl xx

Reminds me of Emmery (He's like the one being sung to, not the one singing.)

7/28/2012 #14

Lol. I can totally see it xD

7/28/2012 #15
cupidgirl xx

XD he's not all bad, I swear :P

7/28/2012 #16

Mrrp. I wanna write a story for SnowTop so bad. But idk if I'll actually do it lol

7/28/2012 #17

I FOUND IT! This just seems like Mel singing about what it's like when James lost his memory. xD

7/28/2012 #18
cupidgirl xx

i wanted to include this in Emmery's background and stuff, but then i realised that would be against what I said XD

(How Emmery is feeling when he gives Kelly a dare.)

7/28/2012 #19
cupidgirl xx

aww that mel and james song is so sweet for them!!

7/28/2012 #20

Lol ikr?

If this was a dude singing I'd be like, Yeeep. xD

7/28/2012 #21
cupidgirl xx

it just makes me sad now XD

7/28/2012 #22

Ikr? Lol

7/28/2012 #23

ANOTHER Allan and Fi song. That, in my opinion fits a bit better. xD

7/28/2012 #24
cupidgirl xx

i was like 'no! why's there no sound' then realised my last YouTube video i muted by accident :3

7/28/2012 #25

Smooth. xD

It was actually first meant for Ash and Shinata, but I decided that Fi and Allan had the same relation. xD

7/28/2012 . Edited 7/28/2012 #26
cupidgirl xx

oh i see XD either works, ash and shinata are cute :3

btw, i started listening to the song and i thought taylor swift had a song called enchanted, then i looked at the video description :D

7/28/2012 #27

She does. Adam Young was just sweet enough to do a remix on it. :3

I think his version is sweeter. Then again, i think every Owl City redo is better. //shot

7/28/2012 #28
cupidgirl xx

yeah i love how it's like a reply to her. 'Taylor, i was so enchanted to meet you too.'

7/28/2012 #29

He's so sweet x3

I wanna guy like that. //shot

7/28/2012 #30
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