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cupidgirl xx

Here you can explain your character in more detail so that we know more about them. You can do it in anyway you can think of (Except songs, there's already a topic for that). It doesn't have to be writing a paragraph, a few examples are; poem, monologue, previous events that explain how they act the way they do.

[Idea by TheImmortalofAges]

7/28/2012 #1

Ooh I've always wanted to do a monologue on Allan. xD I'll have to bunker down and do that at a later time.


7/28/2012 #2

...In nineteen minutes. xD

Who Needs Courage When You Have Courtesy?

I'm not outgoing. Believe me, I'm not. I'm not courageous, or confident, or even brave. It's not like there's anything wrong with me. Well you know, except for my powers. But that's beside the point.

I know, I'm a hero. So I have to have confidence, courage, all that other stuff. If I don't, then what am I? People call me a wimp, lame, useless. I've even been called a pussy.

It's not that I don't want to be outgoing. I just...Can't. Because, well, I just don't really have what it takes. I can't stand to make a speech, I can't lead a group into war. Well, I can't really lead anything. Even when I was saving the world, I let my companions take over. I'm just a follower.

People say heroes shouldn't be followers. They say heroes should be leaders. After all, they're the only ones who can save the world. So why should they wait for someone who can't save the world to tell them? They'd probably be dead before they could.

Okay, I'm getting off track. Do you even know who I am? Well, no you don't. I haven't told you my name.

Sorry; my name is Allan McKendrick. I'm thirteen years old, and I'm...not like other kids. I'm supposed to be a hero. But it feels more like my powers are being wasted without courage. Who's ever heard of a hero who wasn't courageous? I'll admit, being outgoing is an important ingredient in making a hero.

But I learned something. All heroes have to have courtesy. Or sympathy, whatever you want to call it. Without courtesy, heroes would just be villains. Right? They'd be looking out for only themselves. Doing that, they'd hurt people, destroy the world, and other stuff.

Which is why, although having courage is an important ingredient in the recipe for a hero, there must also be an equal amount of courtesy. Heh. I guess I am a hero after all.

Sorry for the rushed ending. Lol

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cupidgirl xx


This is just a little background info on Emmery. It's not a fancy monologue *cough* Breeze *cough* XD but it explains him.

When Emmery was young, his parents resented him and locked him up and did terrible things to him. Okay, so they weren't the best parents ever.

Emmery escaped when he was 12 and Holly found him, deciding to take him in. He didn't tell anyone of his past and eventually managed to block most of it out. The only bit that he remembers is the fact that he never received love as a child. This has left him uncertain about people's emotions, words and actions, and he's unable to trust easily.

He finds it very hard to make up his mind, and often changes it two or three times - especially with people he likes a lot. He gets torn between doing what he wants, and what he knows won't hurt him. Over the time he's spent at SnowTop, he has become closer to Kelly through their living together and bickering. He's realised she means more to him than anyone, and he wants to be with her but is afraid of getting hurt.

He likes to do little things to make him happy (like talking or holding her hand) but the more he does, the more frightened he gets of losing her. He also thinks that if he's horrible to her, he's saving them both from real heartbreak (if Kelly feels anything for him - he's unsure.)

He only lets himself do important things once, in fear of becoming too dependent on them.

He's mostly scared and confused a lot of the time because of his parents.

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Great job, both of you.

One thing I forgot to mention, the number three rule of character analyzation (one and two being don't talk about character anlylization) is no apologizing, and no summing up all your work into a bullet point. So basically, what I mean is, or any combination thereof is restricted use. Don't use it at the end, it belittles your work. You can put for example..

Inside, he's scared and confused.

The rest of the paragraph explains why.

Other than those two things, great job both of you. You guys even managed to not be as dark as mine, so thumbs up d(0u0)b

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Baby BlueJay

(Wow, I'm so incredibly impressed! I kinda wanna give it a shot, but I doubt it'll be great. Ah well, I'll do my best! :D)

Ray Picketts - An Up and Becoming Angel

I died on March 11, 1937. How I died is something I'll only reveal to someone who deserves to know, which is no one so far. Let's just say that it was anything but planned and leave it at that.

I should've just stayed dead, but I didn't. I woke up with a couple changes, such as snowy white hair that has made me be questioned more times than I can count. Not that I cared. It only takes two legs to walk away and one fist to make someone shut-up, even if its only for a little while. But violence is something that hasn't come easily to me without extreme provocation since my death. I guess it's all in my head because of this "angel" business.

That's right, I'm an angel. Some other "colleagues" of mine call me a guardian angel. I'm supposed to be a good guy and help those in need, and so far I've succeeded. With my pendant that kept me bound to the Earth as long as it was on, I traveled the world for decades doing good deeds to redeem myself for all my actions that I did while I was alive.

Watching the world develop and evolve was interesting to say the least, but it took a while to get with the program. And then along came SnowTop, where I came across an angel-like thought that told me if I hung out in the community, I'd be doing more good. So I figured it would help me with my goal.

All I really want is to be a better man than I was. I have a short temper, I struggle with the times, I don't know how to convey my emotions with words, I unintentionally push people away, and I'm insecure, but can appear strangely indifferent to strangers I don't know/don't want to know. Somewhere in my heart, though, I know that I really just want someone who cares. I'm not perfect, yet I'm an angel.

Yeah, even I don't quite get it yet.

(I hope this will do. It I broke any rules or anything just let me know! :))

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