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Well, I currently live where I work - on an American military base in the Marshall Islands. But regardless of being on a tropical island in the middle of nowhere, the culture - at least on this island - is pretty much "American". And homosexuality is seen by most people as "weird", but I don't think they really have a problem with it. I don't know any actual homophobes, for instance.

Still, they talk about the "gays" as if that was the most important thing about them - that they're gay. **shrug**

What do you mean about "making a joke out of homosexuality"? *I* don't see a lot of that on FP... not that I read much on FP anyway (or at all, for that matter). In main-stream movies and tv, then yes, gays tend to be portrayed as a source of jokes. On the other hand - at least they're portrayed. Thirty years ago they wouldn't have even DARED have a gay character on a tv show.

11/1/2008 #61

Aankhi - Where I live...people are generally homophobic. I'm in a section of Michigan where everyone hunts, fishes, drinks, fucks their daughters and/or neices, and then...everyone goes to church on Sunday. Okay. I might be exagerrating just a tad. But just a tad. What I mean is that...rednecks generally seem to be too stupid to even think of accepting of other people. They seem to be too stupid to think, actually.

Annnnnd, since I went to a private Lutheran school, people were not accepting of teh gays.

11/1/2008 #62

I live in California, USA, about an hour away from San Francisco. And yes, there is homophobia here, and lots of racism, but everyone is afraid to say it outloud because they don't want to seem "closed minded." (aka hateful pricks) So we don't have any problems with it, haha.

I just got an email from my gal in the army (I'm a Soldiers' Angel, so I write to her and send packages while she's deployed.) Apparently, whenever someone says something really wrong or fucked up, the Army guys say, "That's as wrong as two boys kissing in a closet!"

11/1/2008 #63

That is fucked up.

They should be out of the closet.


11/1/2008 #64

If only Nano could happen in December when I don't have like fifty-two million and three assignments due and I don't have my driving exam on Thursday and I don't have this and that and all those appointments and etcetc. Maybe I'll do my own nanowrimo during the xmas break. That would be swell. :)

...joining in on current convo though, I live in Ireland and once you take into consideration the fact that this is predominantly a very strong catholic country, the homophobicismnessity isn't half as bad as you would expect. Actually most people aren't that narrow minded. Sure, probably everybodies grandparents are a bit dodgy on the subject but hey, they were raised in a very different Ireland. And my college has the largest GLB society of all colleges in the country AND what's more, its the most popular society in the university! ...though, when you go into the big cities you find things can be a bit more on the discriminatory side of things, certain parts of Dublin are horrendous. But its always generally the disadvantaged parts so I kind of think (hope) its more to do with a lack of awareness/education than anything else.

11/2/2008 . Edited 11/2/2008 #65

Posting a link because I'm awesome =D

Though Koul and Needles ran away from me and took over my plot, haha. I decided to let them do whatever the frick they want as long as I hold true to the two rules I set for myself:

1. Koul never reveals how Codes dies 2. Needles never reveals his real name.

Though Koul and Needs are already threatening to break both of them. Jackasses.

And it's supernatural because I said so. The end.

11/6/2008 #66

xD Cool. I'll have to read.

I'm not sure if mine will ever be posted. o.o It might have to go through some rigorous editing. My MC, Skye, is boring and flat, and the love interest, Brinley, but attempting to turn my story into a humor fic.

How's everyone else doing?

11/6/2008 #67

Oh yay, I'm doing NaNoWriMo!

It's halfway through the month, and I've done more than half the number of words AND the number of chapters!

(The story is StepFriends on my account XD)


11/17/2008 #68
Peta Steadman

I didn't do nanowrimo this year as I planned, but I felt like giving this thread life for the hell of it. So, who hear are participating? What are your stories? Do you think you'll finish in time?

11/27/2009 #69


So. NaNoWriMo. Who do?

10/2/2010 #70

lyke duhhhh meee

10/2/2010 #71

I think I'm gonna try. :(

10/2/2010 #72
Chasmodai Blue

I am so in.

This will be my fifth year. How long have you guys been doing it?

10/2/2010 #73

Twice! Failed last year, did okay the year before. :o

10/2/2010 #74
Venustas iaceo

I'm at it again as well. 3 Social_stigma

10/3/2010 #75

Forced to do it two years ago by english teacher NaNo for a grade? No thanks. Last year I didn't remember it until November 7th, and I wasn't ready to try it in only three weeks. But I'm going to do it this year. My mind is cycling with ideas already.

10/4/2010 #76

Guyssss, the people in my region are soooooo fucking annoying. ;~; I'm being scared away from their part of the forums and any possible write-ins because they're just that bad.

10/4/2010 #77

Never done it. I think I'm gonna try it this year, uh-huh. But I doubt I'll actually succeed.

10/5/2010 #78

So... anyone got a plot yet?

10/15/2010 #79

...No. -_-' I was thinking I'd do the same thing I attempted last year which was basically a ginger taking over the world. It was based on that Evil Overlord list. :) Way more complicated than that, but... yeah. That's the basis.

10/15/2010 #80

I'm not sure if I should go with the serious plot I've been planning for a while or just go f-ck it and write about dinosaurs and pirates and random crap.

10/15/2010 #81

...Can you do a serious plot with dinasaurs and pirates? Becuase srsly. THat sounds epic.

10/15/2010 #82
Peta Steadman

Definitely doing it this year. I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do. I had this non-slash/horror story planned out because for the last few months I lost interest in slash entirely (which is why I haven't posted here for ages) but lately I've gotten into it again. I also miss the days when I could get instant feedback from my story. So I'll see.

10/15/2010 #83

I have two and a half ideas and I can't decide which to doooo. Two of them will be challenging me, and one not so much. I kind of want a challenge, I think. Hrm.

10/16/2010 #84

One of my plots is basically sh-t right now, it's like Final Fantasy: Advent Children meets Harry Potter meets the Matrix... with gay sex. And it's not turning out as awesome as it sounds.

The other is a more teen romance thing with the twist being that most of the story is told by the MC in therapy then years later. (Which I really like, but I don't have an outline for it yet)

Then there is the whole, just try to do as many dares as possible while staying (semi) coherent.

10/16/2010 #85

You guys, what are your opinions on Capitalization of Significance? For example, in a post-apocalyptic setting, calling the virus responsible for the destruction of mankind "the Virus", or "the Disease", etc.

This is relevent to my interests! In my NaNo, the main group of characters all have ~special powers~ granted by aliens and they each have a unique mark on their body expressing this fact. Por ejemplo: One guy has yellow eyes and another has blue hair (because You Gotta Have Blue Hair /tvtropes). In your opinion, would it be too pretentious of this group to say stuff like "Where's your Mark? Show me your Mark. (winky face optional)" or would it just be better to leave the capital out?

10/16/2010 #86

I think that the capital would work in that case.

10/16/2010 #87

I agree. Definitely better in my opinion too.

I'm debating whether or not to write a whole new story, or just continue and hopefully finish current works. :(

10/17/2010 #88

Wellll the basic idea of NaNo is to start something new. o.O

10/17/2010 #89

NaNo is starting in less then three hours where I live and I'm doing four plots - two 50k novels and two 25k novels and I'm feeling quite clinically insane.

10/31/2010 #90
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