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So... I'm super into them right now and want moar pl0x. And, um, I guess yaoi manga available on the web kinda counts if you guys want to rec those. But I really want like webcomics that are originally in English. I like the ones I've read lately more than yaoi...

My recs:

The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal

Honeydew Syndrome

Knights-Errant (on Smack-Jeeves)

Teahouse (teahousecomic)

Yaoi Tales (on smack-jeeves. This one isn't as good as the rest, but the Ursula, Flotsam, Jetsam thing they have going kinda made my day.)

Starfighter (sci-fi yaoi that other people seem to like a lot but not my favorite. Smex though)

These are all pretty common. Anyone know others?

3/17/2011 #1

What are your reasons for excluding Yaoi? If it's the unrealistic seme/uke thing, or the rape-as-romance thing (which I seriously detest), I would suggest the Hydra series.

As fair warning: the story is very slow-going, and you HAVE to pay attention to the time line, because there's this whole Hydra universe with one-shots in between that make the story kind of non-linear.

3/17/2011 #2

I dunno why exactly. Too much maybe? Most of them are too similar to others. I'm just kinda sick of them, especially the characters. I really like stand-out, in-your-face, aggressive kinds of guys, especially two of them together and there's not a lot of that in yaoi cuz of their culture. (Not to say irl that quality isn't awesome. There's a distinct lack of looting and such in Japan because they're not all aggressive and individual-minded and such.) Some other stuff too. And I said it's cool, I'm just not a fan lately. :/

3/18/2011 #3
Rae Kitano

I really enjoyed reading Love Mode

I tend to get a little tired of the one sided / forced romance and I'm with you Succulent I would like to see more stand out, in your face, aggressive kinds of guys.

Actually read Yellow the other day and that wasn't too bad. The use of guns to stop unwanted advances was a nice change.

3/18/2011 #4
Arethusa Cyberia

I've been noticing a lot of this sentiment lately:

I tend to get a little tired of the one sided / forced romance and I'm with you Succulent I would like to see more stand out, in your face, aggressive kinds of guys.

So, my question is what do you think of two guys, one is bisexual, stand out, in your face aggressive, and one is heterosexual, quiet, reserved, and nice, and they begin as friends but end up- many years later -as lovers? And yes, the first guy has been in love with the second guy, while the second guy couldn't get past the "gay" part until he realized it didn't matter as much as he thought because he still loved the person.

If this continues, I'll move it to another thread, but I'm just curious to know whether that's too ordinary or if how it is handled matters.

3/18/2011 . Edited 3/18/2011 #5

@Succulent: What do you mean by aggressive? Like... not uke meek, or like violent aggressive? There are some quality Yaoi, you just have to kind of sift the wheat from the chaff. The Summit is good, although one of the guys is pretty femme (he's not meek, though), and it's Korean!

@Arethusa: If that's a story idea... I'd say post it in the story idea thread (NOT IN A BITCHY WAY, I SWEAR!!!)

3/18/2011 #6


Suits is interesting:

Peter and the Wolf as well (odd proportions at times, but sexy muscular guys ^^):

Sharkteeth is one of my favorites (including Starfighter and Teahouse):

Cloe Remembrance is good too, though very light slash:

G.H.O.S.T is interesting, though not far along:

A song for Elise is good (and complete!):

Them Dudes is good but hasn't been updated in FOREVER:

I've got more but, uh, a handful of them I've stopped following atm, and a handful are most likely dead. These are just some ones I've thought of from the top of my head.

Manga, I'm not very good at reccing because I'll like it at one time and then later realize it wasn't that great. Depends on my "mood" and what I'm into at the time in terms of taste. Here's some that stick out:

Don't Stay Gold - awesome

Acid Town - interesting & I like it

Mede Shireru Yoru no Junjou - love it

Love Neko - loved it (not sure now, though)

Elektel Delusion - loved it (same as above)

Otona Keikenchi - loved it (same as above)

Brother x Brother - love it (still waiting for updates)

Pathos - liked it; is complete

Corsair - loved until rape occurred… still follow it, though.

3/20/2011 #7

My friend just loaned me one called Cafe Latte Rhapsody (absurd name, I know), it was really cute. The art was nice, which made up for the kind of silly plot, also it gets my approval for not being as strict on the seme/uke "laws" that seem to appear too often in yaoi manga.

3/21/2011 #8
Arethusa Cyberia

RoughDraftHero: @Arethusa: If that's a story idea... I'd say post it in the story idea thread (NOT IN A BITCHY WAY, I SWEAR!!!)

OK. I did try to delete the post, but since I'm not authorized it gave me the finger. :)

3/22/2011 #9
Here are a few that may spark interest. All are WIP at this point (Some mature content of course): ~This one is more shounen-ai than yaoi, will totally give you warm & fuzzy feelings ~The art & coloring are to die for ~ School delinquent meets playboy but not quiet that simple & waaaay cuter. ~kinda like a dark, gory version of a mermaid-tale. (Probably one of my all-time favs) ~BL with "pretty" zombies, some gore. ~Sweet story. light with dark under-tones that touch on many issues. ~College student is "black-mailed" by a run-away rockstar...well give it a try.
11/3/2011 . Edited 11/3/2011 #10
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