The American School of Fine Arts
The American School of Fine Arts is the premier boarding school for the arts in the country, and even the world. Every year, dancers, singers, artists, and actors audition for the very exclusive school, but only a select few can get in.
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Elective Class: (Optional:Dance, Singing, Drama, Art, Etc)





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Name: Polina Rogova

Age:(13-18) 15

Talent: Dance (Ballet, Modern, Broadway)


Clothes: This:


And This:

Bio: Polina grew up in St Petersburg, Russia, with her single mother, who danced with the Marinsky Ballet. When Polina was eleven, her mother retired, and they moved to the United States. She then began taking formal ballet lessons, being taught by her mother in their tiny living room before, and when she was thirteen, she auditioned for The American School of Fine Arts.



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Livvy Grace

Hola chica! Thought I'd kick this off.

Name: Lennox Knight

Age:(13-18) 15

Talent: Singing, but also plays multiple instruments

Elective Class: (Optional:Dance, Singing, Drama, Art, Etc) Singing and maybe an Intrument class

Appearance: (the girl on the left)

Clothes: This:

This: (without the sunglasses)

And This:

Bio: Lennox is a born and raised rocker. Named after Annie Lennox, a famous female rocker, Lennox has possessed a knack for music since a young age. She learned how to play guitar, piano, and drums fairly quickly. She also has an amazing singing voice, the perfect voice of a true rocker. Raised by a single mom, up until she was eleven when her mom married a man named Ichiro Tanaka, she was always a force to be reckoned with. She's feisty, and a little rebellious. She isn't afraid to bend and break the rules. She auditioned for the American School of Fine Arts at thirteen, joining her step-sister, Yuri, who's a year older. She has huge trust issues, which mans she doesn't have very many friends.

Other: Let me know if ya need anything else.

Name: Yuri Tanaka

Age:(13-18) 16

Talent: Acting and Drawing

Elective Class: (Optional:Dance, Singing, Drama, Art, Etc) Acting and Drawing (if you can just have 1, she'll do acting)


Clothes: This:


And This:

Bio: Yuri always loved to entertain people. Since she was little, she loved to put on skits and always wanted to take part in plays. She was raised by a single dad, until her dad married a woman named Rachel Knight when she was twelve. She's a happy, bubbly person almost all the time. Sometimes, though, she can be a little too trusting, much to the dismay of her step-sister, Lennox. Get her mad, though, and be prepared to face the wrath of her fiery side. She auditioned for the American School of Fine Arts at thirteen. A year later, Lennox joined her at the school. She gets along with pretty much everyone.

Other: Let me know if ya need anything else.

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Accepted! Both of your characters will be in Pavlova dorm. So, both of your characters can have a room together, or one of them can room with my character. You can choose.

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Livvy Grace

It doesn't matter to me.

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Name: Abigail Common

Age:(13-18) 16

Talent: Dance

Elective Class: (Optional:Dance, Singing, Drama, Art, Etc) Drama


Clothes: This:

And These: With something pink -

Bio: Ever since she was little, Abigail has wanted to be the best at everything she did. From a young age, she showed great promise in ballet, and was always the best in her year. At age thirteen, she was accepted into the academy, and has been dancing there ever since.

Other: She can come off as self possessed and self centered, and she can be the stereotypical 'mean girl'. However, once you get to know the 'real' her, she is quite nice.


7/30/2012 #6
Canada Dakota Faith Haswari

Name: Jennifer Jareau

Age:(13-18): 17

Talent: Dance and Drama

Elective Class: (Optional:Dance, Singing, Drama, Art, Etc): Dance and Drama

Appearance: 1_1265922254427_full.jpg

Clothes: Anything really..She tends to either go really slutty or really covered up in her outfit choices

Bio: She was raped by her step father and had two babies named Angel and Caitlin but they both died of cancer at the age of three years old. Jennifer's name was Shelby Merrick but she changed her name when she came to this school

Other: She knows French, Italian, and Hebrew along with English

4/6/2013 #7
A. Wolfy fan girl xx

Name: Charley Crissida Rae Blue

Age: (13-18) 15 going on 16

Talent: Writing and Acting

Elective class:(Optional: Dance, Singing, Drama, Art, Etc.) Drama



colour-headshots-portraits-with-sydney-rae-white-l ondon/&docid=PAYj5NX4wEQLXM&imgurl= loads/2013/01/SW-33-Edit.jpg&w=520&h=650&ei=7YFIUrr7NOir7AbzvYGQBA&zoom=1&biw=1024&bih=671


= id=4nXkj4fh3D9cJM&imgurl=


Bio: Grew up with her brother and her mum and dad, her mum and dad always praised her brother more than her because they wanted her not to be an author or an actress they wanted her to work in their business, she ended up going here because she wanted to get away from her parents so they couldn't destroy her dream

Other: She can speak French and Spain as well and can sing but it's not her talent, she also writes all the time and her English teacher at her old school said she was a brilliant writer which is one of the reasons she kept writing since she wrote all the time, non stop.

is this ok, if you want I can change it, and is it alright if I join?

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Name: Cami Hayes

Age: 13

Talent: Dance (Contemporary Ballet)

Elective Class: Dance

Appearance: Shoulder length naturally blonde hair with brown high-lights, peach skin with prominent eyebrows and chocolate brown eyes, thin red lips. Cami is 5'5 and weighs 110 lbs.


Daily Basis: Hot pink crop top with a metallic grey star on front, pink short shorts and white knitten heels.

Dance: Light pink leotard with a white dance skirt, tan tights with pink ballet shoes

Bio: Cami was born to a dance family, her mother being a rockette and her father being a jazz dancer. Cami's first ballet class was when she was 2, and she met her best friend, Chloe. Cami started dancing competitively when she was 7, her first dance was a a a ballet peice. Cami has appeared in numerous dance plays, her first play was The Nutcracker. Cami's little sister, MacKayla was born in 2005, and is a hip-hop dancer.

Other: Cami is very shy, naive and reserved, but can be funny and sassy when she wants to. Cami also is manipulative, and can trick someone into doing what she wants

Name: Chloe Harris

Age (13-18): 14

Talent: Dance (Acrobatics and Jazz)

Elective Class: Singing

Appearance: Waist length wavy red hair, pale skin with green eyes and freckles. Chloe is 5'6 and weighs 112 lbs.

Clothes: Aqua off- the shoulder shirt, white skinny jeans with gold ballet flats. Chloe sometimes wears a unitard under her clothes

Bio: Chloe was born on January 3, 2000 to Jose and Jakkob Harris. Chloe is Italian, and hs lived in Italy for 9 months before moving to the United States. Chloe's first ballet class was when she was 3, and she met her best friend Cami. Chloe quit dance for a while to do gymnastics, then did dance again, but started acrobatic dancing. Chloe's older sister, Brianna is a singer and Chloe wants to follow in her foot steps, but also wants to do dance.

Other: Chloe is out-going, friendly and funny, but is very insecure, and can be cocky.

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