The American School of Fine Arts
The American School of Fine Arts is the premier boarding school for the arts in the country, and even the world. Every year, dancers, singers, artists, and actors audition for the very exclusive school, but only a select few can get in.
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Here, the entire student body meets here at the beginning of the school year.

7/30/2012 #1

Polina looked around the full lobby, noticing all the new and old students. The teachers were all at the front of the room, talking.

7/30/2012 #2
Livvy Grace

Lennox looked around for her step-sister. "Huh. Guess Yuri hasn't came down yet. Just hope her new roommare didn't skin her alive."

7/30/2012 #3

"I heard she got Abigail Commons as a roommate. "Polina said

7/30/2012 #4
Livvy Grace

Lennox raised an eyebrow. "Never heard of her."

7/30/2012 . Edited 7/30/2012 #5

"She's Queen Bee?" Polina said. "She thinks she's better than everyone else."

7/30/2012 #6
Livvy Grace

"I despise her already," Lennox told Polina. "I never cared for the Queen Bee type. Especially now that Yuri's her roommate...well, let's just say Yuri is a little too trusting at times..."

7/30/2012 #7

Polina shook her head. "She could be a character on that movie 'Mean Girls'. She is evil."

7/30/2012 #8
Livvy Grace

"And Yuri is probably just along for the ride, carrying her bags and a little rat dog," Lennox told her.

7/30/2012 #9

"I would talk to her," Polina said. " And soon. The next thing you know, your sister will be breaking in her pointe shoes and doing her homework."

7/30/2012 #10
Livvy Grace

"Believe me, I have before. This isn't the first time she's been sucked in by a Monster in Heels as I call them," Lennox explained. "She never listens, though. She always says, 'Oh, Lennox! You must be more trusting! She is not that bad, really!' or something along those lines." Lennox sighed. "And where the heck is she? The Orientation is gonna start soon, and she's always here on time. I'm usually the one who strides in late and gets in trouble..."

7/30/2012 #11

"Well, there's Abigail." Polina said. She noticed her striding this way and winced.

"Polina!" Abigail said, fake sweetness evident in her voice. "I hope you practiced over the summer. I would hate for you to lose the leading role again to me."

7/30/2012 #12
Livvy Grace

"Oh, that was you?" Lennox asked with a smirk. If this chick was using her step-sister, she might as well try to make this as fun for her as possible. "I'm sorry, I only remember when she fell flat on her butt. I didn't realize that clutz was you."

7/30/2012 #13

Abigail rolled her eyes. "Well, if you knew anything about dance, you would know that it belonged in the ballet."

7/30/2012 #14
Livvy Grace

Lennox replied with an even bigger smirk. "Look here, chick. You may can pull that with other people and they'll back down, but guess what? I'm a little different. You don't intimidate me. I've been here for two year, and I don't even know who you are, so you obviously don't have that much influence on this school."

7/30/2012 #15

"Hmph," Abigail said before stomping off.

Polina rolled her eyes. "Wow,"

7/30/2012 #16
Livvy Grace

"Tell me about it," Lennox said, shaking her head.


Yuri walked in and noticed Abigail and Lennox talking. She couldn't hear the conversation, so she just assumed it went good. "So I see you just met Lennox," Yuri told Abigail as she caught up with her. "She's very cool, yes? She is my step-sister."

7/30/2012 . Edited 7/30/2012 #17

Abigail rolled her eyes. "Yes, I met her. Now, if you will please excuse me. I have a better crowd to sit with then you."


"She thinks she is the best since she got Clara in the Nutcracker her freshman year."

7/30/2012 #18
Livvy Grace

Yuri nodded. "Okay. I will see you later!"


"Oh, big whoop," Lennox said, rolling her eyes. "I've won talent shows when I was twelve against fifteen and sixteen-year-olds. Don't see me acting like a hot shot."

7/30/2012 #19

"She is just that way." Polina replied, shrugging.

7/30/2012 #20
Livvy Grace

"Lennox!" Yuri yelled and hugged her step-sister tightly.

"Heh, hey Yuri," Lennox said with a small smile once Yuri let her go.

"Ohh, who is your friend here?" Yuri asks. "Hi! I am Yuri Tanaka, Lennox's step-sister! Very nice to meet you!"

7/30/2012 #21

"Polina," Polina said, smiling.

The Principal, and Artistic Director of the school cleared her throat loudly, indicating that the students should begin to quiet. "Hello, and welcome to another year at The Academy!"

7/30/2012 #22
Livvy Grace

"Heh, it's a joy to be back here where we have to deal with morons and brats," Lennox muttered, earning a few snickers.

7/30/2012 #23

Polina suppressed her laugh, smiling instead. "We are excited for the year ahead of yes, filled with even more talent young ladies and gentlemen. We have excellent new additions to the staff, as well as welcoming back our teachers from years past. New ballets, musical, and plays are planned for the year, along with an art gallery planned."

7/30/2012 #24
Livvy Grace

"Might wanna get rid of a few those so-called 'teachers from years past' or whatever you called them, " Lennox commented, earning a few more giggles.

7/30/2012 #25

The principal directed a glare her way. "As always, a rigerous training and behavior policy will be in place. Many of you, as talented as you may be, will be gone before the year ends. Remember, this school is only for the best, and only the best will remain."

7/30/2012 #26
Livvy Grace

"Yeah. A behavior policy almost every student has to go through because some teachers here have rules invented by Hitler," Lennox muttered, making half of the students laugh.

7/30/2012 #27

"Remember, it is a privilege to be accepted to this school. Un arguably, it is the best in the country, one of the top in the world. Behavior problems, will result in expulsion. Thank you," The principal sat down, the ballet instructor taking her place.

Margot Hills, the middle aged ballet teacher, was arguably on of the best and 'funniest' teachers in the school. She often let students get away with things, and slipped students a few dollars when they were short on something. But her fun nature ended at the classroom door, or at least most of it. She demanded the very best of her students and nothing else.

"Good morning! I am sure you are all bright eyed and bush tailed this morning to listen to speech after speech. Anyway, so I will make this short."

7/30/2012 #28
Livvy Grace

"Oh, Thank God!" Lennox exclaimed with an exasperated sigh, resulting in an eruption of laughter from almost all of the students. Almost.

Yuri was giggling, a hand over her mouth delicately and feminine-like.

7/30/2012 #29

Margot smiled. She had been a student much like Lennox in her time at the school. "Anyway, ballet students. This year, we have instead of our usual boring Nutcracker, we will be doing a new ballet, choreographed by myself. Same concept, but much more interesting and with a darker twist. For the spring, we, as always will be performing with the drama students in their annual musical. For the ballet, we will be doing Swan Lake. However, like Nutcracker it will be darker, with a more complex plot them 'I love you blah blah bla'."

7/30/2012 #30
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