High School Romance RP
High school is supposed to be where you discover yourself but what if you discover others. Come in and begin meeting people, couples, friends, enemies. It's up to you. WE ARE OPEN PEOPLE!
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Some rules:

1: No God-modding. Seriously it's frustrating. Don't do it. You will be warned if you do.

2: Please no mary sues. You can't be perfect at everything have some flaws, we all have them.

3:Proper english no text speak. I understand typos as I am so frequent with them.

4: No cyber bullying. Please you will be warned if I see it, I understand if it is in the RP but not if you are talking out of character.

5: You can swear but not in every other sentence. If you do you will be warned if you don't stop I will remove you.

6: Respect everyone on the Forum: no racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. prejudices. Break this rule and you will be kicked out immediately.

7: I really don't care if your character is gay, lesbian whatever so that's all ago on this forum. (I've seen a few that don't like those character but hey you can come on here)

8: Keep it PG, so no explicit sex scenes, make out but that's as far as it goes. Sites rules no my own.

9:Wait for your character to be accepted before Rping.

10: And in spirit of Forums: Have fun.

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