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High school is supposed to be where you discover yourself but what if you discover others. Come in and begin meeting people, couples, friends, enemies. It's up to you. WE ARE OPEN PEOPLE!
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Here is the form just fill it out and if you have any questions let me know:




Sexuality: (Whatever you want. XD)

History: (Detail, detail, detail!( At least one solid paragraph.)

Personality: (Both strengths and weaknesses. At least one solid paragraph.)

Likes: (3-4)

Dislikes: (3-4)

Fears: (2-3)

Appearance: (Links are allowed, but they are supplementary to your describing powers. So no links alone. Be creative)

Other: (Quirks? Crush? That sort of thing)

Player's preferred name/nickname:

Time Zone:

8/2/2012 #1
Milde the tough Teddy

Hello! I'd like to try this out. :)

Name: Molly Auri

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

History: Molly's life was pretty comfortable until her parents devorced when she was ten years old. Since then she has lived with her father who is a workaholic. And altough her life hasn't changed that much she feels alone and ignored without her mother, who left to travel the world with her new boyfrined, and father, who only comes home to sleep.

Personality: Loves to laugh and smile. She can be very deep and philosophical when in the mood. Can be quite awkward with strangers but isn't shy. Tends to run away from difficult situations suchs as arguments.

Likes: Dogs, stuffed animals, books and astronomy.

Dislikes: Clowns, coffee, hospitals and cleaning.

Fears: She is scared of drowning and being alone.

Appearance: She has high cheek-bones, straight slender nose and strong jaw line. Her eyes are nice almond-shaped and their color is intense gray, her lips are slightly chapped and her chocolate brown, straight hair reaches to her shoulders. She has 5'4" tall pear figure and smooth, pale skin.

Other: Has a big crush on a redhead who dosen't even seem to know she exists.

Player's preferred name/nickname: Milde

Time Zone: GMT 2

I don't know why fictionpress won't let it show but there's supposed to be a plus-sign next to that 2...

8/19/2012 . Edited 8/19/2012 #2

Accepted, head over to the Rp will be over in a few minutes let me just write my character up.

8/19/2012 #3

Name: Alexandra 'Alex' Reese

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Lesbian

History: Alex is a fist first think later kind of person, she is a generally angry person but only because her dad was a drunk living in Boston before she ran away and was put into the system she was immediately shipped to a foster home where she began to attend the local high school. She came out to her foster parents when she was thirteen, and they were cool with it besides her foster father he approached her with a cold attitude ever since. Alex went through depression before she came out to her foster parents and was in hospital because of it. She eventually came to grips with it and settled that this was who she was.

Personality: (Both strengths and weaknesses. At least one solid paragraph.) Alex is head strong and will defend her friends through anything. She doesn't like people picking on the weaker person and will defend them in a fight. Alex is also a fight, first think later kind of person. She is stubborn and will argue her way through anything. She has scars on her wrists from her past that she hates talking about.

Likes: (3-4) Sports of any kind. Is a big book geek her top class is English. Alex likes to fix her bike that refuses to be fixed.

Dislikes: (3-4) People asking about her scars, someone picking on someone smaller than them. Birds.

Fears: (2-3) Spider and small spaces.

Appearance: Alex stands 5'11 and is almost as tall as most of the guys. She has dark blue eyes and has cropped blonde hair which is usually a mess. Alex is lean but well muscled from years of sports.

Other: (Quirks? Crush? That sort of thing) She is on the soccer team.

Player's preferred name/nickname: Help

Time Zone: GMT

8/19/2012 . Edited 4/8/2013 #4

I'm not sure if this forum is still active, but I sure hope it is.

Name: Keith Griffin

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

History: Keith belongs to a family of 5, him being the eldest. His father left his family when Keith was 13, and he had to help his mother raise all of the children. He is closest to his younger sister, Scarlet, who is age 14. He has a younger brother named Aiden who is 15, twin sisters named Erin and Emily who are both 7, and a sister named Maddy who is just 5. He is protective of all of them and is a good big brother.

Personality: Most people's first impressions of him are someone who is a rule breaker and rebel, and sometimes he acts like he is. But in reality, he is a softie. If you get to know him, he is sweet and kind and he just can't say no to anyone. When you know of his real personality, he gets all awkward around you, but that is because he likes you since you know what he's really like.

Likes: Playing guitar, writing songs and poems, spending time with his family.

Dislikes: Rude people, loud and obnoxious people, nosy people.

Fears: His family splitting up, being alone.

Appearance: Keith is 6'3, and he towers over everyone in his family. He has messy blond hair that he likes running a hand through, making it even more messy. He has aqua green eyes that are usually bright and friendly. He is lean but not muscled, as he goes jogging with his whole family and goes to the gym sometimes with his mother.

Other: He has a thing for girls who start the conversation.

Player's preferred name/nickname: Echo

Time Zone: UTC 8

1/30/2013 . Edited 1/30/2013 #5

(Accepted) Start when you want)

1/30/2013 #6
Meerkat Version

Name: Spencer 'Spence' Collins

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

History: Born into a broken family, her older brother by six years, Reese, took care of her mostly through her childhood. He was the one to walk her to school, pack lunches, go to parent teacher meetings, even went so far as to name her, etc. so, naturally they grew very close. When Spencer was twelve and Reese eighteen, he was able to legally obtain guardianship over her. While Reese went to school to become a lawyer, the roles were reversed. He started to drink under stress and eventually it was Spencer trying to support them both for a few years. Last year, while in a drunken state, Reese attempted suicide and during his year long mandatory treatment, Spencer was thrown into the system. It was just a few months ago he got out and both of them starting school again is their way of saying 'oh well' and going on as normal.

Personality: A troublemaker from an earlier age, perhaps it was the lack of an actual parent in her life and more of a best friend that gave her the habit of messing with authority. She's very casual and laid back, never getting irrationally angry or pissed at all, really. Being the one to crack everything from lame puns to morbid jokes, Spencer does terribly in serious situations causing to her to act recklessly and rashly in them. Everyone says that she's a walking time bomb and will escalate to dangerous tendencies instead of just reckless actions, but it's hard to tell with Spence.

Likes: Horror/Comedy Movies, Alternative Music, Helping Out With Kids, Tricks

Dislikes: Tight Spaces/Crowds, Hospitals, Alcohol

Fears: Being Buried Alive, Reese Falling Back Into Depression

Appearance: The first thing noticeable about Spencer is her honey, golden-brown, wide eyes. Her black, straight hair ends somewhere in the middle of her back with choppy bangs framing her face. Covering her 5'6 and thin frame is usually a graphic t-shirt covered with a brightly patterned pull over sweater and dark skinny jeans matched with worn out Vans. Several yarn bracelets that the children she used to visit made her hang from her left wrist along with a simple black ring that is on her right index finger. Her appearance would be classified as earthy if it weren't for her skin that's paler than average.


  • Bites her lip when deep in thought
  • Often carries old books in her backpack and earphones in her pant's pocket

Player's preferred name/nickname: Four

Time Zone: UTC-8

2/18/2013 #7


2/23/2013 #8

Name: Kanen Black

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Sexuality: (Whatever you want. XD) Straight

History: (Detail, detail, detail!( At least one solid paragraph.) Kanen grew up in a normal easy home, his parents were average as was he until his dad died in the military, his mum managed to support them along with his 6 year old brother. Eventually they returned to average normality and continued back into the world.

Personality: (Both strengths and weaknesses. At least one solid paragraph.) Kanen is often a goof ball, between his skateboard and his comic books, he is fairly normal. He doesn't do kindly to men he doesn't know so often gets in trouble with teachers who try to take an interest in him.

Likes: (3-4) Skateboarding, ice-skating, ice hockey. Any kind of alternative music.

Dislikes: (3-4) Men trying to come into his family. People trying to touch his hair or his hat. His mum trying to get him to cut his hair.

Fears: (2-3) Guns, snakes, his brother hurting himself in someway.

Appearance: (Links are allowed, but they are supplementary to your describing powers. So no links alone. Be creative) Kanen stands at 6 foot, with brown hair that falls just below his ears that his mum tries to get him to cut. He has grey eyes and is often seen with ropes bracelets decorating his wrists. He normally wears waistcoats with his worn jeans and his converse. He wears his dads military dog tags around his neck.

Other: (Quirks? Crush? That sort of thing) Has tons of comic books, and general books.

Player's preferred name/nickname: Help

Time Zone: GMT

4/8/2013 #9

Name: Gabby Role


Gender: Female

Sexuality: normal

History: Gabby is a normal girl, quiet, dark secrets of the past. She just moved to the new town (that this takes place in) and so far is a goody goody girly girl with perfect grades and such. But she wishes to open up and care less about these things of the present that effect her later. She was the bully of her old school, powerful and popular, feared by many but always backed up by some friends. Her parent, she only has a dad, her mom died in a car accident a few years before, wanted better for her and moved her to the new school giving her a fresh start at the bottom. But Gabby wants to be back to her old ruling bad girl self again. Her only connection with the old school past is a bad boy boyfriend that her dad doesn't know about. But she plays along putting on a smile.

Personality: Shows it as quiet, sensitive, private life. But loves to fight, rule, bully, argue and be stubborn.

Likes: Biking, nature, texting, hunting

Dislikes: being bullied, girly girls, homework

Appearence: average height, medium length brown hair with natural red highlights, skinny but strong, green eyes

Quirks: ?????

(I will add more as it comes to me)

5/5/2013 #10

Accepted,if you want to go to the RP revamp topic you can start in there.

5/5/2013 #11

sweet. thanks

5/5/2013 #12
Thought I might try and join. Name:Lee Dranaia Age:18 Gender:Male Seuality: Straight. History:Lee was born in Sacramento, CA. He lived with both parents but when he was 2 his father left his mother. Him and his mom moved to the south. But his mom could never keep a steady pay so they move around a lot. He is 18 years old and has no idea what to do with his life but just deals with what comes his way. Personality:He is very artistic and loves to draw manga. He likes to play guitar and loves rock music. He is not that good at following directions and sometimes refuses to obey rules he believes are stupid. He can be funny but makes worn out jokes and puns at points. Can't stand heights or contortion(Bodies bending in weird positions).Fairly athletic. His favorite outdoor activity is parkour. Likes: Drawing,Playing guitar,parkour,pizza. Dislikes: Stuck up people , Contortion, broccoli, country music. Fears: Heights, Big snakes, Bulls. Appearance: He has long orange hair down to his shoulders, he has a black hoodie over a white t-shirt,blue eyes,black jeans,tan skin,green shoes,and his lucky punisher baseball cap. Other: He sometimes while messing around will punch his friends a bit too hard on the arm. Player's preferred name/nickname:I don't know.... Time Zone:Central.....?
5/19/2013 #13

Accepted. Head over to the RP revamp.

5/20/2013 #14
(Is the RP still alive?)
5/20/2013 #15

(Trying to be)

5/20/2013 #16
Lee found his locker and opened it. He put his bag in it then glanced at the boy trying to find his locker. Lee then started to grab his books.
5/21/2013 #17

Name: Audrey Bemiert (the t is silent)

Age: 17

Gender: female

Sexuality: straight

History: Audrey was born when her parents were married for two years. When she was five, her parents split up, when her mother confirmed her father's suspicion that she was cheating on him. Her mother soon married the guy she was cheating on her dad with, and he was an okay guy. Thankfully her parents stayed in the same down, just on opposite sides. Since it was her choice in court, she chose to live the week days with her dad, and the weekends with her mom. She has a step-baby brother who is seven years younger than her. Audrey was never mentally hurt by her parents breakup, but not to say that she wanted them to split up.

Personality: Audrey has many flaws and many skills. Flaws: Audrey is used to her parents fighting, so she can get a little harsh at times. She is also like her mother and has a very bad case of stage fright. She cannot stand up in front of even her classmates and read a tiny sentence without breaking into tears. She's very shy, except around her friends were she is free and non caring. Strengths: Audrey is mostly a really nice person to get to know. She solves a lot of problems, and she is really smart.

Likes: Audrey likes simple things, reading and writing for example.

Dislikes: Audrey isn't a huge fan of mustard, mayo, onions, mushrooms, things like that. She also does't care for spiders. She doesn't like her last name, mainly when people pronounce the t

Fears: Audrey is terrified of large crowds, she calls a large crowd over five people, and she is a little scared of spiders

Appearance: Audrey has short shoulder length brown hair that is very curly. She sometimes puts blue highlights in it to be creative and she had brown almond shaped eyes. Audrey is fairly tall, and stick thin. She has a sense of style, but will wear anything. Audrey isn't black or white, but an in between tanned-Indian color.

Other: Audrey has been in dance now for nine years, and gymnastics for twelve. She is very bendable.

Preferred names/ nicknames: Some people call her Aud....

You can call me Ivy

Time zone: whenever...

5/22/2013 . Edited 5/22/2013 #18

Name: Connor Murphy

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Sexuality: straight

History: Connor always lived near school, even before he was born. He is the eldest child in his family, having a sister that is three years younger than him and a brother who looks exactly like him- but four years younger. Connor never had anything big happen in his life, and had a pretty normal history. He participate din a lot.

Personality: Connor is the trouble maker, class clown, and doofus. Connor isn't dumb per say, but rather likes making a show. He will start fights with teacher and just be dumb or get into trouble on purpose so people will laugh. He will do anything to make people smile. Often people think Connor is seeking attention, but really e's only trying to make people laugh and brighten their day. Connor is a nice kid who tries to make a joke out of everything. He is good at sports and acting, and gets along with most everyone- boys and girls. Connor gets in trouble almost everyday but he doesn't care, and his parents ought to be used to it by now.

Likes: Connor likes soccer, plays, and making people laugh

Dislikes: Connor doesn't like bullies, math, or science.

Fears: Connors fears are that him getting in trouble will ruin his college career, and Connor is also scared of getting kicked out of anything. He also fears clowns

Appearance: Connor has always been way too short for his age. Even now he scarcely passes 4'8. Connor is skinny but yet strong, and has a charming glow about him- yet it makes him seem less mature. Connor has dark brown eyes, a bit crooked teeth, and shaggy brown hair.

Other: Connor is on the soccer team, and he is a star player. Connor is also in theater.

characters names/nicknames: Because of Con-yo west, Connor then began to get the nickname Con-yo. When he wears his soccer practice clothes too school (yellow t-shirt and yellow and black striped athletic shorts) he gets called Tweety because of his size. His size also makes him great in soccer, and his speed too.

You can call me Ivy

Time zone: whenever....

5/22/2013 . Edited 5/22/2013 #19


5/23/2013 #20
Dawn Of The Stars
Is this forum still active?
11/29/2013 #21
Dawn Of The Stars
Name: Ashley Stark Age: 16 Gender: female Sexuality: Lesbian History: Ashley grew up in a troubled home, she was abused as a child and was put into the fostercare system. She was kicked out twice for her sexuality from foster homes. The third home she was is is also her current home, where she actually feels welcome all the time. She has gotten all As and is a track star. Personality: Ashley can be cold most of the time. She does this because she is guarded and does not want any emotional attatchments in case she has to leave the home she is in. She can be kind and warm once someone really gets to know the real her. LIKES: Books, movies, and atheletics. DISLIKES: Homophobes, sexist people, and high school FEARS: Loud noises, gun shots, and bullies APPEARANCE: Ashley has soft green colored eyes that can be cold and blocked off, or warm and inviting. Her hair is a soft golden brown color and reaches her shoulder blades, just barely. She is slightly taller than most and has a necklace that is almost like attatched to her. OTHERS: She has some body image issues. My perferred name: Taylor Time zone: MST -7 hours
11/30/2013 #22


12/1/2013 #23

Name: Jason White

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Sexuality: (Whatever you want. XD) Straight

History: (Detail, detail, detail!( At least one solid paragraph.) Grew up in a normal home, however Jason always felt the need to excel and impress his distant father, he still does this by being on the football team. He is in the popular crowd and tries to have as many new girls on his arm as possible. He is always popular with girls and never in trouble. He is not however the best at school and struggles.

Personality: (Both strengths and weaknesses. At least one solid paragraph.) He is very confident and is always wanting to be the center of attention. He is often found as ignorant to other peoples feelings and can be quite up himself. He forgets that people are not as fortunate as he is.

Likes: (3-4) Football, quad biking and basketball

Dislikes: (3-4) Things he doesn't understand, people who act smarter than him, spiders.

Fears: (2-3) Spiders, snakes, disappointing his father.

Appearance: (Links are allowed, but they are supplementary to your describing powers. So no links alone. Be creative) Jason is handsome, he has cropped black hair and has bright green eyes, he is well muscled and stands six feet tall. He always wears his varsity jacket.

Other: (Quirks? Crush? That sort of thing) Likes quiet girls and tries to bring them out their shell.

Player's preferred name/nickname:

Time Zone:

12/1/2013 #24
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