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High school is supposed to be where you discover yourself but what if you discover others. Come in and begin meeting people, couples, friends, enemies. It's up to you. WE ARE OPEN PEOPLE!
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8/2/2012 #1

Alex walked down the halls of the high school, her hands deep in her jeans pockets, another year She thought.

8/19/2012 #2
Milde the tough Teddy

Molly was skipping along the halls in a surprisingly good mood. Passing other students she tried to find at least one of her friends.

8/20/2012 #3

Alex began pulling books out her locker, Better be a good year She thought to herself.

8/20/2012 #4
Milde the tough Teddy

By the time Molly reached the lockers her mood had dropped quite a bit. Out of all the familiar faces not even one had been her friends'. Sighing in defeat she went to open her locker and glanced quickly at the tall girl whose locker was next to Molly's.

8/20/2012 #5
Alex gave a small smile at the girl.
8/20/2012 #6
Milde the tough Teddy

"Hey." Molly smiled, nodding a greeting at the blond girl. She took a few books out of her locker and stuffed them in her bag not caring when she heard one of the books' pages rip in the process.

8/21/2012 #7
"Hey"Alex replied. She pulled more books for her first class.
8/21/2012 #8
Milde the tough Teddy

"Well, have a nice day." Molly closed her locker with a bang and started to walk to her first class which happened to be geography. It was good to talk to at least someone and because of that her good mood from earlier had returned.

8/21/2012 #9

Alex slumped off to History unsure why she had taken it.

8/21/2012 #10
Milde the tough Teddy

Molly balanced her chair to its back legs and let out a yawn. It hadn't even been fiveteen minutes and she was already bored. Usually she loved geography but today's topic just didn't interest her so insted of taking notes she started doodling zebras chasing lions on her notebook.

8/21/2012 . Edited 8/21/2012 #11
Alex rested her head on her fore arms. Listening to the history teacher drone on.
8/21/2012 #12
Milde the tough Teddy

Molly jumped from her seat the moment she heard they were allowed to leave and dashed out of the class, her messenger back still open. She made her way to the school's library and took a seat, placing her bag on the table. She had a perfect view of what she had come to see.

8/21/2012 . Edited 8/21/2012 #13
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