Hope, Just a Spark
What happened? One day we were a thriving community. The next...We're wallowing in the ashes. Only the lucky ones survive from the "cleanings". Can someone help? No. Hope's not here anymore, sorry. A Roleplay about a time when hope is very rare. Just a spark...
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Hi! This is a role-play I've made out of boredom. It's kind of been sorta inspired by a few of the role-plays I've participated in.

Basically, this takes place in the ashes of a once thriving community. There are Saints, Survivors, Spirits, Cleansers, Sanity-lackers [cheesy, eh?] and Silent Assassins. Might add some more if I feel like they're needed.

But what, do you ask, are these? Why are they here? What is their purpose; each and every one? Well I'll tell ya! Right after the history is told.

How did we get here?

Well, that's simple. We were once a very sophisticated community. Then our scientists came up with an amazing invention called the "cleansing". It was said that the "cleansing" would clear everything of its imperfections. So they tried it. Unfortunately, the "cleansing" didn't work. It set the community on fire, and that was the last anyone else heard of the shining city. Now, there are different types of people here...


Saints are basically the healers of the land. They were given the nickname Saints by the Survivors of the "cleansing". All Saints have a healing power, which is how they helped most of the people. Currently, some Saints are also working at the Insanity House. Others are looking for other Survivors.


Survivors have, well, survived the "cleansing" with no side effects. They're normal humans, but are a bit hardened from the sudden explosion. Most have no trust in anything anymore. Even though they have no magic, the survivors are very good at protecting themselves. They've evolved over the years of Silent Assassin attacks.


You can guess what these are. They're the not so lucky ones, who didn't survive the "cleansing". Sometimes they visit their loved ones. Some of the more sour ones go to torment the people who have survived, since they're jealous and angry that they didn't survive. Mainly they torment the Sanity Lackers, so that their screams can be blamed on their lack of sanity.


You can guess who these guys are. They're basically the bad guys who started this mess. Some would think they would be dead, but they aren't. Oddly enough, they grouped together and went to build their science lab somewhere near the ashes of the community. They still practice "cleanings", especially on the people who are left from the first one.


It's kind of obvious who these are by their name. These guys are the loonies of this bunch. They were affected by the "cleansing" in a very bad way. The poor people went berserk from the chemicals. Now they're all together in the Insanity House, being watched over by a few of the Saints.

Silent Assassins

Well, these people survived the "cleansing". They were infected with a bit of the more perfect of the chemicals. One guy figured this out and thought he was better than the others. So he started a group of Assassins. They go and use their powers for bad instead of good. Every other night they go out to the ashes of the community and try to kill the Survivors of the "cleansing".

So there you go. Questions? PM me.

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