Hope, Just a Spark
What happened? One day we were a thriving community. The next...We're wallowing in the ashes. Only the lucky ones survive from the "cleanings". Can someone help? No. Hope's not here anymore, sorry. A Roleplay about a time when hope is very rare. Just a spark...
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Who's in love with who? Come share here!

8/5/2012 #1

Elysia once Fancied Derian . Got over that after he showed his true colors. Now she is Singleand fine with it.


JAson on the other hand has never fancied anyone. So ya.

8/9/2012 #2

Derain - used to like Elysia. Still does a little bit, kind wants her back. Yet is somehow attracted to Thalia [we'll see more of that laaaater //shot]

Hakan - a bit helpless as he falls in love with Thalia.

Elda - hasn't found anyone.

Katyin - Don't need no boy to make her happy at the moment.

8/9/2012 #3

Zekon - Lost everyone to the cleansing, including his true love.... or so he thinks... (Might make her later, or leave it to someone to make. IT's open people)

9/16/2012 #4

Can I make her?

10/9/2012 #5

Sure, why not? Have fun :)

10/13/2012 #6

Thankyou. :)

10/14/2012 #7

That's ok, been waiting for someone to rp with ;)

10/14/2012 #8

Can you invent her name for me?

10/15/2012 #9

Ok, let's see... what about Celty?

10/17/2012 #10

Okay, I will create her now.

10/18/2012 #11
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