Monster Hunting High School RP
An RP that is inspired by Lollipop chainsaw. A high school for over the top awesome monster hunting student's and teacher's. This is an over the top roleplay, if what its been inspired by didn't give it away, but will all be better explained inside
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Place to talk and stuff, there will be more but i am sleepy

8/5/2012 #1
Unhappy Feet

XD This sounds awesome. I'd like to join, but before I do all the work of creating a character or two, I'd first like to know if this forum is still active. ... ... ... Is it?

9/16/2012 #2

Sure it is :D

happy to have any one join, invite more people! :D

seeing as the search only shows forum's from 2009 -_- i dought anyone will join any other way

9/16/2012 #3
Unhappy Feet

:) Great! I'll get right on making someone.

I'll invite everyone I know. Although, you could do so yourself. Come check out my forums - we're always looking for new people too. Links are on my profile page.

9/16/2012 #4

I'll have my self a look then

feel free to make a teacher or student

i have two of each so yay

9/16/2012 #5
Unhappy Feet

Sorry that took so long. My mind won't work right tonight. :P

I'll try to come up with a teacher, next. Eh ... I've got so many characters already, it's hard to be original. Priscilla ... She's kind of loosely based on L from Death Note. Don't know if you know it. I saw on your profile page that you're a Hellsing fan. Woot! Me too. Hugely.

"Real vampires don't sparkle!"

9/16/2012 #6

Most of my characters are a rip off

my one student is just a gender bent Frank west

the headteacher is an old insane wrestler

I love hellsing yay! i watch very few anime as it is but am a huge fan of it

9/16/2012 #7
Unhappy Feet

:D I'm kind of new to anime too. I'm picky, see. Do you perhaps know Samurai 7? Very few people seem to ...

Anyway, I HAVE to go to sleep now, but I'm really excited to start rping. Where do you think is a good place to start? I mean ... I hate just jumping in. I mean, I'm babbling. :P

What I actually want to know, is; are there any plot-lines that I should know about?


9/16/2012 #8

Start in the campus area really, coz i havn't posted yet either, so you will either run into a mexican vampire wrestler or a girl with a camera.

I really need to think of one don't i, i didn't think any one would join so i forgot really -_-, but i am sure i can think of some :D

if you have any i would love to hear them :D

and nop, the only samurai i know is afro ther eis a character to rip off :D

nighty night

9/16/2012 #9
Unhappy Feet

;) Kay, I've posted, as you can see.

Plot wise ... No, I don't really have any ideas. Maybe we could just focus on the training aspect for a while? Maybe have a few exercises - like going out on missions and stuff?

Ah, I'm yet to see Afro Samurai. Is it good?

9/17/2012 #10

Yeah that sounds like a good idea, jus tdo that till more people join

and yeah it is, well i like it anyway

9/17/2012 #11
Unhappy Feet

Kay, I'mma go advertise you now. :3 Don't get your hopes up, though - most of us are girls. XD Like, girly-girls!

9/17/2012 #12

That dosn't matter

i'm joining your superhero ish form now, just making characters

9/17/2012 #13
Unhappy Feet

Cool! So far its just me and my friend J. We'd love a few newbies!

Just for future references, what's the rating on this forum? I mean, mine are all M - with swearing, smut and quite a bit of violence - but of course I realize that's not everyone's cuppa tea.

9/17/2012 #14

Not really into the smuty side of things, but its the internet so i am fine with it

9/17/2012 #15
Unhappy Feet

That's coolio. So long as you don't mind some swearing. :3 I can't seem to stop myself.

9/17/2012 #16

Swearings good for you :D

9/17/2012 #17
Unhappy Feet


So what kind of characters are you planning for my Darkness Calls forum?

Also, I'm thinking about a teacher. Someone who will teach stuff like PE, only EXTREME. How's that sound?

9/17/2012 #18

I like it, its 100% the type of characters i want here, just over the top people :D

I got a super hero who throws playng cards

and a girl based off a book character

9/17/2012 #19
Unhappy Feet

Sounds good. :)

9/17/2012 #20
Unhappy Feet

I was just wondering if you've thought up any plot developments. :)

Also, what can I call you? Everyone on FP generally just calls me Happy, so ... yeah. ;)

9/17/2012 #21

I was mostly thinking an evil teacher, planning with assorted monsters and bad guys.

Crimson, and lovely to sort of meet you Happy :D

9/17/2012 #22
Unhappy Feet

Do you mean a teacher in THIS school that turns out to be like a double agent or something? Or were you thinking of an entirely different school?

*curtsy* Nice to sorta meet you too, Crimson. :)

9/17/2012 #23

In this school i think, stil not sure

9/17/2012 #24
Unhappy Feet

Sorry for the slow replies. I broke my wrist last night and typing's a right bitch.

10/1/2012 #25

owie, that sounds painful, 100% stop if it hurts to much

i hope it gets better soon then :D

10/1/2012 #26
Unhappy Feet

Nah, it's okay. But thanks ;)

10/1/2012 #27
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