Monster Hunting High School RP
An RP that is inspired by Lollipop chainsaw. A high school for over the top awesome monster hunting student's and teacher's. This is an over the top roleplay, if what its been inspired by didn't give it away, but will all be better explained inside
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Powers: (if any)


Theme song:

Companion: (If has one)


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Name: Frankie South

Age: 17

Gender: female

Species: Human

Appearance: short brown hair, a bob cut with a slight bit of fringe that goes to the right, brown eye's, 5 ft 8, average build nothing that really stand's out, allways wearing a some what cocky smirk, has a small scar on left part of her neck in a moon shape. wear's a brown trouser's, white button up shirt, black trousers, black trainer's. has a camera around her neck

Personality: A very determined personality, going out to do what ever she has put her mind to, confident in her ability to survive, act's a lot more friendly and trusting, , will always try to do the right thing, adventurous, very curious and will investigate anything that catch's her eye, smart, not good with building things or DIY

Weapon: Metal Baseball bat, a mini chain saw she keeps tied to her belt

Powers: None, just athletic, and skilled at baseball ball (if any)

Catch-phrase: ''I'm gonna cover wars, ya know'

Theme song:

Companion: (none)

History: A 3rd generation photographer but the first monster hunter in her family. where as her father was a regular photographer but she wanted to stand out and so became a monster hunter, her first photo being off a 'chupacabra' having to hit it over the head with a baseball bat so she could get a good picture with it first. she later joined the school as to learn more about the monsters she is hunting


Name: Miguel 'Vamp' Dra-Smith

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Species: Dhampir

Appearance: wear's a lucha libre mask that is a basic dark red colour, small eye hole with gold trim around the edge's in a pointed shape at the edge of the eye, the mask has sharp teeth pattern and smile around his mouth, two gold fangs and white teeth with black outlining, is shirtingless showing the large amout of upper body musle and tanned skinned, is blad under his mask, wear's wrestling boot's in the dark red colour with the gold line's down the middle and to the soles of the boot's, knee pad's with a gold V on them and are Dark red color, a dark red cape with a gold lining on the out side, near 7 ft tall and muscular build

Personality: brave, honorable, angry if he see's or hear's about anyone harming children and will show them no mercy at all, kind , would never cheat, will do everything with in his power to make sure it is a fair fight, will stop anything evil that he see's, he is over dramatic and a bit of a ham, friendly, honest,

Weapon: Fist's and feet and wresting move's

Powers: Superhuman strength, speed, agility, and durability, Healing factor, Ability to sense supernatural creatures, Skilled lucha libra style wrestler as well as a few other wrestling styles.

Catch-phrase: ''Asesinato es mi vida!''

Theme song:

Companion: As an enchanted Teddy Bear with his legend wrestler and hero 'La leyenda del √°guila' who died fighting a necromancer and his soul was sealed into the Teddy bear and found many years later by Miguel

History: Raised in an orphanage in mexico and always felt different from the other children, often seeing things that wheren't there. He soon found out that one of the priest's was wresting in a local lucha wresting promotion to earn money for the orphanage, this was when he was 8 and the prist trained him to wrestle as well as some of the kind other lucha wrestlers. he trained with them every day he could and set to become a great wrestler as he only got stronger and faster as he got older, soon he meet his companion in a market place in town when he was 16, being the only one who could hear the teddybear talk, listening to the bear's tale he explained why he was the only one who could hear him, explaining that he was part vampire and desitned to use these power's to fight evil. Defeating the now near 100 year old Nercomancer that had sealed 'la levenda del aguila' into the bear in the first place, he found his calling as a zombie/monster hunter

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Unhappy Feet

Name: Priscilla Angelica Copperwhite

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Species: A government experiment gone awry.

Appearance: She's small and narrow in build (standing about 5 ft) and made even more so by the fact that she's always slouching. Her black hair is a mess of curls and tangles and constantly hangs in her face. It reaches her lower back. Her eyes are huge and a light green (almost lime) and very rarely seem to blink. She wears a pair of cut-off jeans that are just a teensy bit too short, and a dark black tube-top. She's almost always barefoot, but when she has to wear shoes, they're blue flip-flops. When she sits, its awkwardly, with her knees under her chin and her arms tucked behind her thighs.

Personality: She's rather quiet, but when she speaks, its without any filters or guards. She'll just blurt out whatever's going on in her head. She can take a lot of abuse before she gets truly angry, but when that happens ... watch out.

Weapon: Her entire body.

Powers: Super speed, strength and hugely enhanced endurance. (she can go for days - maybe even weeks - without food, water, sleep or rest of any kind.)

Catch-phrase: "C'mere ... c'mere ... I wanna play ..."

Theme song:

Companion: N/A

History: She grew up in a lab surrounded by people in white coats. They were trying to create the perfect soldier when they made her, but things went badly wrong when they tried to engineer her personality. They trained her in all kinds of combat, and when she got old enough to want to know why, they didn't have a satisfactory answer. So she escaped and went on the run.

(Sorry, this is a little rough and ready. I'll have two more characters ready soon, but for now, here's Priscilla. What do you think?)

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Accepted :D

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Name: Lilly Manuel

Age: 16

Gender: female

Species: Human/witch-doctor

Appearance: Long blonde hair with a black streak along the side, one eye is blue and her other is a dull grey, 5 ft 8, slender build, has magical Sigil's running up her left wrist and up to her shoulder these tatto's each glow when she is usingher magical powers, slender figure and on the skinny side as she doesn't eat much.

Personality:Sarcastic, brave, flirty, short attention span, often forget's to eat, inquisitive, curious, won't be stopped at all, get's lost in her work, lots of courage, she is a little bit of a treasure hunter when it comes to magical iteam's and will do anything to try and get them

Weapon: Magic book, collection of magical item's,

Powers: teleporting, healing, Knows large amount of other magical things

Catch-phrase: (still need to think of this)

Theme song:

Companion: A metal petaled orchid that she found when traveling,

History:All ways interested in the occult from child hood, born and raised in small village in the rural part of england her interest in magic, occult and the super natural came from her mom who claimed to be a witch doctor of sorts. she didn't believe her at all and just consider her a crazy old lady, that was before she saw her mom doing the whole Voodo magic thing on her roof top, fighting off some kind of demon with a big staff and a pentagram made of salt. After the ending of his battle Lilly was soon trianed in magic and was quick to learn everything she could, this was when she was 13. After her mother was done teaching her everything she could in Voodoo and witch doctoring she left her home happily explored the world to learn everything she could about magic.

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Randomized Name

name: mike sovanson

age: 17

gender: male

species: human


personality: quiet, likes to sleep, doesnt speak unless spoken to, a man you can trust with your life if you have gained his trust

weapons: MA5C assualt rifle, SSR M41 rocket launcher, M6D pistol

powers: armor lock, armor locks down becoming empenetrable

catch-phrase: (helljumper motto) feet first into hell, sir

theme song:

history: drafted into the UNSC marine corpse at a young age and was drafted into the ODST unit and soon the helljumper squadron, parents were killed during a evactuation when the site was ambushed, soon after the squadron arrived to dispatch the enemy forces (please let me know if i have to add more)

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Randomized Name
An edit to my characters history: (sorry doing this on my phone) recently during a recon/ salvage mission mikes squad was ambushed by a species called cratheans, they barely fended them off, in order to learn more about this species mike was order to go undercover to a place called (cant remember the name sorry) monster high
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