Monster Hunting High School RP
An RP that is inspired by Lollipop chainsaw. A high school for over the top awesome monster hunting student's and teacher's. This is an over the top roleplay, if what its been inspired by didn't give it away, but will all be better explained inside
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The High School campus for the monster hunters.


8/6/2012 . Edited 9/16/2012 #1
Unhappy Feet

During lunch break on a blue Monday, Priscilla Angelica Copperwhite could be found in the farthest corner of the mess hall. She was sitting alone at a table with her feet tucked onto her chair, as always. There was an untouched glass of water in front of her. Her bright unnatural eyes were staring it down like it had done her some injustice.

9/17/2012 #2

Frankie got her lunch, looking over at Prisilla...she shrugged and sat on her table ''hey...I'm Frankie'' she said looking at the girl, resistanting the urge to take a picture of her like she had most of the other stranger students

9/17/2012 #3
Unhappy Feet

Priscilla looked slowly up from her water and examined the girl. "You have a camera around your neck," she said in a monotone voice.

9/17/2012 #4

''Yes i do, i'm a reporter of sorts'' Frankie said lifting the camera ''i think i got a job at the school paper as well'' she grinned at Priscilla

9/17/2012 #5
Unhappy Feet

Priscilla reached up a thin finger to scratch at her cheek. Her head turned a tiny bit to the side. "You think you've got a job at the school paper?"

9/17/2012 #6

''Well i haven't asked yet...but i am going to later and i am sure they will say yes'' Frankie said grinning happily

9/17/2012 #7
Unhappy Feet

Priscilla nodded and took a small sip of her water. "What do you take pictures of?"

9/17/2012 #8

''anything really, anything that catches my eye'' Frankie nodded and grinned even more ''well anyhting that would make a good story''

9/17/2012 #9
Unhappy Feet

"What makes a good story?" Priscilla asked idly. "I'm not hungry, would you like my lunch?" She pushed her water over to Frankie and rested her chin on her knees.

9/17/2012 #10

''you know...that's not really food'' Frankie said as she looked at the water ''this is food'' as she pointed down to her tray ''and anything exciting and new, that will get people to read the paper''

9/17/2012 #11
Unhappy Feet

"Like I said, I'm not hungry," Priscilla shrugged. She made a humming sound. "If I dumped a tray of mashed potatoes over Mr Fourth's head, would that make the paper?"

9/17/2012 #12

''well yeah but i don't think he would like that a lot'' Frankie said giggling a the idea as she looked at the teacher's table.

Sheila tapping away on a holograpic computer screen

the headteacher screaming at the top of his lungs about battle and crushing enemys, his normal every day lunch speech

9/17/2012 #13
Unhappy Feet

Priscilla nodded in agreement. "No, he wouldn't like that ... I may just do it."

Bruce Fourth was sitting by the headmaster's side, grinning from ear to ear as the older man spoke of battle. It was one of his favourite subjects.

"But then again ... I may not." She sighed. "I have his class next. He'll probably take it out on me. What's your next class?"

9/17/2012 #14

''sir you are making the students look again'' Sheila said not even bothing to look or looking excited by the speech.

''i have that class as well'' she said looking over ''what a mad man'' she said hearing the teacher

9/17/2012 #15
Unhappy Feet

"They're all mad," Priscilla said mildly. "Mad as hatters. I'm off now. Would you like to walk with?"

9/17/2012 #16

''yeah sure lets go'' she said grinning at Priscilla as she grabs an apple and follows her

9/17/2012 #17
Unhappy Feet

Priscilla shuffled out of the crowded mess hall, her hands shoved deep into her shorts' pockets. "So what are you? What kind of freak?"

9/17/2012 #18

Frankie shrugged ''i'm human...nothing really that amazing about me'' she said looking down at her self ''not to strong or fast''

9/17/2012 #19
Unhappy Feet

"So there's nothing that makes you special?" Priscilla asked bluntly. They'd reached the huge indoor gym that served as Mr Fourth's classroom. There were already a few other students gathered.

9/17/2012 #20

''nop nothing special, i'm just good with the baseball bat i have in my locker and investagint things'' she shrugged as she walked into the glass room.

Miguel stood, proberly the biggest of the students in his gym gear and his wrestling mask

9/17/2012 #21
Unhappy Feet

"So you're nosy?" Priscilla asked. She pointed to Miguel, since he stood out the most of all the students. "Then you must know what he look like under that mask."

9/17/2012 #22

''i know enough to try not to look....they very protive over there mask's, its a honer doesn't appear on camera'' she said biting her bottom lip in frustation, she had tried to get a picture of Miguel maskless

Miguel looked over, rasing a hand to the person pointing at him

9/17/2012 #23
Unhappy Feet

"Oh ... That means you're not very good, doesn't it?" Priscilla saw the masked man raise a hand to her, so she waved her fingers in a strange little greeting. "Hello," she said, strolling over.

9/17/2012 #24

''That makes him a vampire..or at least part one as it is day time'' Frankie said pouting a she followed as well

''Hola'' Miguel said looking her over

9/17/2012 #25
Unhappy Feet

"A vampire?" Priscilla asked Frankie. Standing in front of him, she had to crane her neck to look up at the masked man. "Are you a vampire, amigo?"

9/17/2012 #26

''a partly si'' he said looking down at Priscilla and Frankie

Frankie nodded ''told you so''

9/17/2012 #27
Unhappy Feet

"I've never heard of it ..." Priscilla shrugged.

With a loud crash, the gym doors few open and Mr Fourth emerged. "Gather round, maggots!" he yelled, striding in with a cocky swagger. "Today we're gonna be sparring - hand to hand!" he grinned.

There were a few groans from the students.

"Pair up!" the teacher ordered.

Priscilla stayed exactly where she was, watching everyone choose partners for themselves. As usual, she was avoided - she had a bit of a reputation for fighting dirty, and was therefore not very popular.

9/17/2012 #28

Frankie moved and stood with another human student ''sorry, but i'm sort of still bruised from the last super powered person i had a fight with'' she said to Priscilla.

People avoid Miguel, becuase of who big he was, looking at Priscilla ''would you like to spar?'' he asked her, as he stretched his arms

9/17/2012 #29
Unhappy Feet

Priscilla shrugged at Frankie and turned back to Miguel. "Sure. You look slow, though," she said. "I hope you're enough of a challenge - my last fight ended in three seconds flat."

"Find yourselves a clear spot and start beating each other up, maggots!" Mr Fourth commanded, his voice booming across the room. He was standing on a low podium, his arms crossed as he surveyed his students. Every now and then he'd bark a few tips.

9/17/2012 #30
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