Monster Hunting High School RP
An RP that is inspired by Lollipop chainsaw. A high school for over the top awesome monster hunting student's and teacher's. This is an over the top roleplay, if what its been inspired by didn't give it away, but will all be better explained inside
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9/17/2012 #1
Unhappy Feet

Name: Freddy (Just Freddy - no one knows his last name)

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Species: Vampire (Much the same way as Allucard from Hellsing)

Appearance: 5"10, extremely skinny, tanned skin, bleach blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes. He's always smiling, no matter what the situation is. He comes across as lazy and laid back and he moves slowly, like he's half asleep. He wears flowery red and white swimming trunks and a bright Hawaiian shirt that he keeps unbuttoned to show off his abs. Around his neck, he wears a lot of chains and charms.

Personality: He's your typical surfer dude: Lazy, relaxed, loves to chill ... But in truth, he's an evil, conniving schemer of a man. All he wants is power and he'll step on anyone who gets in his way to get that power.

Weapon: Two derringer pistols. He carries them in a leather holster slung low on his hips.

Powers: He's immensely fast, strong, and his accuracy with his guns is unmatched. He can hide in the shadows like a spirit and move around completely undetected.

Catch-phrase: "Duuuuuude ... I'mma kill you ..."

Theme song:

History: He won't say anything about his past. He showed up at the school one day a few weeks back, asking to be trained by the top brass. He payed the tuition in cash, so they didn't question him and he was allowed to say.

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accepted :D

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Unhappy Feet


9/19/2012 #4

Name: Seth Reficul

Age: 19

Gender: male

Species: 1/2 demon

Appearance: well kept blonde hair, 5 ft 8, average build, often seeing wearing suits, black aviator sunglasses, has pricing red eyes they go bright when tapping into his powers. Demon Form: a dark red torso covered in eye's that size changes all the time, shadow tentacle like shadow arm's and legs, one of the hands on the arms is just a massive savage looking dog head, the other hand has be replaced by a set of sharp looking shadows attached to a stump.

Personality: bi polar nearly anything can make his mood just snap, from acting as a carefree friendly person who will just shrug off most problems, if his mood snaps he is a violent and psychopath who will do what ever he wants and take what ever he wants, when in his better moods he dose his best to act sophisticated and not like the insane thug that he really is.

Weapon: Metal Baseball bat, double barrel desert eagle

Powers: he has super strength , his body can take a lot of damage, can turn into his demon form at a last resort.a pendant around his neck, his is what allows him to use is demon form.

Catch-phrase: ''WHAT?!'' before smashing something or some one.

Theme song:

History: Raised as a human with just his father, only recently finding out about his demon side...he quickly joined the gang full of demons as it wasn't like he had anyhting else going in his life, he travled to New sprada, as he used his powers more and more he started hearing a painfull voice in his head, the more violent way that he used his power lead to the voice getting louder, when he started to understand it...the voice clamined to be his mother..and was Lucifer...telling him how to use his demon form, chanerling the power through the pendant he turned into his new form and torn his cheap apartment up this also causing the change in personality when the transformation finished he left for the gang meeting place and beat the leader to a pulp with his baseball bat and takes over the gang, the youngest gang leader among them so far, he later heard about this school..and was in agood mood so joined...he did his best to keep his more phsycopathic acts to a small unless in a fight

9/19/2012 #5

Name: Etoille Dra-Smith

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Species: Vampire

Appearance: long black hair that reach's his shoulders, dark red eye's, 7 ft 12, muscular build, wear's a long black trench coat, white tank top, black trousers with red knee guard, black boot's, fingerless glove's, his nails are sharpned to a point and so are all of is teeth.

Personality: Dark, brooding, evil, violent, sadistic, brutal, sneaky

Weapon: Short sword, large metal gualtets

Powers: Vampire

Catch-phrase: 'Muerte tratar'

Theme song: dethklok - facefisted

History: The older and bigger brother to Miguel, he was never around for his younger brother or sister...he was much more wanted to use his powers for personal gain and many other selfish reason's, part of the way through his traveling and selfishness he found a turn him from a 1/2 breed into a full vampire, happily striking a deal with this man he soon became much more powerful and loved the feeling that he got from this, he later joined a gang of other violent teen's/young adluts, lead by a 1/2 deamon by the name of 'Seth'


Name: Jenifer 'Jen' Taylor

Age: 20

Gender: female

Species: Human

Appearance: Long blonde hair, pale blue eye's, 5 ft 4, slender build, wear's ripped jean's and a very lose fitting white tank top both stretch, she goes around barefooted

Personality:Jennifer is the kind of person who doesn't care what other people think about her, she use to be quite kind and loving, when the mask is on she dose her best to control what the mask is saying, but she dose love the killing and the power the mask gives her, along with that the mask its self has effected her personality, she has become a lot more sadistic and a darker sense of humor each time she takes the mask off, the mask its self is a grim, angry, bloodthirsty, mocking, will egg on Jennifer as much as it can, love's when it makes Jen be more violent and when she is creative,

Weapon: Punching and hitting things, what ever she picks up

Powers: When she puts on an evil demonic mask, she gains super strength, Super healing, and her body gets nearly 3 times the size of her normal body, she has once beaten a man to death with her own arm,

Catch-phrase: ''Hey, wanna see what your spine looks like?'' The Mask say's ''I WANT YOUR SKULLS!!!''

Theme song:

History: A some what regular girl but the daughter of a man who was a mix of mad scientist and Indiana Jones, and as such she always seem to get strangest birthday and Christmas presents, when she turned 16 she got the grimmest and strangest gift yet, a mask that was some what Aztec or mynan, hearing voices come from it she wanted to tell her dad but he was more often then not, not even at home to help her at all with this, just her some what dimwitted mother, the voice told her to keep the mask with her at all times so she did as she was told. one day her mom was kidnapped by some guy's, the mask telling her to put it on and she can save her mom in a panic she did as it said, putting the mask on and she entered a painful transformation, but after the transformation finished she felt like she could split the world in 1/2, saving her mom by tearing the van in 1/2 with just her hands and killing the kindnappers with the same, she hated to admit it but she loved the rush and the feeling of killin and all the power she was given by this mask. She was soon exploring the world as a sort of just looking for new way's to explore her power's and have fun. she joined up with Seth after her told her waht he was planning


need to switch computers, but more badguy gang yay

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Unhappy Feet

Bad guys, yay!

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that took far longer then it should have -_-

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