Monster Hunting High School RP
An RP that is inspired by Lollipop chainsaw. A high school for over the top awesome monster hunting student's and teacher's. This is an over the top roleplay, if what its been inspired by didn't give it away, but will all be better explained inside
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Lilly had to move fast, and speak faster, a wall of sliver light appearing infront of her as she kicks off the wall and rolls towards the door that had the tinyest sigh of it being opened ''just a bit more can do it'' as she scramlbed back

Miguel pulled the door opened wider and slipped inside the box, trying to get to lilly first

9/30/2012 #151
Unhappy Feet

Priscilla hated herself for her weakness. She was that close to killing Lilly! She made a strangled sound of disgust and hunger and threw herself to the side, into the wall. The pain worked to distract her, so she pulled at her hair and bit down on the inside of her mouth.

She refused to open her eyes or breathe in.

9/30/2012 #152

Miguel quickly pulled Lilly out and closed the box ''who did it?'' he asked both of them, as he pushed the large door closed and looked at Lilly and listend for Priscilla

''that asshole Freddy....he just walked through the shadows'' Lilly said sighing as she kicked the box

9/30/2012 #153
Unhappy Feet

Priscilla collapsed to the floor, breathing hard.

The smell was gone, making it a little easier to control herself.

"That bastard tried to make me kill her!"

9/30/2012 #154

''that was proberly the plan'' Lilly said as she sighed, feeling her neck and watching the school ''i'll...i'll get him back'' she said glaring at the ground.

Miguel sighed ''that means no more human's by the box...'' he added quickly ''if he plans with messing with you''

9/30/2012 #155
Unhappy Feet

"That was no fun at all," Freddy's voice rang out from somewhere close, but he wasn't visible. "There wasn't even any blood!"

9/30/2012 #156

Miguel glared around ''walking through wall's....a powerful coward'' he called out

Lilly brought out the hand book and started to find the correct spell ''dam it...wrong book'' she sighed

9/30/2012 #157
Unhappy Feet

"Dude, you think trying to insult me will make me face you head on?" Freddy asked goodnaturedly. He slid around until he was behind Lilly again. He made only one arm appear and used it to snatch the book out of her hands. "How well will you do, Lilly the witch, without your spells?"

9/30/2012 #158

''i don't think you will face me head on what ever happens....really not your style if you walk in the shadows is it?'' Miguel said.

Lilly grabbed for her book back ''i have the one's i have in my memory, and they are usless to you with out the right training''

9/30/2012 #159
Unhappy Feet

Freddy laughed and snatched the book out of her reach. Using his mighty strength, he tossed it through the air, out of the school grounds and into a nearby busy street. "Fetch," he yelled.

He moved around in the shadows until he was somewhere near Miguel. "Do you think you are stronger than a newly turned vamp? Do you think you could fight Priscilla off if push comes to shove?"

9/30/2012 #160

''i believe i could yes'' Miguel said as he looked for Freddy, ''i think i am stronger then you, i don't hold back when fighting creatures that can take it''.

Lilly sighed ''ass'' as she tapped the middle tattoo on her arm and she teleported after the book

9/30/2012 #161
Unhappy Feet

"Hmm ..." Freddy pretended to think. "See ... I think you're wrong there, dude ... Very wrong ... Especially if you're already hurt and bleeding when she sees you."

He lashed out and raked his razor sharp nails across Miguel's upper chest, leaving shallow but bleeding cuts in his skin. He flitted back into the shadows before the larger man could retaliate.

9/30/2012 #162

Miguel groaned as he felt his chest be slashed, swinging his fist out into the shadows where Freddy had been

9/30/2012 #163
Unhappy Feet

"Now ... let's try this again, shall we?" Freddy asked with a chuckle. "With feeling this time!"

He gave Miguel a hard shove while he turned them both into shadows. Just like with Lilly, they passed through the metal box and came to a stop inside. "Dinnums, Priscilla!" Freddy laughed and disappeared.

9/30/2012 #164

''i am going to kill you!'' Miguel yelled loudly slamming his fist into the box side ''Priscilla'' as his other hand held his cuts

9/30/2012 #165
Unhappy Feet

"I'd like to see you try!" Freddy laughed from outside. "Well, my work here is done." He crossed his arms behind his head and lazily walked away.


Priscilla was sure her throat had to be bleeding - it felt so dry and tender. She still managed to yell, though; "You idiot, Miguel! How could you let him bring you in here? And ... bleeding ... oh my God ... bleeding ..."

9/30/2012 #166

Miguel swore and backed away a little ''i have no real idea how to stop that yet...i am sorry'' he said simply

9/30/2012 #167
Unhappy Feet

Priscilla curled into herself and turned away from Miguel. "You have to get out," she whispered. "Right now. Get out!"

9/30/2012 #168

''it only opens from the outside only'' Miguel said sighing as he moves towards where the door opens ''te only hope is lilly or someone else comes back''

9/30/2012 #169
Unhappy Feet

"You have to ... you have to ... you have to ..." Priscilla chanted. She couldn't take it any more. Keeping herself away from Lilly was one thing, but being at such close quarters with Miguel while he was bleeding ... It was too much for her.

She jumped at him.

9/30/2012 #170

Miguel ducked and rolled out of the way of Priscilla as she jumped at him, ''fight it Priscilla''

9/30/2012 #171
Unhappy Feet

"Knock me out," she said before rushing at him again. "So I can't hurt you!"

9/30/2012 #172

''i'll do my best'' Miguel said as he side stepped and slammed his elbow into the back of her head

9/30/2012 #173
Unhappy Feet

Priscilla dropped like a stone. Black spots swam before her eyes, but she barely felt any pain. "Not ... good enough ..." she panted from the floor before leaping to her feet and launching herself at him. Without hesitation, she sank her fangs into his neck.

9/30/2012 #174

Miguel groaned and did his best to grab Priscilla's fore head and the bottom of her jaw trying to tear her face away from his neck

9/30/2012 #175
Unhappy Feet

When the first drop of his blood hit her tongue, Priscilla knew she wouldn't be able to stop. There was just no way.

One of her hands caught his wrist and pulled it away from her face while the other arm curled around his neck and pulled his head to the side.

You have to stop me, Miguel ... she thought. I don't want to kill you, but the way things are going now, I will ...

9/30/2012 #176

a lot easier said then done.

as he ran forward into the nearest wall, pushing his head back down to try and block his neck, and shove her into the wall

9/30/2012 #177
Unhappy Feet

The jolt was hard enough that Priscilla's head snapped back and hit the wall. She growled and made herself let go of Miguel. The hit also seemed to have knocked some sense into her, because instead of going for his neck again, she bit sharply down on the side of her hand. The pain nearly made her scream, but that was good too. It meant she hadn't completely lost her mind yet.

9/30/2012 #178

Miguel held his neck and stepped back heading for the door ''i am...truely sorry for this'' as he bashed the door as hard as she could.

Lilly had found her book in a puddle and she sighed ''this is over 500 year's old, i am going to rip out his teeth and sell them'' she said teleporting back ''crap' as she started to pull the door open, a lot more slowly then Miguel did, as she heard him speak

9/30/2012 #179
Unhappy Feet

Priscilla released her hand long enough to say; "No, I'm the one that's sorry. I'm so weak ... It's pathetic."

9/30/2012 #180
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