Just another High School Romance
Just another high school romance. Come and live out that high school romance you have always wanted. note, this is an rp forum. Wasnt sure if people could guess.
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Welcome to my Forum, a place for chatting, and Rping.

Let me lay down the rules:

1.(for rp) no godmoding-this, in serious cases, is a sure fire way to make me insta-ban(and i dont wanna be the bad guy)

2.(For all topics)Respect- this may be interpreted differently. this is how i will interpret it: You have your veiws, i have mine. I will, try, not overstep my bounds be rude to one because of their veiws, race, sex, weight, religion, or mental capasity(sorry if think that last one was mean)

3.(for everyone)have fun-self explanitory....

4.Law-this may sound rude but my word is law, seeing as i am the creator of this forum and am soley responsable for any thing that goes into it. if i say jump, dont ask, just do it

5.PM(private messageing!)-I will use and abuse(figure of speach) this thing! It is usefull and gosh dogit the other people on the forum cant see what your saying to me...so think, if you have problems, pm and i will try my hardest to get back to you.

6.(for mod(s)topics-you wanna make a topic? Cool beans! Run it by me first(look at rule 5 *hint hint*)

7.Rping- there are many was to rp. I prefure to use the story fashion. (If u dont understand look at my other forums on fanfiction) unless noted by the creator of a rp topic this is the form we use in this forum.

8.(For rp topic creators)Form-this is how the rp plays out(look at 7). If you wish to use a different form you must first post(In the rp topic) what symbols mean what like : anything between * * indicates an actiion being done, or something is being discribed.

9.(everyone)Gramar- as you can see i am the killer of gramar. im sorry if u ocd about this, i cant help it, some other peeps cant help it. I DO NOT(repeat DO NOT) want to see this kind of post "you spelled {insert word} this word wrong" or any form of that. I dont like it and it is a waste of words to tell me something i already know. NOTE: If u think u spelled a word wrong put (sp?) behind it. useually someone will pick up on it and see if u did or didn't spell the word right.

10.(everyone) Language-somepeople on this forum may have met me and they know i curse...alot(which is probly an understatment)i dont care if you curse, but if your droping bomb every other word, or every other 3 words, or if the cursing bothers someone, we will have to clean it up and use censors...everyone LOVES(sacrasm) those...@#$& i hate cencors!


Please check back often to this page, for it is where i will post important info and such stuff.

Yours truly,


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