Just another High School Romance
Just another high school romance. Come and live out that high school romance you have always wanted. note, this is an rp forum. Wasnt sure if people could guess.
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Please introduce your selves here.

Hi. I am RedRose, the foums creator and supergalpal extraordinaire. I'm as of now a full fleaged college student, full time. If Im not on here or fanfiction it is the weekend and i cant get on yet, or im craming.

8/6/2012 #1

Hi, I am thestar41. People can call me Lexi I don't mind. :D

8/6/2012 #2

Welcome Star! I don't really use names past someones user name(I'm a tad lazy and it is easier to remember).

Im sorry for the person who posted in the welcome topic. For a while now I have thought my forum was doomed, but...(I'm going to get corny and emotional for a moment.)You are my light in the darkness.

I should post a little about my self. I am a freshmen in college, despite my errors in spelling which i have found to be one of the very few things my dyslexia has blocked me from doing right. I do, despite the set back, love writing and reading. It seems the dyslexia only kicks in when i have to read out loud. Some of my inspiration for many of my ideas actually come from the few table top rpg's i play(Yes on is dnd, and i find pathfinder to be much better and slightly more enjoyable).

8/7/2012 #3

Lol, light always comes through the darkness. I have so many nicknames and people just call me everything. I rarely get called by my real name.

I am usually pay extra attention to my spelling and grammar errors, but I must say i would probably die without spell check. I am also really bad at math so yeah i try to stay away from math. I will not correct you all the time since you have dyslexia. I love reading and writing allot.

I am in actually really happy most of the time, it is rarely that i am depressed or upset. Nice to meet you!!

8/7/2012 . Edited 8/7/2012 #4

Good evening. I'm Breeze. Seriously, just call ,e Breeze.

...Thank you. *Bows*

8/11/2012 #5

Nice to meet you.

8/11/2012 #6

Hello everybody, I'm Lilly in the Roses but you can call me Lily :)

3/25/2013 #7

Hello Everyone, My name is Izz.Is.Insane, but every one, please call me Izzy. I am insane, at leat, that is what the voices in my head tell me, but I am also very kind and love to role play. Pleased to meet you.

7/14/2013 #8

Hi guys sorry for ignoring my forum. It was irresponsible of me. I think we could kick this thing back off, if we try.

7/27/2013 #9

Sounds good, will we all just start back in the new rp or do you want to kick it off again?

7/28/2013 #10

We will start in the new rp.

7/28/2013 #11
If I'm allowed to join. Hello everyone I'm Horsewriter123. Please call me Trey. Thank you. I am so bad at spelling and grammar. Spell check is a lifesaver!
12/9/2013 #12

I am whatdotheydream! I was thinking about butterflies when I chose my nickname. XD

12/22/2013 #13
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