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Just another high school romance. Come and live out that high school romance you have always wanted. note, this is an rp forum. Wasnt sure if people could guess.
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1st year core-

a.Science-biology1, chemistry, physics1


c.history-U.S. History1,History pre-medieval era,

d.Math algebra1, geometry1

1st year elective-

a.Fine arts-Art1, Band1, Orchestra1, Theater1,Choir1 , Wood shop

b.Other-Introduction to Mechanics, Culinary arts, basic computer skills, Multimedia.

2nd year Core-

a.Science-Biology2, Chem.2 , Physics2

b. English-English2

c.History- U.S. History2, History post-Medieval-Pre- American revolution.

d.Math-Algebra2, Geometry2

2nd year Elective-

a.Fine art- Sculpting1(must have taken art1), Painting1(must have taken art1), Drawing1(must have taken art1), Band2, Orchestra2, Theater2, Theater tech1(Must have taken theater1), Choir2, Metal shop(Must have taken wood shop)

b. Other- Automotive1(Must have taken into. to Mechanics.) Culinary arts2, Web mastering, Multimedia2(Must have taken Multimedia1)

3rd year core-

a.Science-Anatomy(must have taken biology first two years.) Chemesty3, Physics3

b.English- English literature

c.History- World History1, World civilizations1, Geology1

d. Math-Calculus, Applicable mathematics

3rd year elective-

a. Fine arts-Sculpting2(must have taken Sculpting1), Painting2(Must have taken painting1),Drawing2(Must have taken Drawing1), Band3, Orchestra3, Theater3, theater tech2, Choir3, Welding1(Must have taken Metal shop)

b.Other- Automotive2, Culinary arts3, Computer Science

4th year core-

a.Science- Physiology(Must have taken Anatomy), Chem.4, Physics4

b.English- British Lit.

c. History-World history2, World civilization2, Geology2

d.Math- Trigonometry, Applicable Mathematics2

4th year elevtive-

a.Fine arts-Sculpting3, Painting3, Drawing3, Band4, orchestra4, theater4 theater tech3, Chior4, Welding2

b.Other-Automotive3, culinary art4, Advanced Computer Science.

Science,English, and Electives( Arts, Band, Orchestra,Choir,Culinary arts, and wood shop/metal shop/welding) are Monday and Wednesday.

History,Math and Electives(Theater,Mechanics, and technology classes) are Tuesday and Thursday.

their are 4 classes each day, two core and two elective. each class is an hour and a half long. lunch is in between the second and third class and lasts for an hour and a half.(all together School is 9 hours long.

Students have physical education everyday, an hour in the morning starting at 7 then an hour after school at 3, this isn't considered a class though, It is split between athletics(for the athletes) and regular physical education for those not in sports. The sports teams are:Football(fall),Baseball(spring),Basketball(fal l)Tennis(spring),Swimming(fall and spring)Track(fall and spring) Soccer(spring).

A student may be on Two teams, one in the fall and one in the spring. If wanting to be in track or swimming one must specify fall or spring, or both(this all so means if you do both you may not join another sport)

Their are many different clubs at the school ranging from sport type clubs like fishing and archery, to recreational like book club or the gaming society. Some have teams that compete, like the chess team. Those teams don't count towards your elegability to join a sports team.

The weekend is three days long. The school provides shuttle cars and busses to town from 10am-8pm

Lights out in the dorms is at 12pm. wake up is at 5, breakfast at 6, morning p.e at 7.

Boys are not aloud in the girls dorm and vice versa.

8/6/2012 . Edited 7/30/2013 #1

Bea has Physics2,English2,Metal shop, and sculpting1 on Monday and Wednesday. U.S History2,Geometry2, Automotive, and Multimedia2 on Tuesay and Thursday.

Wilhelm has Physiology, British lit, Painting3, and Choir4 monday and wednesday. World Civilizations2, trig, Theater4 and Advanced Computer Science Tuesday and thursday.

Zane has Anatomy, English lit, Choir3, Orchestra3 on Monday and Wednesday. World Civilizations1, Applicable math, Theater tech 2, and Computer science Tuesday and Thursday.

Himiko has biology1,english1, art1, culinary arts on Monday and Wednesday. History pre-medieval era, algebra, basic computer skills, Multimedia on Tuesday and Thursday.

The Classes are in the order they occur.

8/7/2012 . Edited 7/30/2013 #2

4th year core class'

Science: Chem4

English: British lit

History: Geology2


Painting, band4, theater, and advanced computer science



8/7/2012 . Edited by XxXRedroseXxX1, 8/7/2012 #3

She can only be in one art and band for the classes to be within the system. four classes a day. Science,English, and Electives( Arts, Band, Orchestra,Choir,Culinary arts, and wood shop/metal shop/welding) are Monday and Wednesday.

History,Math and Electives(Theater,Mechanics, and technology classes) are Tuesday and Thursday.

8/7/2012 #4

Okay so i have to change the electives?

Painting band4 theater and advanced computer science.

Did i do it right that time?? Sorry I am not good at this, lol.

8/7/2012 #5

Its cool. I realized I'm making this into a very complex thing.

yea it checks out. I am tweaking things so we under stand the system

8/7/2012 . Edited 8/7/2012 #6

Okay so can I start RPing?? Or would you like me to wait?

8/7/2012 #7

I think we are ready. Im gonna finish up Wilhelm.

If you want to start off thats cool.

8/7/2012 #8

Alex has Physiology, British Lit, Drawing3, Culinary arts4 on a Monday and Wednesday. She has World Civilisations2, Trigonometry, Advanced Computer Science, Automotive3 on a Tuesday and Thursday

HelpBotton you must pick a different elective than sculpting as it isn't done on tuesday and thursday. Check the list again please.

8/24/2012 . Edited by XxXRedroseXxX1, 7/30/2013 #9



Class 1 - English Literature

Class 2 - Physics3

Class 3 - Culinary Arts3

Class 4 - Choir3


Class 1 - Theater3

Class 2 - Geology1

Class 3 - Calculus

Class 4 - Computer Science



Class 1 - Chem.4

Class 2 - British Lit.

Class 3 - Painting3

Class 4 - Orchestra4


Class 1 - Theater tech3

Class 2 - World history2

Class 3 - Trigonometry

Class 4 - Automotive3

These students' schedules will not change during the school year.

Breeze, Ellen is second year student(she is 16), please change her schedule accordingly.

The same goes for Phillip who is a 3rd year, not a senior.

8/24/2012 . Edited by XxXRedroseXxX1, 7/30/2013 #10

both core classes are back to back

8/24/2012 #11

Is that better?

8/24/2012 #12


8/24/2012 #13

Sorry if im not on a lot. First week of school is kicking my ass.

8/30/2012 #14
Monday/Wednesday: (1) chior 3 (2) physics 3 (3) english literature (4) Theater Tuesday/Thursday: (1) Theater Tech (2) Calculus (3) world civilizations 3 (4) culinary arts
7/29/2013 #15
Did I do that right?
7/29/2013 #16

All theater classes are on tuesday and thursday.

Core classes are attended first then electives.

So the scheduall would look like this

M/W-Physics 3, English lit, Choir 3, Culinary Arts

T/TR-World Civilization 1, Calculus, Theater 3, Theater tech 2

This should be correct(If i have correctly read what i wrote)

7/29/2013 #17
Okay, I wrote it down.....thanks for clearingvthat up. By the way, since my charrie Devon is hinding as a guy, she'll be in the male dorm's, I am curious if she'll have a roommate? I think it'll add to the drama, if she does.
7/29/2013 #18

she will because she isn't a senior.

7/29/2013 #19
Okie dokie, should I jump on in? Or do I need to do anything else?
7/29/2013 #20

That should be it. you can post if you wish, but i dont really want to start until more people post their schedules.

7/29/2013 #21
Okiedokie, I can wait.
7/29/2013 #22

Screw it! Lets rp!

7/30/2013 #23
Okay! X3
7/30/2013 #24


7/30/2013 #25

Hey Hb did you see the edit i made to your scheduled post?

7/30/2013 #26

No but I have now so I'll go quickly edit it.

7/30/2013 #27

Thank you

7/30/2013 #28

It won't let me re-edit it but advanced computer science will replace the sculpting.

7/30/2013 #29

I fixed it.

7/30/2013 #30
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