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Just another high school romance. Come and live out that high school romance you have always wanted. note, this is an rp forum. Wasnt sure if people could guess.
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Made some changes to the character skeleton. Seems like it may work better.










Weaknesses or flaws:



Name: Beatrice Bellamy


Gender: female

Appearance: 6#/d57krkf


Occupation: She works part time at a auto shop.

Personality: Despite her strong and womanly appearance, she is very shy and soft spoken. Once she has a friend she is completely loyal and willing to do anything for them, literally anything.

History: Her childhood is mixed with a bad combination of childhood abuse and bullying. Never the less she has turned into a shy but loyal woman, after many therapy sessions.

Hobbies: Fixing cars or other mechanical devices, Wood carving.

Weaknesses or flaws: Because of how loyal she is she often gets herself into trouble

Other:Has a pen pal she writes to often, and seems to get gifts as well as letters.


Name: Wilhelm Rosenberg

Age: 18

Gender: Male


Heigth: 5'7

Occupation: None

Personality: Quiet and Reserved. Gentlemanly and calm.

History: Wilhelm is from a very influential family in Germany. Needless to say he has many comforts. He, at a young age, got interested in old customs and values of many civilizations and studied them. From this he has become what his family says is a Renaissance man. In actuality he really isn't renaissance, just old fashioned.

Hobbies: Writing, Music (He is a genius) Painting, Singing, Dancing.

Weaknesses or flaws:Because of his upbringing he can be hard to read. He much prefers his studies than people, though he has a soft spot for pen pals. He fancies himself a man of the arts and classics, so he doesn't fit in well with modern society, but it's ok(as he would say) his family is loaded.

Other: Has a pen pal from America and often sends gifts.


Name: Zane Harrison


Gender: Male



Occupation: none

Personality: Fun loving and lazy, but is driven when needed. (especially when it comes to his greatest passion.)

History: Born in a navy base in Hawaii. Father died when he was little so his mom moved them to Thorneborrow.

At the age of 13 he discovered his passion, music, and has perused it in all forms.

Hobbies: most anything music

Weaknesses or flaws: he is very lazy and often forgets to doe things, but he still intelligent or else he wouldn't have gotten into the school.



Name:Himiko Daitsuki

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Appearance:Long silky black hair and, light light tan skin. Eyes are gray. She is thin.


Occupation: Works as a library assistant in the library

Personality: She tends to keep to herself, as she low self esteem. She thinks very little of herself, and her abilities. Because of an incident when she was younger, she is very scared of men.

History:Himiko was born to a wealthy businessman and his wife, but her mother was very weak after the birth and died about 3 months later. He married an american secretary working for one of his sister companies in America. Himiko loved her stepmother, as she was the only mother she had ever known.

When she was about 10, her father got very sick and died. Her stepmother and her moved to the town her stepmother grew up in. She enjoyed her life with her stepmother. But when she turned 14 and went with her stepmother to a family reunion she was sexualy assulted by multaple of the young male members of her stepmothers family.

After that she was distant and withdrawn. When she suddenly attacked a guy at school who she said was going to hurt her, her step mother moved them to Thorneborrow and signed her up for the academy.

Hobbies:Books, tending to the library, drawing, and video games.

Weaknesses or flaws: low self esteem

Other:She is gay, mostly out of fear than true attraction.

8/6/2012 . Edited 7/30/2013 #1

Name: Lexi Fontain

Age: 17


Appearance: Blonde hair, Blue eyes,

Heigth: 5;2

Occupation: Convince store a not far from home.

Personality: Happy most of the time, almost never upset.

History: Well she moved here from Ohio, she had to move because her mom and dad split up. She lives with her dad and brother. She is kind of worried she won't make any friends.

Hobbies: Reading!

Weaknesses or flaws: Math and spelling!!

Other: She had a ton of friends in Ohio and she was really upset when she moved here.

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Name: Alexandra 'Alex' Gray


Gender: Female

Appearance: Has a muscular build, /2012/07/Short-Layered-Hairstyles-2.jpg. Has a lot of scars on her wrists. Wears a lot of ropes bracelets, often wears long sleeves even on a summers day.

Heigth: 5'10

Occupation: None although spends a lot of time fixing up her old Motorbike.

Personality: Alex is head strong and will defend her friends through anything. She doesn't like people picking on the weaker person and will defend them in a fight. Alex is also a fight, first think later kind of person. She is stubborn and will argue her way even though she may be wrong. Alex is sarcastic and witty although some people don't often get her humour. She can be quiet when she doesn't feel up to talking to people

History: Alex lives with her Dad ever since her mum took off when she was a kid. She doesn't have many memories of her mother, only that she looks a lot like her. Alex knows better than to get into trouble since her dad is a cop but that doesn't stop her from having fights in school. Alex and her dad have a close bond and even though she looks like her mum it never threatened her relationship with her dad however when she came out that she was gay it did put a small strain on her relationship with her Dad. Her Dad moved them from the UK after her mum took off and moved them to Thornborrow. Alex was less than impressed.

Hobbies: Alex spends most of her time trying to fix up her bike although she is sure it will never run. Plays Basketball.

Weaknesses or flaws: Alex can't stand people asking about her scars and usually hides them from sight.

Other: She has a tattoo on the inside of wrist that reads: Don't give up.

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Koo koo! accepted

8/14/2012 #4

Name: Ellen Heisher

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: Small for her age. Her heart shaped face with her crystal blue eyes seemed framed - and sometimes bombarded - with tight red curls. Her unruly hair goes to the middle of her back. Wears a pair of dark brown leggings. Over those she wears an olive green skirt that ends at her thigh. Wears a long sleeved striped shirt under a black t-shirt with a tree print on the front. Doesn't wear shoes.

Height: 5 ft 6

Occupation: Goes to school.

Personality: An amazing actress. Will usually show people she's happy and bubbly all the time, as if her life is perfect. On the inside she isn't very happy. She's been lonely for the longest time, which turned her sour. She quickly learned that most people wouldn't like that, so instead hides behind the bubbly carefree girl. Quietly looking for someone to relate to.

History: Ellen was born in Scotland. She stayed there until she was twelve. Then her parents and her moved to New York. It was there that she met a boy named Phillip. They started to grow fond of each other, and it slowly got to where they were dating. She liked him, and he liked her back. They were going steady for the longest time. For two years. Then one day, he suddenly...broke up with her. Didn't want to see her anymore, just didn't, and bam! The girl's heart was broken. She promised herself, even though she was fourteen, to never let that happen again. Two years later her family moved to the town beside Thornborrow Academy. And so, her parents enrolled her.

Hobbies: Ellen spends a lot of time near nature. She just wanders around.

Weaknesses/flaws: hesitant to open up to anyone. Can get a bit snappy if they offend her.

Other: She spends time in nature so often most call her "The dryad". Has an accent from her home country.


Name: Phillip Bell

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: Bright green eyes, messy blonde curls. A sturdy face that seems gentle most of the time. Tends to have a charming smile on his face. Wears a pair of dark blue jeans, along with a simple t-shirt. Tends to wear jackets a lot. Always has a pair of sneakers on.

Height: 6 ft 1

Occupation: N/A. Just goes to school

Personality: Easy going. Doesn't really show what he feels, but still talks. Likes laughing, enjoys company. Usually is seen as a nice and gentle guy. Which is four out of five times true.

History: Grew up in New York. At thirteen met Ellen, and they both fell in love. They went steady for two years. hen he broke up with her, losing interest. Has been mellowly looking for others. A week after they broke up Phillip moved to the town nearby Thornborrow Academy. He's been going to the high school for two years now.

Hobbies: Enjoys socializing. Doesn't like being left alone.

Weaknesses/flaws: Is as predictable as Texas weather. Which, if you don't know, is highly unpredictable.

Other: N/A

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(love you for the texas reference.) Other than the thief bit, both characters are fine. Is Phillip going to another high school or is he enrolled at thornborrow?

8/23/2012 #6

[Thanks. I know firsthand as a texan of the weather. Anyway.] Enrolled at thornborrow.

8/23/2012 #7

(ditto. it gets hot, and i know hot. work out for four hours on a black top for four years)Cool cool. just change the girls occupation, post the sceduals in the anouncments topic and you will be good to go.

8/23/2012 #8

Name: Alexandra 'Alex' Green

Age: 16

Gender: female


Height: 5'3

Occupation: works part time at the library

Personality: Alexandra is sweet ad loyal to most. She is protective sometimes but a hard worker too. She will do anything for her family and friends, but if you betray her she will hunt you down. She doesn't like to lie, and she's brave. She has a big heart to match her bigger brain but she always tries to do what's best. Even if that means doing something she really doesn't want to.

History: She was raised as an only child to Sydney Green after her mother broke up with her stepfather (Camden Brown, who later died). She took on her mother's personality and smarts, but she looks just like her dad. She's never gone through unbearable loss (beside her dad dying) so her life has been pretty good.

Hobbies: Her hobbies consist of swimming, playing sports, and dancing.

Weaknesses or flaws: She can get pretty annoying and act very bizarre when people don't always agree to what she wants.

Other: She has a dog named Bella who she talks about a lot.

Name: Spike Schneider


Gender: male


Height: 5'5

Occupation: Works as a volunteer firefighter

Personality:Spike usually doesn't share his emotions with others. Sure, he'll laugh and stuff, but he doesn't cry, show pain, or talk about his past that much. He's beyond great at sports, very strong and is very smart but has poor grades. He gets in trouble a lot and just throws his life away sometimes. He can be very mean and has beaten up people many times before.

History: As a child, Spike grew up with no mom and his dad was usually drunk. Since then, Spike has done anything to get his dad's attention by breaking his head open, smashing his knew, and breaking many bones in his hands. He has many scars, pins, and plates in his body, but that doesn't stop him from being the rebel jerk he wants to be.

Hobbies: He likes to get in trouble, and do anything he can to be noticed

Weaknesses or flaws: His horrible temper, his jerkiness attitude, and many other things.

Other: Strangely, he has the nickname of Fred.

3/25/2013 #9

Accepted. Post schedules please.

7/27/2013 #10

Name: Devon Sanders

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: b.jpg Except she has thick black rimmed glasses that cover most of her face.

Height: 5' 8"

Occupation: A waiter at a cafe.

Personality: She is kind, funny, and a little naiive. She is blunt and sarcastic and is generally fun to be around. In front of elders she is kind and polite.

History: She was the only child of a famous model and a wealthy CEO of a large company. From a young age she has known that her father had wanted a boy, but was stuck with her, this depressed the young child, and she did her best to make her father proud. One day when she had turned 16, she had found her father talking to a young man, turns out her father was arranging her marraige to this man, a Mr. Micheals, a man well known to be violent with his wives and mistresses. This shocked Devon and upset her, she couldn't believe her father could do this to her! Her maid, Rosa Sanchez was like a mother to her, and took her to see a play, it was then Devon fell in love with acting. When she expressed this love to her father she and him made a deal, if Devon could go to school as a male, and graduate without anyone finding out she could go on to be an actress, if not she would be forced to marry Mr. Micheals without complaint. Devon agreed.

Hobbies: Acting

Weaknesses and Flaws: She is terrified of thunder, if she hears it she freezes up.

Other: Just to clear it up, she is masquerading as a male in order to avoid marrying a mean man her father wants to set her up with.

7/29/2013 #11

Accepted. This should be interesting.

7/29/2013 #12

Yay! Thank you! Do I just jump in? I would like Devon to just be arriving at Thornbarrow, is that okay?

7/29/2013 . Edited 7/29/2013 #13

And where do I jump in? The new one or the old one?

7/29/2013 #14

that is the idea if she is a new student, but first you need to go and post her class schedule.

7/29/2013 #15

go to the Announcement page and read over what to do. If you need help ask me.

7/29/2013 #16
Infinite Sky

Name: Tamara Hynes


Gender: Female

Appearance: Slender with green eyes and blonde hair. She always wears designer clothing and always looks perfectly put together. She is very pretty and she knows it.

Heigth: 5'6

Occupation: Nothing

Personality: She is a flirt and a tad spoiled. She is sarcastic and often not very nice but she can be sweet when she wants to be. She often gets in trouble and most kids don't like her because they think she is spoiled. She tends to come across as shallow and superficial. Deep down she is lonely and insecure.

History: Only child of oil tycoon Ralph Hynes. Her family has been in the oil business for three generations. Her parents are still together but they do not love each other. They are always bickering over something and Tamara doesn't respect them whatsoever. Throughout her childhood they never had time for her and kept her busy with numerous extracurricular activities, such as dance lessons, music lessons and sports. She doesn't think they love her and feels like she is a burden to them. This is one of the reasons she acts out so much. She's also had her heart broken a few times.

Hobbies: She is an excellent pianist and music is her passion.

Weaknesses or flaws: She is selfish and hardly every thinks of others before herself. She doesn't usually feel bad when she is mean to people and she can be condescending at times.

Other: Her nickname is Tam and she abhors spiders.

7/30/2013 #17

accepted. go and post her schedule

7/30/2013 #18
Name: Peter Empton Age: 14 Gender: Male Appearance: short shaggy blond hair and sea green eyes. He wears a red hoodie and blue jeans. Height: 5'11" Occupation: part time lifeguard Personality: Peter has never really been a friendly person. Then again he's not a bully. He is shy but if some one makes an effort to get to know him he warms up quickly and is rather talkative. History: His parents were usually away at work so Peter learned to take care of himself. Hobbies: Woodwork, reading, and writing Weaknesses or flaws: He is rather shy but if you mess with someone even a total stranger he will pick a fight. This gets him into trouble. Other: Is afraid of girls that are older than him.
12/8/2013 #19

Name: Cassie Black

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Appearance: Cassie is a very pretty and vivacious girl. She has some pretty wicked curves. Cassie has long black hair that falls to her waist and stormy grey eyes.

Heigth: 5'6

Occupation: None.

Personality: Cassie is a sweet, kind and caring girl. She doesn't take kindly to people who threaten her kin. People who know her, know better than to mess with her.

History: Cassie's parents died in a tragic car crash when she was around twelve years old. Cassie was sent to live with her loony old aunt who couldn't tell the the difference between an apple and an orange. Cassie had generally good grades at school.

Hobbies: She plays the violin and the piano.

Weaknesses or flaws: While Cassie was at school, she thoroughly despised math and she is still horrible at it.

Other: Cassie has a short temper. She's generally described as beautiful but intimidating.

11/11/2014 #20
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