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So, I added TheOneMPJ as an Moderator. I did so not because it was favoritism. (Slightly worried about you guys being upset and thinking it was favoritism.) But he is on the most. More then most I should say. He also Roleplays very well. Not to say that everyone doesn't. It's just a plus on his part. He seemed the most reliable and the most stable for the Job. He also is on by far more then everyone else. He is on a different time then most everyone. So it kind of helps that he can be on when others are not.

I also needed the extra help because I will be putting the rule of being accepted before entering a role play. By this I mean, new people must have their fist character approved before being allowed to start. After their first character is accepted they may make as many characters without the need of acceptation. This does not include those who are already in the forum. Anyone who joined before the date October 21st, 2015 is exempt as this rule was not in place then.

I will be re-posting this at the bottom of the rule sheet. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please message me or any of the other moderators

10/21/2015 #31
I agree to these rules! ((I may also be a little inactive at times, so I apologize in advance. If you need me to respond to a future RP, let me know, please. Thank you! I hope we can get along..!))
10/24/2015 #32
Moon Lily91


10/28/2015 #33

Agreed to the rules

12/13/2015 #34
Scarlet Silver

Welcome, your should be fine to just go straight ahead and make your character.

12/13/2015 #35

I accept the rules.

12/13/2015 #36
Parranoid Parrot
I agree to the rules.
12/23/2015 #37

I agree

3/12/2016 #38

I agree to these rules :3

4/26/2016 #39

I guess I have to post here to agree to the rules? These rules sound good to me.

11/20/2016 #40

I would agree with these rules if I didn't agree to them about five seconds ago so I don't have to agree to them.

... wait, did I agree to these rules already? If not, I agree then.

12/5/2016 #41

I agree to the rules

1/26/2017 #42
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