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Powers: (if any)

Position on Team:



Hero Uniform:

Weapon: (if any)

Love Interest: (if any)



8/17/2012 #1

Name: Serena Ryland

Alias: Hydra

Age: 20

Powers: Control of water, ice, and steam. Serena can manipulate these forms to change whenever she so desires, without the addition or subtraction of heat. She can also breathe underwater and survive large amounts of underwater pressure so that she can swim to the bottom of an ocean. When in a body of water, she can make her body the consistency of water as well.

Position on Team: Loner/not part of team

Personality: Despite the fact that she does not remember her previous life and never finished highschool, Serena is a highly intelligent girl. She understands concepts and can pick up new facts quickly. Though she can be curious about many things, she isn't the least bit interested to know who she is or where she came from. After all, some things are better left unknown. She tends to be rather blunt, stating her opinion unafraid of offending others. She always tries to be as honest as possible, which includes not holding back her opinion. Because of this, Serena tends to come across as harsh and critical. However, she is very caring for her friends and loyal to the extreme. She can be motherly, always looking out for those she considers weaker than herself. She has a firm sense of justice and hopes to make everything fair for everyone. Because of this, she can be mildly controlling. However, she's always just working for the best possible outcome for everyone.

Appearance: Serena has dark blonde hair that is cut very short and always seems to look like she just rolled out of bed. She is tall for a woman, reaching 5'10", and fit as well, like any hero must be. Her eyes are green in color and her skin is well tanned from spending time out in the sun. Her lips are full and her eyes deep set. Her skin is unmarked by any sort of scar or birthmark, leaving it clear and unblemished.

Hero Uniform: (This is all completely up for discussion. Have a better idea, let me know!) Serena's hero costume was modeled to help her move in the water. Thus, it doesn't have the capes and decorations that many other hero costumes do. It is also waterproof, so that she can dive into water at a moment's notice. Her top is essentially a dark blue, form fitting tank top that cuts off at her midsection. Printed on her chest is a pale blue symbol of a wave. Her bottoms are a pair of swimshorts that are the same color of her top. She wears a pair of pale blue tights underneath. For shoes, she wears simple knee-high boots. As accessories, she has a pair of elbow-length gloves with webbed fingers and fins that run up her forearms. This is used for ease in swimming. She also wears a pair of goggles that never fog to help her see better underwater. Those goggles cover her ears and attached to the goggles is a device to amplify her hearing underwater. (The ear part is like Cyclops from X-men.)

Weapon: She will use any tools that she may have on hand. However, she doesn't carry around a specific weapon.

Love Interest: None, as of yet. She's open to dating, though.

History: Thinking back on her life, Serena can't remember anything before the time she was fifteen years old. She remembers waking up in an empty hotel room and nothing more. There was a note by the side of her bed telling her there were clothes for her in the dresser and a week of lodging in the hotel was paid. However, other than those things she was on her own. She was terrified, of course, but she decided to take note of her resources. Calling the hotel lobby, she asked what services were complimentary to the guests. She would receive breakfasts and lunches for free and any toiletries that she needed. She checked the change of clothes she was given and found a blue tanktop and swim shorts that seemed like they were made out of the material as a bathing suit.Then, Serena tried to remember what she could of her past life. She soon discovered that she couldn't remember anything about her old life, not her name, her family, where she had lived, anything. She had no idea where she was or where to go.

During the week that her hotel room was paid for, she went out during the days and explored the city that she was in. It was a small beach city in Florida called Clearwater. She found that she enjoyed visiting the beach and swimming in the ocean. Seeing the fish and such always made her feel better about not knowing what was going on in her life. She'd often go swimming just in her clothes, not caring that she got them wet. Even after her week of hotel payment was up, she stayed in Clearwater, loving the beach and animals too much to leave. She soon discovered that she could stay underwater for as long as she wished without needing to breath. The pressure of the water didn't seem to bother her either, allowing her to go deep underwater.

Serena was soon spotted by a team of marine biologists. They had been coming to the beach daily for research on a rare type of sea turtle that lived in the waters there and had noticed the girl there every day. They took her in, threatening to call the cops and take her home. However, she begged them not to and told them her story. Many of them thought that she was playing tricks on them. However, a few of them trusted her and offered her a place to stay with them. She gratefully accepted. The man she stayed with became her guardian. He enrolled her in school once more and tried to raise her as his child. He named her Serena, as that was what he had wished to name his first daughter and the girl hadn't known her name. Every day after school, she would join the man at work and learn all she could about marine biology and the like. She soon became as much of the team as the others.

At the age of sixteen, she had an official job at the facility and was paid for her work. She dropped out of school to spend all her time there and loved working very much. In one particular study at the facility, Serena was selected to scuba dive along the ocean floor to collect some life forms they were studying. She geared up and went on the trip. Things seemed to go well until a malfunction happened with the oxygen tank. Serena was forced to disconnect it from the scuba gear and continued on with her assignment. When she emerged from the water, the other scientists were shocked. She realized then that she could do something that others couldn't. From then on, she did all such dives for the facility. All the while, she explored the depth of her connection to water.

Through time, Serena found that she had an understanding of water that others didn't. She knew the tides of the water and when a wave would come before it formed. She knew how big any such waves were and she knew the exact temperature of the water before even setting foot in it. When she wished for the water to be calmer, it would become so. When she wanted to ride on a large wave, such a wave would develop. She slowly gained an understanding the extent of her connection. She even began practicing her manipulation of it. She didn't know why she was able to do this and others weren't. However, she greatly enjoyed the fact that she was special in this way. She began using materials in the facility, and the bathing suit she had been left with in the hotel, to develop swimming gear specifically for herself. She added the gloves and goggles for the gear, plus a pair of light blue tights to help with the cold of the water.

It wasn't until a robber broke into her house, though, that Serena realized how her powers would best be used. A masked man broke into her house while her adoptive father was at work and she was at the house. He ran through the house, taking everything of value. Serena, not realizing what was going on, peeked out of her room to find the robber staring right back at her. The man held her at gunpoint, forcing her into a corner of the room while he crept towards the door. Serena waited until the man was in the right position before calling on the water to protect her. A bolt of water shot out of the sink in their kitchen, which happened to be connected to their entrance hall. It knocked the man backwards with enough force for Serena to be able to dash over to him and yank the gun out of his hands. She then trained the gun on him, threatening to shoot if he didn't stay still. She called the cops and soon, the man was off to jail.

After that time, Serena began stopping petty crimes and the like throughout the town. She sewed the wave emblem on her top and began wearing her full costume when she went on such escapades. She soon began branching out to other nearby cities and such. Her adoptive father knew what she was up to, but the two never spoke of it. By this point, Serena was nineteen and old enough to do as she liked. Whenever she was spotted by the authorities, she took on the alias Hydra. However, if she could prevent it, she never stayed long enough for others to catch her.

Serena began applying for jobs around the country, hoping to get to a bigger town where she could do more good. However, because she never finished highschool, she wasn't left with many options. Thus, she stuck with marine biology. She was offered a job in San Francisco and immediately accepted, moving out as soon as she possibly could. She said her goodbyes, packed up her things, and moved across the country. Her adoptive father paid for the travel expenses while she, with what she had earned through her work, bought herself an apartment in the city.

Other: (My superhero knowledge all comes from cartoons and the DC and Marvel movies. I apologize in advance if I don't know much about comic book heroes and such. Sorry for how long it is, too XP)

10/2/2012 #2


your Character is sooo cool!

(BTW it doesn't matter if you don't know superheroes as its a free for all and is on FictionPress not on FanFiction!)

10/3/2012 #3

Name: Twister

Alias: Sarah

Age: 23

Powers: Controls Air, flies, turns invisible

Position on Team: Leader

Personality: impatient, perfectionist, born leader, loves chocolate

Appearance: (Main pic)

Hero Uniform: (Main pic)

Weapon: Wind made shurikens

Love Interest: None, but used to have a boyfriend called Tom

History: She had an old team, but something disastrous happened, the rest is Unknown ( you will find out soon though)

Other: Has a brother who controls Earth!

10/3/2012 . Edited 10/3/2012 #4

Oh good XP I've been part of forums before where it's all comic related and I have no idea what's going on.

And thanks for the compliment! You have no idea how long it took me to type all that up XP

10/3/2012 #5

Name: Kristie "Boo" Darrow

Alias: GhostPunch

Age: 16

Powers: (if any) Boo is unnaturally fast and strong, and can disappear at will. When she is fighting, she has long lasting stamina; however, her 'disappearing act' takes an incredible amount of strength and concentration, and can harm her if it is used for too long. She is a very good hand to hand fighter, and has incredible accuracy when she punches. She is prone to saying "Boo!" in a cheery voice after sneaking up on enemies, hence her nickname.

Position on Team: I'm not sure, I think that's up to you to decide:) (But she'd make a good soldier or assassin)

Personality: Boo's personality can only really be described as quirky. She has a passion for all things colorful, and can often be seen in vibrant outfits that match in no way, shape, sense, or form. She has a slightly raunchy sense of humor, and loves to pull practical jokes on people. She falls in and out of what she thinks is love very quickly... But if she really met the 'one' she'd be a forever girl. Her favorite food is pasta... Or maybe pizza... Or quite possibly ice-cream. You can never know what her new favorite thing will be, she goes from worshipping Katy Perry to Title Fight to The Beatles and back again. But despite this, she is VERY loyal to her friends, and hates nothing more than a backstabber. She often gets overly-excited about things, and is slightly naïve.

Appearance: Boo has bright pink hair which is usually kept in pigtails. She is lithe and petite, with the muscles of a dancer. She is constantly buying new contacts for her eyes in varying colors, but they are naturally green. She is very fair, and burns easily in the sun. (She's very jealous of tan people.) A 'normal' outfit would include her favorite, puffy electric pink snow boots, a pair of bright yellow leggings and a shockwave-blue tube dress.

Hero Uniform: A bright (Not neon) yellow one piece body suit that has a big purple target on it the chest, and thigh high purple boots. It protects her in extreme heat and cold, but is not indestructible.

Weapon: (if any) Nope. Boo is a hands-on kind of girl.

Love Interest: (if any) Maybe... We'll see how things go:)

History: Kristine Amanda Darrow was born in a sleepy town in Arkansas, and gave her mother the shock of her life when the happily cooing baby disappeared right from her arms, only to blink back into existence moments later. Her mother was soon contacted by Roland Burns, the Headmaster of Farlend's School for the Specially Talented Individual. Her mother signed her rights to Kristine over, and sent her halfway across the country to Maine, where the school was located. Kristine was quite happy there, growing up with other kids just like herself. Although putting her talents to work was optional, Kristine joined her first team, lead by ViperStrike, who had many of the same powers as herself. It was Viper that gave her her famous nickname, and Viper that helped her grow to the person she was today. Sadly, ViperPunch was defeated by an ancient force who was currently parading around as an innocent little girl: Skipper. Boo left the rest of her team, drowning in grief, determined to find and kill Skipper. She was following a lead in ______ (I'm not sure where this RP is set) When she noticed Twister and her brother, and she wants to enlist their help in defeating her enemy.

Other: Noope:) That's all, folks!

1/7/2014 #6

Cool, You're accepted!

The story is in San Francisco, You might want to read to Story so far and the we can sort it out or maybe start a whole new one, because this story hasn't been written in a while. And if we start a new one you can decide where it'll be set.

And also letting you know that Twister is no longer with her old friends and family for unknown reasons.

1/7/2014 #7
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