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Powers: (if any)



Villian Uniform:

Weapon: (if any)

Love Interest: (if any)



8/17/2012 #1

Name: Hurricane

Alias: Hannah


Powers: Controls Air, flies, turns invisible, can faze through solid objects

Personality: Control freak, Devoted, Loyal, Unreasonable

Appearance: Same as Main pic

Villain Uniform: Same as Main pic, but with grey instead of purple.

Weapon: Wind shuriken

Love Interest: Shadow, Her leader and the boss of the dark dimension.

History: She is the dark alter-ego of Twister/Sarah. She was infused with Sarah's body, when Sarah and her boyfriend, Tom/Spark, appeared there due to a malfunction with some wiring and a portal. Hurricane/Hannah and her boyfriend/leader/boss, Matt/Shadow, took over their bodies, to help them escape. But what Sarah and Tom didn't know was that they were still in their bodies when they got back to their own dimension. Hurricane and Shadow took over their bodies and tried to take over the world. When Sarah and Tom's friends found out. They put on their costumes to help them come back to the team, who were called the ELEMENTALS! They managed to send them back through the portal before going through themselves. Sarah then work up to find out she was the only one there, but Hannah was still there too. Just dormant from using up to much energy.

Other: As you may have found out from reading the History bit, Hannah/Hurricane/Sarah/Twister, has kind of a BIG back story, one day I'll write it up to put online.

7/14/2013 #2
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