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Part 1

10/3/2012 #1

(I can only be on for a half an hour, so this will have to be quick for me if you're on. If not, I'll be back later. So, where do you want this to start? My Serena is in San Francisco at the moment. Is that a good starting place for you?)

10/3/2012 #2


It was a was summer evening in San Francisco,

Sarah was wandering around the city looking for a pace to stay for the night.

10/3/2012 #3

Serena had just arrived in the city a week ago and it already felt like home to her. San Francisco was a big city, which was different from anything she had experienced in Florida, but it was just as beautiful as her town of Clearwater. She had mostly moved in to her small apartment and now was just taking some time to explore the city before she officially started working. She roamed the streets aimlessly, simply taking in all the sights the city had to offer.

10/3/2012 #4

Sarah turned a corned to see a group of men getting out of a truck with guns, and go into the bank.

She turned invisible, changed into her costume, and ran toward the bank while the alarms were going off.

10/3/2012 #5

Serena froze as she heard alarms start blaring from a nearby bank. Around her, people began pulling out their cellphones to call the police. If she was going to do something, she'd have to do it quick. She didn't want to get caught by the police. She hurried around a corner into a deserted alleyway and hurriedly pulled her costume out of the backpack she was carrying. She had been practicing changing into it quickly, so it took no longer than a minute for her to change. Then, she hurried into the bank, using a back door rather than the front one to give her some element of surprise.

(Unfortunately, I must go now. I will be back fairly soon, though!)

10/3/2012 #6

(kk, I'll write this for when you get back)

Sarah ran through the front door as she loved the attention it made. She opened the door and tackled two of the robbers to the ground, one was knocked unconscious. 'One down' she thought, 'Sadly, eight more to go!' She kicked left and right, but was outnumbered.

Suddenly, she saw some blue out of the corner of her eye, (it is blue, isn't it?) but it went out of her sight just as quickly. She flew over the top of a robber in a mask with a machine gun, she used her air powers to knock them into the wall. She landed and got hit around the head with a wooden baseball bat, that one of the other masked robbers was using as their weapon.

As she fell unconscious, she wondered what the blue thing was.

10/3/2012 #7

(Yup, it's blue. Also, I'm back! XD)

Serena was surprised when she found another girl inside the bank, trying to take down the robbers. The girl must be suicidal! However, she noticed that the girl was wearing a strange costume as well. Suddenly, she launched into the air only to land shortly afterward before getting hit with a baseball bat. So this girl was special, too. Serena hadn't been aware that there were more people like her.

Forcing herself to focus, Serena walked out from behind her wall into plain sight. A water cooler by the entrance exploded, the water shooting towards the robbers like bullets. They pounded against the men, knocking several to the floor and even knocking the air out of a few. Serena ran, picking up the discarded guns so that they couldn't pick them up again. When the one with the baseball bat tried to rise, she gave him a solid punch, knocking him cleanly unconscious. Then, she aimed one of the guns at the rest of them.

"Stay still and no one dies." Another water cooler, this one by the desk, exploded. The water crept towards the villains much slower this time, wrapping around them before solidifying into ice. They were trapped. "Just wait here for the cops to bail you out." She could hear the sirens even as she spoke. As she was about to dash out of the building, she caught sight of the other girl's purple costume. "Oh yeah," she murmured. She had almost forgotten. She hurriedly hefted the girl onto her back, carrying her piggy-back style, and hurried back out of the back door she had come in. She grabbed her pack as she went, running as fast as she could away from the scene of the crime. When she deemed she had run far enough, she finally halted, gently lowering the girl onto the ground. "Now what do we have here?"

10/3/2012 #8

(Hello, and welcome back)

Sarah dreamt of swimming, she could smell the sea, it was amazing and calm. Suddenly she started to struggle and drown.

She woke up to see a girl in-front of her, she was pretty and wearing blue- no wait! THE blue!

"what- where- why-" she asked, but the girl put her hand over her mouth to shut her up.

10/3/2012 #9

Serena blinked, surprised that the girl had woken up so quickly. She supposed it made sense. The air outside was colder than it had been inside the bank and the ground was likely rough beneath the girl's body. Something must have caused her to wake up so suddenly.

"I'm sorry," Serena apologized, her voice quiet. "I wrapped things up for you in the bank. I figured you wouldn't want to stick around for the cops to see you, so I took you along." She shrugged her shoulders. "I'm, uh..." Right. She couldn't use her real name. That would be a problem if anyone ever wanted to find her during work or find her father or something along those lines. Best if she had an alias. Besides, she was officially a hero now, right? And all heroes had to have aliases. "I'm Hydra."

10/3/2012 #10

Sarah studied this girl in front of her, her name was Hydra...

"That's such a cool name!" Sarah blurted out.

Sarah had never felt so happy, she had finally met another person like her, since the last people had been- it was still not the time to think about it.

"Sorry," she said as she calmed herself down, she put out her hand and repeated, "Nice to meet you Hydra, I'm Twister."

(I gotta go sleep! Talk to you later! FF01)

10/3/2012 . Edited 10/3/2012 #11

(Sorry I randomly disappeared XP Something cropped up suddenly and I had to go.)

Serena's lips twisted into a smile as she took the girl's hand and shook it once, firmly. "I'm not sure where to go from here," she confessed. "I've never met anyone like me before, so this is kinda new. In fact, I wasn't exactly aware that there were others like me." She shrugged her shoulders.

10/3/2012 #12

(only here for 5 mins so won't be able to answer 'til tomorrow)

"Oh, there are others..." Sarah answered, but changed the conversation quickly, "I can turn invisible, fly, control air, and sometimes- just sometimes- i can go through solid objects. So, what are your powers?"

Good thing Hydra couldn't read minds, 'i hope she can't', or she would know how scared Sarah was right now, when she had nearly let something slip, about her old team...

10/4/2012 #13

"I, uh..." Serena felt rather uncomfortable about this topic. After all, she didn't really know this girl. For all she knew, Twister could be a villain, someone who was helping the robbers somehow. It didn't seem that way, but it was still a possibility. Should she really tell someone she didn't know what her powers were? "I'm not sure what the extent of my powers are, really," she replied slowly. "I'm only just figuring out what I can do. It mostly just control water."

10/4/2012 #14
(In london doing concert, quickly writing this on ma phone) "Cool!" Sarah said, "you've got the same powers as Kat- oops!" Damm it, she had just blown it, sky high! (Won't be able to answer til around 10 pm as that it when my concert finishes!)
10/4/2012 #15

(Sounds awesome!)

Serena frowned, obviously confused. She didn't know who Kat was, nor did she understand why Sarah looked like she had blown a huge secret. Either way, it was clear that the girl didn't want to talk about it. After all, when you let slip a secret, you typically don't want to be asked about your mistake. "Right. Well, I think it's pretty cool, any way."

10/4/2012 #16
(Hi, just finished my concert) "Good, ok!" Sarah said. 'Well this is awkward' she thought. "Why don't we go som- argh!" Pain surged through her brain. "No! Sam! Tom!" Sarah suddenly blanked out on the ground. Her last thought was 'Now I'm going to have to tell Hydra....' (Sorry, I'm very tired and have major writers block for everything! So I decided to make my character faint again. You can go though what your person was thinking and then carry on, as I don't know what to put next) (BTW: I'm gonna write my characters major villian down, and you won't get it until sarah has told her secret!)
10/4/2012 #17

"What the hell?" Serena muttered, frowning deeply. What just happened? It had seemed like the girl had been doing just fine, but then she just collapsed. And what was this about Kat, Sam and Tom? She must be seriously messed up. Maybe Serena should drop her off at a mental institution? Or maybe the hospital was a better idea, since she must have been hit pretty hard on the head to pass out that way. Either way, it was a bad idea to just leave the girl there. Great...

Serena glanced at the girl to make sure she was out, the quickly changed back into her regular clothes. She slung her pack over her shoulder, then hooked her arms under the girl's body. "Alright, then... up you go." Then she picked Twister up and carried her to the nearest hotel. She payed the man at the front desk, took her key, then brought Twister up to the room and set her on the bed. "Geez, you're heavy," she huffed, flexing her arms.

10/4/2012 #18

The Shadows are coming, to get you Sarah... to get you! 'No! Not again!'

Sarah woke up from her nightmare, to find herself alone in a room,

"How did I get here?" she asked.

A girl was standing next to her and had a shocked expression on her face.

"Who are you? And, why are you staring at me?" Sarah asked completely confused, and wondering where Hydra had got to.

10/5/2012 . Edited 10/5/2012 #19

(Is she still dreaming? Hydra was standing right by the bed XP)

10/5/2012 #20

(k I'll change it quickly, as I got to go to sleep)

(there you go, night)

(BTW the bit in italics is the dream, i guessed hydra was still out of her costume)

10/5/2012 . Edited 10/5/2012 #21

(OMG! I can't believe I forgot about this! I went on here today and saw I had a forum, and went... 'I don't remember this.' then I clicked on it and was like, 'oh yeah'.)

(Then I saw that I hadn't written on this in ages and neither had anyone else, so I'm gonna leave it up and maybe go back to it another time... I mean it, I totally forgot about it! It must have been around the Summer holidays so I didn't realize. Oh well, no harm done.)


7/14/2013 #22
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